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Twisted Confessional | Coh

Legacy Story

The Legacy is a storyline of Lxndr. It happens on Pinnacle.

In fact, Pinnacle is exclusively for the Legacy Story.

Once upon a time, a group of players from several servers got together and scheduled a game completely separate from their existing characters, where the characters they did make would all be connected somehow. They would meet once a week, on Sundays, and through this they would level up in tandem, and roleplay mostly (solely) with each other. Eventually, this group, called the Descendants, fell apart.

But I kept on with my characters, because they were fun to play, and because I had created an intricate backstory that I didn't want to simply abandon. I've chosen the name 'Legacy' in part to keep the name 'Descendants' open and separate, and in part to define the theme of the storyline of my particular characters.

The six Legacy hero characters so far are:

Their five villains:

(listed in order of character creation)

In the bygone days, there was a hero named Bedrock Bones. He was a founder of a well-respected hero group called the Watchwarders, who've been around since the end of World War II.

Bedrock Bones commanded the earth and the skies. He was an old hero - he'd been around since the 1800s. His longevity came from a protector spirit, an earth elemental inhabiting his body. Of course, the spirit could only keep him vital for so long, and he was feeling the press of age. His command over the skies was his own, learned in arcane studies; but his command over the earth was from the spirit, Nagadan.

His real name was Parker Magrath. Parker did not like the spotlight, but had gotten used to it. By the time he'd reached the modern age, his real identity had been discovered by the press, and there were no secrets left. His next fifteen minutes of fame came when his wife, Vivian, grew pregnant with his first child.

Bedrock Bones survived the Rikti war, and realized it was time for himself to retire. After passing Nagadan to a suitable successor, he was killed.


Lightning frequently 'visited' Vivian during the pregnancy. Not a storm would go by without her getting struck by at least one bolt, if not more. Parker was beside himself, even with his command over the storms he was helpless. Obviously, it was a very disturbing time for them both (and anyone else who happened to be in the area). While in labor - a home birth - she was struck by the largest bolt. She didn't survive it.

Trying to handle the bawling boy left behind nearly killed several doctors. The child, which Parker named Egan, was a natural conductor and generator of electricity, apparently the result of the lightning strikes. Otherwise he's perfectly normal, he just constantly crackles with electricity. Sometimes that crackling is deadly, other times it's just unpleasant. But he can't turn it off. He can't be touched. Even his father had to turn himself into stone to pick him up and hug him.

This poor, stuttering boy didn't really have a happy childhood. A dead mother, a distant father (who probably, in some part of his head, blamed him for her death), no friends he could even play with because any accidental touch would be... unthinkable, for any parent.

Egan didn't go his father's funeral. The photographer that camped out in the cemetery until after midnight was nominated for a Pulitzer for his photograph of the son mourning, silently, the death of his father, electricity crackling around him. It was the first picture taken of him in five years.

Soon after that, Egan put on some blue leathers and became the hero Eigenstate.

Tawny Mistell

Bunny Mistell had been a hero worshiper all her life. She grew up envying them, and after a brief stint in film school, became a full-time groupie, getting invites to all the VIP parties, eventually becoming a fixture. Looking at press photos for that time, you could probably see her in the background. Bunny has had several children over the years, all of them the children of heroes - or at least, supers. Some of them, the father she knows - they sent child support checks that were more than enough to keep her afloat. Others, she didn't know.

After the death of Vivian, Parker Magrath eventually found himself in Bunny's bed. Once Parker found out Bunny was pregnant, he stopped seeing her entirely. After all, he commanded the storms - it was reasonable to assume that the lightning was somehow his fault. Bunny did manage to survive without a single lightning strike, but they never really got back together afterwards. The fruit of this indiscretion? Tawny Mistell. Not to say Parker didn't try to take responsibility - he gave Bunny money every month.

Tawny grew up on the edge of the spotlight, with heroes in and out of her house like a revolving door, often going to the parties with her mother. Parker was sort of an avuncular figure to her (he wanted to be involved without her knowing he was her father). She went to one of the best private schools in Paragon City, and was one of the youngest figures at some of the most private parties. Everyone knew her, and liked her.

Just before she would graduate from high school, the Rikti invasion came, and destroyed everyone's lives. Almost all the heroes Tawny knew died in one battle after another. Paragon City went to hell after that, as we all know. Once the battles passed, Tawny went to college to study fashion design.

Some time during her first year, she was mugged - someone tried to steal her purse. One by one, several heroes just passed her by to go do something "more important" and finally, Tawny got angry enough to take the guy down herself. After that, she enrolled in some self-defense courses and found out that, if she applied herself, she was... impressive. So she went down and got her hero card.

She used her real name 'cause she wanted the exposure when she finally got her own fashion line. Since then, she's started working with some of the biggest fashion people in Paragon City at Icon. Half the super costumes you see are designed by her.

Sienna Force

Sienna (Sean) Westerly was born on a commune in California, fraternal twin to Azure (Asher) Westerly. A few years later, Amethyst (Amy) Westerly, his younger sister, joined the family. All the Westerly siblings practice magic - learned from their parents, and others in the commune. The twins both had a solid handle on vitality, while the younger sister was a firecracker.

While visiting his siblings in Paragon City, Sienna was contacted by Bedrock Bones, who offered him an arrangement with Nagadan. This gave him his command over the earth. Sean assented to the spirit's request, and soon thereafter they were bound. Like Bedrock before him, commanded the wind and sky to augment his command over the earth, Sienna chose to augment these abilities with his own talents in vitality magics.

Sienna's mind is his own, but he shares all his thoughts with the spirit inside him, and that spirits shares with him his memories of all its previous lives. Sienna, then, can remember the life of Bedrock Bones, when he tries, and thus has a sort of protective urge when it comes to both Tawny and Egan, as he feels the pull of fatherhood.

As the hero Sienna Force, he is slow, but vital, one of many members of the supergroup Chromatic Force. But he is still learning control over the elemental inside him - and the man named Sean Westerly has all but disappeared from daily life. A small studio apartment rented in his name, full of cardboard boxes yet to be unpacked; paid for by convoluted trusts set up by the elemental's previous hosts.

The spirit inside Sienna is stronger than he is, and since the binding, he struggled to appear in this world in any way other than as a man of solid rock, a walking statue.

When he finally managed to shed the stone skin, he managed to meet up with the heroine Jade Obsidian. She'd been the protege of Bedrock Bones,

Jade Obsidian

Jewel Mosely

Joo-Eun "Jewel" Mosley was born in Kings Row, 1960, to Vernon Mosley II, the son of famous King gang leader Vernon Monsley (who went by Cetawayo). Her mother was a Korean woman that Vernon brought back from the war. She's always smiling in her childhood photos.

It was during puberty that Jewel... erupted. Her powers over the energy of the world just spontaneously appeared. She was a cheerleader in high school, a member of the student government... always interested in helping people out. Even before she was old enough to register as a hero, she was always helping clean up the Row with her powers. She registered as soon as she was old enough, and was invited to join the Watchwarders. The hero Bedrock Bones took her under his wing.

Then the Rikti attacked, and things started getting perilous. Jewel found herself in several life-threatening situations every day.

She eventually met the man who is the host of the elemental that drove Bedrock Bones - Sean Westerly. She's now dating him.


Dawnstorm is the new name of Donald Mistell, a younger brother of Tawny Mistell (through Bunny). Donald was always a happy-go-lucky child, and definitely Tawny's favorite sibling. Always kind of small and weak, he was nevertheless always willing to stand up for himself, and for anyone else that seemed to need a hand. He had a good heart. Unfortunately, it was also a weak one - by the time he was 12, everyone knew that Donny would eventually need a new heart.

Then the Rikti War came, on his 15th birthday, and the medical profession (along with the rest of the world) had a lot more to worry about than giving hearts to children. The stresses of the war magnified his condition, and by the time the war was over, it was clear he needed a heart. After the war, when he was 17, he finally managed to get one. Unfortunately, his body was rejecting it - in the end, it seemed he didn't have long to live. Then he was given a new battery of anti-rejection meds, and things started to be going better. Then he was kidnapped from the hospital, removed from the machines that were helping him live.

Interregnum says that - in his timeline - Donny died soon after he abducted the boy from his hospital bed; an aneurysm, he claimed, had taken the life of Donald in the history he came back to prevent. Instead, this visitor from the future stole him from the devices that were keeping him alive, and after sparking quite the manhunt, managed to bring Donald to a point where he would come into contact with a Kheldian lifeforce - a Peacebringer - that managed to revitalize his body, giving him the health he so desperately needed to live. This Peacebringer also would have died.

Of course, after he was shown to be healthy, Donny, now calling himself Dawnstorm, registered as a hero, and began working with Sunstorm. He's still got quite the happy-go-lucky personality, but he seems to be spending less and less time in his human form as the days and months go by. Tawny's a bit worried about him, but Bunny just kind of waves it off. What this change means for the future Interregnum came from remains to be seen.


The man that kidnapped Donald was Interregnum. He thinks of himself either as Martin Westerly, or Martin Mistell-Magrath - both are equally accurate.

As a wise muppet once said - "always in motion is the future." So it's no wonder there are so many time travelers from the future, visitors from various beyonds that change every time someone has a vision, every time someone new comes back. Of course, out of all those thousands of temporal visitors, only one plays an important role in the Legacy Story. Since his future has become unstable by the sheer fact of his visit, he's unlikely to even come into being. This makes him somewhat of a mystery.

From what little is known of his history, he is the son of Tawny Mistell and Egan Magrath, the latter more commonly known as Eigenstate. According to Martin, Egan courted and eventually wedded Tawny without ever letting her know they shared a parent - Tawny is, after all, one of the few women strong enough to stand Egan's electrified touch. Martin has been understandably secretive about his parentage, for fear of changing that.

Some event (of which he won't speak, though he's hinted it's part of why he came back in time) killed both Tawny and Egan while Martin was still a child. He was then adopted by Sean Westerly, who by that point had full access to the elemental's memories, and knew Martin as his spiritual grandchild.

Martin is apparently a technical genius - he has developed time travel, and a special beam weapon that he uses for his own purposes. He also developed the robots that always tag along with him in cooperation with Dr. Daryl Silis a genius he saved from a lab experiment when he came back in time.

Joule Thief

When Interregnum first arrived from the future, he stopped a robbery. A robbery that would have ended badly for everyone. His intent was to save Dr. Daryl Silis, an inventor whose theories allowed Interregnum to travel back in time.

In the process, he also wound up saving a few villains. One of those was Joule Thief; the other was her father Animus Furandi.

They decided they owed him his life. Interregnum and Joule Thief are lovers.

Animus Furandi

The mutant Kevin Trafferth was a thief. He met con-woman Pandora Brown on one of his jobs, and in the end, married her. They ran many jobs together. Pandora was the brains, Kevin was the brawn.

She had a way of convincing people to come around to her side. Unfortunately, she couldn't convince the bullet to stop... and she died, leaving behind their seven year old daughter, Amber. The pain of losing Pandora awoke the ancient Trafferth birthright: command over fire.

Amber took after her father - she could command the flames much better than he could. As soon as she was old enough to be brought along, Kevin started bringing her on his jobs. She was a quick learner.

Kevin also is the father of Vincent Mistell, the eldest of the Mistell children.

Thomas Iscariot

Thomas Iscariot is the pseudonym being used by Vincent Mistell, the eldest child of Bunny Mistell. His father is Animus Furandi.

He is a member of Arachnos, one of their elite Spiders. He'd cut off contact with his family in Paragon City after joining the French Foreign legion - apart from postcards he sent to his favorite brother, Dawnstorm.

When Donald was kidnapped, Vincent went AWOL to chase down the kidnapper. The facedown between him and Interregnum nearly ended in a bloodbath - if not for the intervention of Donald and Tawny, it probably would have.

Now the Mistell family knows where Vincent is, and what he's doing. This has caused quite a scandal.

After it was shown that Donald was healthy, Vincent went back to Arachnos. The reception he got after deserting was chilly, so he took action to put his name on the list of Destined Ones, which in turn would make him more valuable in the eyes of Arachnos.


In the 90s, Parker Magrath saved a child from being sacrificed by the Circle of Thorns. Unfortunately, he got there too late to save that child's parents. This child was Craig Mason, who wound up in the system, bouncing from foster home to foster home.

Obsessed with the death of his parents, as well as of the hero who rescued him... he researched magic. Unfortunately, he had no moral compass to stop him from pursuing the dark arts.

In the end, he made a deal with an ancient evil spirit. In exchange for giving him power and a servant, all Craig would have to do is kill his saviour. Craig eagerly took this opportunity, and murdered Bedrock Bones.

The ritual murder gave Craig Parker's magical skills in weather magic, honed over two hundred years. Craig's reward was the servitude of a corrupted water spirit, which (much like the elemental Nagadan) merged with Craig's soul. He goes by the name of the water spirit - Arrachd.

The evil spirit then took the body of Parker Magrath, and began to go by the name Bedrock Bones.

Bedrock Bones

In the Rogue Isles, there's a villain calling himself Bedrock Bones. "The" Bedrock Bones, even. Of course, that's absurd - Bedrock Bones is dead. He was buried. Those who remember the old guard and the sacrifices they made take exceptional offense at this "pretender." Those in the know are aware that the elemental that empowered Parker Magrath has already found a new host - and anyway, this villain's abilities are only vaguely related. This new Bedrock Bones does not command the Earth, he only wields it in anger, wrapping it around his body in protection, and using it as his fists.

Sometimes an empty body becomes the vessel for something else. There are spirits out there, opportunists, some vengeful, and a body that was once a vessel for something more powerful is an attractive treat. Bedrock Bones once commanded the Earth, protecting its people. Now his broken body is home to something else; something that enjoys perverting his once-good name.