Council of Conciliation

Council of Conciliation

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Already considered antiquated despite disbanding in 2002. Of course, its thirty-six century history might be the reason that attitude.

The Council of Conciliation (originally, the Diallaktikós) first appeared in Crete, rising from the ashes of the Minoan civilization after the eruption of Thera. In the wake of the sudden rise of sensitives after the eruption, a group of resistives attempted to create an organization to handle conflicts between various numinous interests - and from their efforts came the Diallaktikós. They kept their headquarters at Heraklion for almost all of recorded history before being routed in the hostilities after the Cretan Event.

Despite the corruption that later infected their organization, one has to agree that their original motives were pure. Their absence has had a negative ripple effect on the psychic underground, and not even a decade has yet passed.

It is believed that, before their falling out, Cyrill Corbin was being groomed to be the next Tyrannos of the Council by its last Tyrannos, that infamous visionary researcher Herr Doktor Erasmus Hanzelmann.

As for the Herr Doktor, we only have one thing to say: Näkemiin ja tervemenoa!

    -Horda 4

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