Consciousness is a prison of the mind. It's a person's identity, their True Name, that keeps them from unleashing their true potential. The phenomenon they call "breakout" tears away that slim veneer and that protection, laying bare the soul.

Breakouts seem to be caused by incidents of psychic violence - but not in every case. Sometimes, natural disasters (or incursions from the heavens) are the source; sometimes, it is other sensitives, or even spirit entities. The inconstant results from those ill-advised attempts to use the Corbin Device to induce breakout are proof of that. And occasionally - like what happened to me in 1954, the exact source of the violence remains uncertain.

Those who have suffered from a Breakout become sensitives - and, in fact, the Breakout can be considered almost the sole cause for human sensitivity. (Even the longest-standing bloodlines can trace their ancestry back to at least one Breakout).

It is believed that the largest breakout in history was the Thera eruption, which led to the myths of Atlantis.

 -Horda 17

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