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MC Lexicon Entry Format

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!!!Title of Entry
(:title {page name with spaces and punctuation} :)

{text of entry}

    -Author {as WikiWord link} 

See Also:
* Cites
** Entry A
** Entry B
** Entry C
* Cited (:pagelist fmt=#title link={$FullName} list=normal order=title Lexicon?Scholars LexiconScholars :)

This is a [[Category.MCEntries|Mind Control Entry]] [[Category.MCPhantoms|Phantom]]
in [[MindControl|The Codex of Modern Mind Control]] Lexicon.


The line with "(:title" and so forth assures that the page will be displayed with spaces on the Entries and Phantoms pages. It can be deleted for single word titles.

Cites should consist of 1 already written entry (except on turn 1), 1 existing phantom (a new phantom on turn 1), and 1 new phantom. Even if more than one written entry is referenced, it need not be noted here.

The stuff between (: and :) after "Cited" looks complicated, but assures that all game entries (and not scholar pages) that refer to this one will automatically appear. It's much easier than trying to look all of them up, believe me.

"[[Category.MCPhantoms|Phantom]]" should be removed when dibs are placed on an article or when an article is written.

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