Horda is a conglomeration of escaped slaves that have somehow "evolved" a hive mind, one of the first independent hive minds in the world. The first cell, so to speak, erupted in the Hungarian quarter of Bucharest on June 6, 2002, during the Cretan Event, with a population of three. Since then, it has continued to build a larger agglomeration. The method and mechanism of Horda's accumulation of other escaped slaves remains misunderstood, even by itself.

Proximity doesn't appear to be necessary, and it is apparently blind to the methods of mind control used to enslave any particular victim. Despite repeated accusations, Horda has always denied recruitment - so far the evidence supports this, as only already-escaped slaves appear to have been inducted. Some believe there's a cover-up.

Horda's membership includes people from almost every walk of life, from professors and doctors to the most airheaded bimbos. Despite being a hive mind, some of these have very distinctive voices and personae, almost as if they are nominally apart from the hive mind. As mostly former slaves, they have a unique perception on Mind Control and its manifestations.

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Information so far gathered on the individual Horda members:

4 seems to speak Finnish, is likely a Finn; gender unknown (posted twice)
9 has so far been a closed book (posted twice)
17 was Patient P, a girl from Alabama (posted thrice)