Blind Sight

IRC Game

Tuesdays at 7:00PM Central Time (GMT-6) in #indierpgs

Vision Cards for the IRC game

New players may join at the start of a new Quest. To become a new player, you must submit ten images. Existing players must "pay" one new image at the start of each Quest beyond the first.

All characters and quests must be made using images in the Vision deck. Characters may not be made with more than two (2) images submitted by the player in question.


Gone but not forgotten...

Quest Summaries

28 Dec 2005, "The Blinding of Lark" in which our heroes arrive, a young girl steps forward to receive a dubious honor, and curiosity stuns the cat.

11 Jan 2006, "Meeting the Seers" in which the young girl receives her honor, our heroes get questions to their answers, and there is a stalking in the woods.

18 Jan 2006, "The Spriggan Horde" in which the city of Blindsight besieged and saved, horrible truths and lies are revealed,

07 Feb 2006 "Friends of the Bride" in which the heroes arrive and meet Serene, a Sword Dancer with a problem.