Corbin Device or Corbin Devise

Corbin Device (Corbin Devise)

("Corbin Device" is common usage. However, this author prefers the original "Corbin Devise.")

The roots of the Corbin Devise go back to the late 1960s and that era's popular experimentation with various means of mind alteration. Though the era focused on chemicals, it was discovered that magnetic fields could alter the workings of the brain leading, in some cases, to altered perceptions or feelings of euphoria. However, no fine control was possible, effects varied dramatically between individuals, and the device itself was extremely expensive.

In the late 1980s improved technology led to a stimulation device capable of targeting specific sectors of the brain. Combined with the new chemicals of the time, a system of verbal and visual prompting was devised which could semi-reliably produce and stimulate certain mental effects.

Sporadic research and improvement on the Corbin Devise continued until 2002. At this time further public and corporate research was blocked. While this was, indeed, shortly after the The Cretan Event made certain information on the effects of neural stimulation on Sensitives publicly available, increases in technology capable of stimulating ever smaller groups of neurons were more the driving factor behind the decision to block.

Use of the Corbin Devise has produced a limited number of Breakouts. Such cases are very rare, likely because Sensitives find the Devise unpleasant. No information is available about the ability of the Devise to induce Breakout, which suggests that it is, at best, an unreliable means of doing so. As a means of brainwashing, the Devise is more reliable than more common techniques but requires considerable training.

    - Francis Alexander

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