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There are three tiers of deities in Jastivad:

Upper Echelon

  • Time - Also known as "Cote," he is the oldest of them all. He is aloof from the world, mostly unwilling to interfere in the world. Though he is certainly able to interfere. There are no churches dedicated to him, nor are there any shrines. He is called the Watcher and is considered all-powerful.

Middle Echelon - children of Time

  • Kato - The Dead God - older brother of Nyx (below), formerly given dominion over water, he was destroyed after he and Nyx unwisely created the firmament. There is a Cult dedicated to him – where they get their powers is unknown, but they do channel SOMETHING and Nyx herself has mentioned something of her brother in the cultists, though she quickly grows silent when questioned further.
  • Nyx - the Wounded Lady, the Throne of Night, Lady of the Waters - younger sibling of Kato, she was formerly given dominion over the night, she was punished when she fled from the chaos that their creation of the lands caused, now she is trapped in the waters. The oceans are her prison, and her church was popular during the days when the seas could be sailed. Now she is able to extend her powers to the land through her priests. Though limited in many ways, she is the most benevolent of the gods, one of the most powerful, and the sanest as well.
  • Idevess - The Guardian, The Betrayed, He Who Stands Alone, Grandfather - A latecomer to the children of Time, Idevess was the last surviving dream of antiquity, Idevess was both father and mother of the sephiroth, who were meshed with broken dreams to create humanity, and is thus the grandfather of mankind; they were later given the duty of protecting the insanity of divinity that remained from the death of Kato from those who would want to sup from it; the lover of Nyx, they built the city of Idevar as a place of learning, and as a fortress, but they was struck down by Coteur, who wanted the power in the bottle. Afterwards elevated to godhood by Time, Idevess is the only being from the world that Time will currently speak to, and listen to. They now spread their time amongst the night and the waters and his city of Idevare, only occasionally venturing forth to do deeds on the land. Their followers are rare but well respected, the majority of them chosen after they reach their only place of devotion, the Prismatic City, which is where he spends all the time that he does not spend with his lover. Idevess is technically not a "god of the land" as they were given godhood by Time and not by the insanity of divinity.

Middle Echelon - technicalities

  • Moch Murgoi - Betweener, Gatekeeper, Legion, the Spider God - One mind, an infinity of bodies, he rose up uninvited during the creation of Wexirat and claimed it as his own along with all behind-ways, portioning off a bit for each god. Idevess, lives in the realm of Nyx, with his lover – his portion he ceded to Cth Tholon, who did not contribute and thus did not get a portion of his own. Moch Murgoi is technically not a God of the Land, as he is not tied to the world, but is tied to the Wormwood that riddles its foundation. His powers include that of Nyx and of Time as well as those of the Gods of the Land. He sometimes takes a liking to individuals, often without their knowledge, and can be rather persuasive in convincing someone to accept his boons. He has been known to take people into his Gates only to return them a while later – sometimes with no definable purpose in mind. Those who have been invested with his power are a very helter-skelter bunch, each marching to a different drummer.

Lower Echelon - gods of the Land

  1. Cth Tholon - Old Man Solitude, The Rifter - He is in many ways the sanest of the Gods of the Land, and unarguably the wisest, but is consumed by a dark hunger that occasionally breaks loose; his form is that of a multicolored twister. He is the digger of the rifts in which the many guises survive. He is also friend of the dead, having given his piece of Wexirat, the godhome, to them so they can shelter themselves from the Reapers.
  2. Yos Antahar - Rockswimmer, Earthgrazer - Where Cth Tholon is a tribute to self-control, staving off his hunger until he can’t take it anymore, and eats his way through another rift, Yos Antahar simply grazes lazily through the deep underground, eating out new caves, causing tremors, collapsing old caves, creating new magma flows, and generally revising the subterranean geography and leaving his mark wherever he goes, heating the tunnels like the Rifter heats the canyons. He delights in earthquakes and the like, and will cause them simply for the joy that he gets from them, and is the one mainly responsible for the collapse of the rifts that Cth Tholon digs. His presence and the god-power he constantly emanates changes the rocks he passes through, occasionally creating new ore deposits as he flows; as he digs, he appears to be a constantly changing flow of lava. He is the inconstant lover of the goddess Cassienna Emban.
  3. Narad Somm - The Spark, Lifebringer, The Firebug - a living fireball with a face, Narad Somm is quick to anger and, despite a hot temper, is constantly and annoyingly hyperactive and overeager; he throws off a small stream of sparks, and where they land, new life springs up, or old life is changed; the most childlike of the gods, he often travels where the winds of change may take him, and always has the ability to find wonder and surprise in everything. Narad does not have much use for followers as such, though there are those out there whom burn with the power in his sparks, and have learned to harness said energy.
  4. Trestan - the Bitter Tongue, Sorrow's Sacrifice - the now-dead Trestan enjoyed causing grief and bitterness and sacrifice, and was indeed a mistress of these things; legends say she spoke with the voice of a woman and smelled of almonds, and allowed few to see her visage, preferring to remain invisible to those whose company she shared; she was killed by il’Talon’s son, Anar Emban, who eventually assumed the mantle of her godhood. There are still a few out there who have her boons or afflictions, and the world herself is saturated with the Bitterness that splashed out of he when il’Talon drank his fill.
  5. Sharl Emban - Bloody Maiden, Vixen, Huntress, Ice Queen - A lover of hunting, of assassins, of war, of vengeance, and of sacrifice, Sharl Emban can never get enough of slaughter. She can never get enough of the carnal pleasures as well, having borne many sons and daughters over the course of her life, including one from Coteur before he split, who immediately became the goddess Cassienna Emban. There are more guises with Emban blood in their veins than that of any other God of the Land; she insists her offspring all take the name Emban. The only deity who has resisted her temptations is Moch Murgoi, which causes her endless frustration. She was there to witness the death of Trestan at the hands of il’Talon and their son after encouraging his vengeance. No matter what form she might take, she always has scales or other features of a snake hidden somewhere, usually on her bosom, though sometimes she enjoys speaking with a forked tongue. She has sometimes given boons to assassins who she likes, or others with a burning vengeance, such as what she did for il’Talon during his hunt of Trestan. Her children also are afflicted with her power.
  6. il'Talon - Benevolent Monstrosity, Demon-Hero, Usurper - Pangledon Talon, a shaman of Cth Tholon, and his son by Sharl Emban, Anar Emban, together defeated the god Trestan, and drank of her blood and tears, cleaving into the il'Talon. Incredibly lonely, the il'Talon has a whole mind, but a broken body, his powers are unpredictable and uncontrolled. He isolates himself in Wexirat, the godhome, most of the time. He spends the rest of his time communing with Cth Tholon. Sometimes he tries his hand at helping people, because he is driven to help people. Though many respect il'Talon, those who seek out his help are often the mad and the desperate.
  7. Cassienna Emban - Deathstalker, Firebrand, Ice Princess - The daughter of Sharl Emban and Pas Coteur, she is the only of Sharl’s children to be born into godhood, sparked by the fires of Time. Being the only new deity since the creation of Wexirat, she does not have a home there; instead, she splits her time between her mother’s home, and that of Yos Antahar, who is her on-again/off-again lover. Rebellious, she never let go of adolescence, and enjoys running away from home to spend some time undercover with the many guises, an act which invariably infuriates Sharl Emban, who eventually tracks down her daughter and brings her home. She has raised the carnal teasing of her mother into an art form, but refuses to give release to the poor men under her sway. Cassienna also enjoys the company of the dead, and can often be found in Cthon, or hunting and punishing a Reaper who has gone too far. Most of her shamans are of the dead, though she has been known to give her Kiss to anyone who piques her interest.
  8. Pas Coteur - The Preacher and the Prophet, Faithbreaker - Once a piece of Time (Coteur means "envoy of Cote") he was tempted by power and succumbed to the temptation. When he was disowned by his father, he was sundered into two roles - the Preacher and the Prophet. Thus, he is the only binary deity. Some consider the Preacher and the Prophet two separate entities, but they are two sides of the same coin. Both the Preacher and the Prophet have cults devoted to them, and people and places that they have afflicted with blessings and curses. There is no church or continuity to these organizations, and cults allied with the same aspect have often gone to war with the ‘heathens’ next door. It was his seed that combined with that of Sharl Emban to produce his daughter, the goddess Cassienna. Pas Coteur is technically not a "god of the land" as he contains a portion of Time, but is in the same echelon.