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Design goals for Diplomacy:

  • "Each nation should be different, from Turn 1, in how they play. Countries aren't balanced through equities, but through inequities."
	-Corrolary: Playtesting isn't done until we can identify at least two distinct opening strategies.
  • "Supply Centers should be accessible first year, usually by more than one party."
	-Corrolary: Neutral S Cs? should be placed so as to cause conflict.
  • "An odd number of Supply Centers would be great; maybe even a number of S Cs? whose smallest divisor is at least as large as the total number of starting players."
	-Corrolary: Also an odd number of players is good.  Not necessarily required, but strongly preferred.

Observational notes:

  • Anything less than 5 players probably not good. Anything less than 4 most certainly isn't.
  • Stalemate lines should be kept in mind, but as mostly an end-game strategy, should only be kept from dominating.

Map Variants