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Twisted Confessions is the solo publishing venture of Alexander Cherry, and has been operational since August 1, 2003. It currently publishes the free RPG with the unlikely name, Snowball and, as of April 2004, it put out its first commercial roleplaying game, Fastlane, as well as several free games. These free games, as well as news on upcoming products for Twisted Confessions, can be found on the Products page.

In addition to publishing original games, Twisted Confessions also provides support material for other roleplaying games - these can be found on the Game Twists page.

Personal Biography

Born and raised in Orange County, California, Alexander Cherry now makes his home in Phoenix, Arizona, coming there through a circuitous trip through Texas and Iowa, along with other, smaller, stops along the way.

Alexander was first introduced to roleplaying games at the tender age of eight by a man who later became his brother-in-law; the hobby immediately engrossed him, and he has been entranced by it ever since. A natural tinkerer, he has always looked for ways to improve existing games, tinkering with them and twisting in ways that weren't always natural. In his youth, he tried several times to design games from scratch, but those projects were quickly abandoned. Now he's finally starting to write his own.

After taking a year off of high school (Eldorado Emerson), Alexander reluctantly enrolled in Southern Methodist University in the fall of 1995, after (through parental pressure), attaining a high school diploma from another school that was not his choice. At the university, he studied Mathematics, Philosophy, Computer Science and Creative Writing. He was also a proud member of Alpha Phi Omega, a national co-ed service fraternity. During his last full semester, he racked up more than 200 community service hours, earning him a commendation. Unfortunate circumstances forced him onto the streets during his fourth semester, at the age of 18 - his mother, wiring him $400 a few weeks before his 18th birthday, gave him the message "go, be independent."

Finding himself close to broke and without a home (or any way to legally obtain one before his 18th birthday), Alexander decided to set himself on an odyssey. For the next three months, he traveled around the country by Greyhound on an Ameripass purchased through the help of his friends, which allowed 180 days of free travel. These same friends and acquaintances helped him slowly get back on his feet, feeding and housing them as he visited them. That summer, with the help of one of his friends, he found work as a camp counselor (and later, stage crew) at the Interlochen Center for the Arts - the sole counselor for Cabin 11 in the Intermediate Boys division. That was only a temporary reprieve, however, and after camp was over, he would be homeless once more.

Lucky for him, friends and fellow gamers in Iowa City, IA, opened their home and their hearts to him - letting him rent out their spare room with the last of his income from Interlochen, and also finding him a job as a security guard. Alexander enjoyed living in Iowa City until the torment of icy roads and chilly temperatures drove him back to the Southwestern desert, where he basically built himself up from scratch once again, and now thrives, at least in the summer months. The winters are still somewhat chilly.

In Phoenix, Alexander quickly managed to land a job at ValueOptions within walking distance of his apartment, where he worked for four years. During that time he bought a house even closer to his job, and wrote Fastlane. After four years with no chance of advancement, he moved to GoDaddy, an ill-advised employment move in the long run, as the following April he left and applied to Arizona State University as a full-time student, where he is majoring in Mathematics and Economics.

In June of 2007, Alexander was studying abroad in Spain when he was afflicted with seizures, and had to be sent home. It was discovered he had an oligodendroglioma, a brain tumor. On June 18th, he had surgery at the University of California, Irvine, where he was sent for emergency treatment. 2007 was quite the banner year for Alexander's medical treatment, as in December he discovered a tumor in his right testicle, which was subsequently removed. The brain tumor also required additional treatment, and on December 20th, Alexander had the entire tumorous region of his brain removed. A video of his MRI can be found on youtube.

Also in December of 2007, Alexander was diagnosed with testicular cancer. This is completely unrelated to his brain cancer. His right testicle grew gravid, and was removed (and, without his consent, replaced with a false testicle). This did not cure the cancer, unfortunately, which had spread into his body. The treatment (and the condition) necessitated a medical withdrawal from the university. In the spring and summer of 2008, he had chemotherapy, which killed much of the metastasis. But some was left behind. The chemotherapy also appeared to inspire re-growth in the brain tumor, so a third brain surgery was performed.

Scrambling to complete his university education, Alexander finagled the right credits in the Fall semester to graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics, and also one in Economics, in December 2008. On New Years Eve, he had major surgery to remove a tumorous lymph node behind his duodenum. Several weeks later, he had another major surgery to remove similar lymph nodes from behind his lungs. During most of February and March, he switched back to treating the brain tumor, as a course of radiation therapy was demanded to address the rapid regrowth. Between all those massive undertakings, Alexander had a motorcycle accident, dislocating his shoulder. He collected disability during most almost all of these. He wonders why he recovered.

As of this file's "last modified" date, Alexander Cherry is 31 years old. In addition to enjoying roleplaying games, he is an avid motorcyclist (it being his only choice for personal transportation) and a certified hypnotherapist (see the Hypnosis page for more on that). He is also a graduate of the entire set of improvisation classes from The Torch Theatre and considers himself a non-practicing improviser. He plans on getting back on the stage very soon now. Finally, he is an enthusiastic agnostic antitheist.

Alexander has finally found employment again, as an insurance salesman for Insphere Insurance Solutions, representing many major health carriers to help the self-employed and small business owners to get health insurance (and supplemental).

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