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Gold Rush Space Colony

Colonists face unexpected perils in a goldrush to exploit a new planet



  • Corporations are the good guys
  • The substance sought on the planet is used to appease "Space Gods"
  • Extraction can be safe and expensive or cheap and disruptive
  • Colonists are divided by competing philosophies
  • No individual form of native alien life is sentient/sapient
  • Aliens are indescribable, difficult or impossible to understand
  • There is a Galactic Empire that maintains law on the planet and elsewhere
  • The unrefined resource is necessary for the native aliens to achieve sentience/sapience

Current Focus

Replace this with the current focus once it's decided.



  • Opening Bookend Period: (light) The planet is discovered. There is excitement over the resource. A gold rush happens.
  • Mutant Colonists Emerge: (dark) The colonists using blasting extraction techniques begin to show signs of mutation as a result of that process.
    • The Gene War - The Gene War pitted the baseline humans against their mutated enemies. Powerful nanotechnology first tried to reverse the changes, but when that didn't work, they simply set them to annihilate the gene-deviant population. There were heavy losses, and eventually the baselines won, but the nanotech lingers on in all of them, a deadly guardian.
  • Corporations arrive and start to organize things (light)
    • Ascendancy Project (light): They "played God" by giving humans extraordinary new powers based on the local fauna.
  • Closing Bookend Period: (dark) The planet's native flora and fauna have transformed the humans who set foot there utterly. The planet is put under a permanent quarantine.
    • Mutants Take over The Ascendancy Project: (light)