Ring of Solomon

Ring of Solomon

Oh, the Ring of Solomon, the subject of so many myths, and so little real information.

There did indeed exist some object or mechanism (not necessarily a ring) used in the court of Solomon (not necessarily by the king) that functioned as a control talisman against most (not necessarily all) spirit entities. However, it was most likely destroyed before the end of Solomon's reign by the enemies of that court. In any case, all of the reputed "rings" that have turned up since that lack certain qualities of the original. Even those who believe the "ring" destroyed are inclined to pay attention to new claims in the hope of duplicating the process which created the original "ring."

While ring claims crop up every decade or so, a particular event in the 19th century is still showing repercussions.

We now know it was members of the Council of Conciliation (then most active in England and Greece) who started the rumors and planted descriptions of that era's ring. Most consider this particular ring nonexistent, as any group which displayed significant knowledge about the provided description and which could not be infiltrated was marked for destruction. While several organizations fell, (including the House Darshel of the period), others survived (particularly in Germany, France, and west coast North America) and the conflict severely weakened the Council. Even after the overt conflicts ended, the Council's activities (culminating in the ill-advised Devils Lake Experiments) continued to display a sense of what this author can only call desperation.

    -- Francis Alexander

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