House: Wild Foreign (hungarian gypsy)

Move: (Evil Eye)

Unusual Custom -Whenever you conduct a strange ritual or custom that comes from your foreign heritage, anyone who see you gain +1 Insight. If you share the custom or ritual with them by teaching it to them or by getting them to participate, you gain +1 Insight with them. If they subsequently engage in the ritual themselves, mark an experience circle,as you spread your culture.

Philosophy: Spirits

Move: Spirit Talker - You may speak to the god of an object to find out its history. Roll +Perspicacity, and ask the small god questions on a hit. On a 10+, ask 3. On a 79, ask 1.

  • Tiger
  • Court Favorite
  • Vibrant Darling
  • Enigmatic Smile
  • Wallflower
  • Empty Eyes

Honour-2 Reputation+1 Ambition+1 Beauty+2 Perspicacity+1


  • Something On Everyone
  • Hypnotic


Zuozi: +1 (did a job) Xin Hai: +3 (did a job) Yue Ren: +1 (did a job)

House Insight:

"Another House" +2

Wild Foreign (Hungarian) +2

Independent House Zuozi +0

Other Houses: -1


1 Diary (valuable) You may use these for +1Ambition when information previously gathered matters, but if you do, without them you get -1Ambition when you notes matter.

also Spectacular Tattoos

Various assets and information worth 1-Assets

and a fashionable ensemble