Cyrill Corbin, M.D, PhD

Cyrill Corbin, M.D, PhD

b. 1935, d. 2009

It is common knowledge that Dr. Corbin was obsessed with scientific proof of psychic powers. What isn't as well known is that Dr. Corbin possessed such powers. His abilities amounted to minor charisma, technological aptitude, and an extreme resistance to the very powers he was attempting to prove. As is typical of resistives, Dr. Corbin never brought his abilities under conscious control.

Dr. Corbin's own powers were as much a problem as a benefit to him throughout his life. Lacking conscious control, his unusual charisma required regular reinforcement. Lacking reinforcement it wasn't unusual for a person to think they had been “scammed” and develop a dislike for the doctor. On the other other hand, his students showed great loyalty and often followed him through different positions. Though observed by more than one group during his life, he was never brought “inside.”

Our various groups don't agree on much, but one thing they do all agree on is the need to prevent a Pyramid Effect which would freeze humanity into a particular mold. (Though other groups do have other justifications.) As Dr. Corbin's research advanced, a Pyramid Effect became more and more likely. At first this was handled by blocking funds for certain types of research, but when the doctor announced he had privately developed a means of inducing psychic sensitivity in any member of the general population and intended to publish, action was required.

Several groups were involved in the doctor's assassination and its aftermath. His research notes and subjects were split among the participating groups at random One of the side effects of that cooperation led to this compilation.

    -Francis Alexander

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