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City of Heroes

City of Heroes is a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game, or MMORPG, wherein one plays superheroes in a modern day setting called Paragon City, which is in (of all places) Rhode Island. Its sister product, a stand-alone expansion called City of Villains has been released - the game shares servers and characters, and even allows Pv P conflict, and other such crossovers. Thus, it's an included part of the group.

It should be a given, considering the source, that this is particular wiki is set up with an emphasis on the Roleplay part of MMORPG. Don't add your character here unless you're at least willing to roleplay the character in the game, whether or not it's something you'd do often. Also please try to keep names and other data updated - if you delete a character, I'd rather find out immediately instead of several months down the line. If deleted characters are still important for storyline or other purposes, leave their pages and stories up, just don't link to them from here - link from your Global Chat Name page.

Feel free to edit this page or create new pages to add additional information.

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