Ashtoreth Dig

Ashtoreth Dig

The name given (by the underground) to the dig in Gortyn, the first archaeological dig in all of Crete, which started in 1884. It was through this dig that the infamous Ring of Solomon incident was started.

Some believe the subsequent dissolution of the previous incarnation of House Darshel was an ill-conceived attempt to hunt for the ring.

While the true name of the being behind House Darshel is a secret, it is clear that said entity used the name 'Ashtoreth' (and other such monikers) throughout the ancient world.

House Darshel managed to imprison the celestial known as Ptah in the site for thousands of years; now released, the former deity is not exactly happy with the House, and has been amassing quite a following to oppose them and their patron.

We don't exactly blame him.

  -Horda 9

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