Apostle Island Enclave

Apostle Island Enclave

The Great Lakes are a center of activity for modern numina and the psychic underground, at least in North America. Between the Devils Lake Experiments, House Darshel's founding in Indianapolis, and other sundry manifestations, people have claimed that it's another Crete.

There doesn't seem to be any mystical reason for this; apart from the presence of the psychic underground, the region is rather mundane, most of the places ranking no higher than a 3 on the Zissis Scale. It is neither a dead zone, nor a power center.

Nonetheless, the only reason the Apostle Island Enclave (which we members call the Faro) was formed is because most of its founding members were survivors and refugees from the Devils Lake Experiments after they were shut down in 1969. The Apostle islands were convenient in their location, and also attractive thanks to their breathtaking beauty.

The founding members of the Faro took up residence in the lighthouses in the Apostle Islands Lakeshore, and eventually took over the ranger posts. The islands themselves act as sanctuaries for any who feels they have taken abuse from the psychic underground. I only wish they (or some similar organization) had been around after my escape.

The Faro have always been outspoken about the need for checks and balances, and critical of the corruption in the Council of Concilation, which established itself as the only check and balance that was needed. In the wake of the Council's abolishment, we are attempting to pick up the pieces and establish the system we've long been advocating.

    -Horda 17

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