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Here is where various Nobilis things can be found.

Ready For Testing:

  • OrganicNobilis - An alternative set of rules for Nobilis that removes all references to "per session" and "per story." Character advancement is tied instead to the use and appearance of Bonds in the story. Look here for in-depth reasoning.
  • ManaReservoir - An alternative to "Mana Mine" in the original book, this was created for Organic Nobilis but works with the standard rules as well.
  • DiceyNobilis - Inspired by Fastlane, this is an attempt to add some randomness to Nobilis in roulette-style.

In Progress:

  • NettleRewards - An attempt to encourage the performance of Nettle rites, especially in-Familia.


  • IndieNobilis - A game of Nobilis on the indierpgs IRC channel.