Cretan Event, The

The Cretan Event

Almost every sensitive remembers what they were doing during the Cretan Event, which is often called just The Event. On June 6, 2002, a high-energy, aerial explosion happened above the ocean between the island of Crete and the nation of Libya.

It's believed now to have been extraterrestrial in origin. Some of our more paranoid colleagues ascribe it to clearly nonexistent "aliens" but we are content to accept that it was a simple astronomical phenomenon. Nevertheless, the explosion created a global numinous pulse that left its wake - both creative and destructive - on sensitives around the globe.

It was also the catalyst for our glorious creation.

As the explosion happened near the island of Crete - long a battleground for various sects of Mind Control - it almost completely destabilized the peace that had long been established over that land. We believe it is lucky the world did not see the psychic underground break out in war.

- Horda 4

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