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Twisted Confessional | Stories


Ride the Storm Chapter 1: The Gathering Storm

The request had come out of nowhere, and even as Jay stepped into Dr. Laura Cunningham's office he had no idea what she wanted from him. She was a young rising star in the company's R&D department. He was an old bachelor who analyzed worker efficiency reports in HR. It wasn't how he'd wanted to use his Ph D? in sociology, but it paid the bills. He'd seen her around of course. The doctor's beauty and brilliance were impossible to miss. He'd often thought she was familiar, but put it aside as wishful thinking. He had no idea what she could want with him.

"Doctor Cunningham?" he said, extending his hand.  "I'm Jay Warren.  You wanted to see me?"

It was the way she threw her head back as she stood to shake his hand that triggered the memory.  She'd done the exact same thing when the two were introduced. It was at the psychology convention almost three years ago, well before she'd started her work at the company.  She'd been a token neurologist just as he'd been a token sociologist.  Someone had thought it would be great joke for the two of them to debate environment vs. biology as it pertained to brain and mind development. The joke had quickly backfired as the discussion went over the heads of the jokesters in barely ten minutes.

Jay would have been surprised to learn that he'd been in her mind as often as she'd been in his the past few years. To both of them meeting another person who could keep up with them intellectually mattered far more than the 20 year difference in their ages. Still, it had been only for a few hours and neither of them had tried to follow up. Gradually the memory had faded for both.

She hardly glanced at him past the obligatory handshake. “Sit.”

Without waiting to see what he would do Laura focuses on the papers in front of her. “My team has developed new training tools. I need someone to develop and administer a battery of tests to see how the test subjects improve. I'm prepared to offer a five percent salary increase, and the change has been cleared with your supervisor.”

"Personally,” she continues, “I would rather find a more accurate, direct system for measuring the effects of the system than asking the test subjects, but our new vice president insisted. And, as he signs the equipment requisitions, it seems I have no choice." Her mouth is in a thin line, and her tone is bitter.

Jay was shocked. This wasn't the same woman he'd talked to three years ago. Her glasses, tight bun, and conservative suit are the same (partially failed) attempt to hide her beauty. The crimson lipstick, too-heavy makeup, and bitter attitude were totally different from three years ago. What had happened?

Once seated, Jay frowns.  "5% is ridiculous.  My current salary is maybe ten percent of what you'd pay even a halfway decent consulting group for that sort of work." He raised a hand.  “However, assuming the offer is legitimate, I'm going to be supplied the resources I need, and the time frame looks good, I can accept double my current pay.  There is one condition however.”

Jay knew it was completely inappropriate but he felt the need to do something. “You go out on three dates with me.”

Laura's hand twitches and she drops the file she was holding. She looks up and makes eye contact for the first time and her eyes widen as she recognized him. 'Jay Warren, Ph D?' hadn't meant anything to her, but memories of their previous meeting now flashed through her mind. For just a moment the temptation of hope beckoned.

"M-mas..." She closes her eyes and inhales deeply. "I don't think our... superiors... would approve. It's not... allowed." She is clearly struggling, picking every word carefully. Something is definitely very wrong here. "I... need you to... help me." She shakes her head again, and suddenly is able to speak normally once more. "Us, I mean. Help us on this project."

"BINGO!" Jay thought while outwardly doing nothing more than continuing to smile politely.  He wasn't quite sure exactly what she was responding to, but it was quite clear something was badly wrong.

The conversation which followed was circumspect, but Laura managed to give enough clues for Jay to figure out at least part of the story and where he needed to look for the rest.

  • * *

It took two weeks for Jay learn enough about what was going on and figure out a plan of attack. It wasn't enough time, not nearly enough, but as the looks Laura gave him passed from hope, to desperation, to despair, he couldn't wait. What happened to Laura needed to be fixed. It couldn't wait one second more than was absolutely necessary.

The first stages of the plan went like clockwork.  With just the two of them in her office, Laura bent over to look at a diagram.  Jay reaches into his briefcase, and, just as he'd practiced, whips the heavy collar he'd built around Laura's neck and fastens it shut. As Laura chokes from the impact of the collar wrapping her throat Jay grabs her and drags her onto his lap. He then proceeds to cover her mouth and hold her tight and quiet.

Laura panicked. She'd almost forgotten her request for help, and this certainly didn't seem like help to her. With some experience in the martial arts she could have broken free easily. Since she didn't have that experience her twists and struggles barely moved her. She couldn't scream, couldn't bite. Her struggles move her on Jay lap and she freezes in horror as she feels of his erection against her ass. She almost sobs from the sense of betrayal that fills her, but manages to hold back her tears.

As she stills Jay begins talking in a calm voice. “I'm very pleased with you Laura.  You'll probably never know how much I regret doing things this way, but I wasn't able to find out exactly what controls the bastard put in your head.  I couldn't take the chance that you would be working against, well, freeing yourself.  However, I'm very pleased that things have worked so far.”

“The collar you're wearing, you see, is basically a cut-rate, portable example of your Virtual Learning machine.  It only works on one mind, yours.  (I hacked the records to find your response files.  I imagine that's exactly what you'd planned.)  It also only gives you one command, that you feel good when I'm pleased.  I'm hoping that will be enough of the right command to give you some of your choices back.”

“Now, this position is almost as uncomfortable for me as it is for you.  Wouldn't it be nice if we shifted a bit to be more comfortable?”

Laura moaned in relief. Jay hadn't betrayed her. He was actually pleased with her and desired her! Still, as she nodded spasmodically she couldn't help being frightened. So much could go wrong.

They shifted and then Jay said, “I'm going to take my hand off your mouth now so we can talk.  I'd appreciate it if you didn't try to summon help.” He paused to make sure she understood and removed his hand. “How do you feel?”

“You know how I feel,” she says, all too aware of his body against hers. "It felt good when you said you were pleased. I presume you've got the collar set to up the feedback between mirror neurons and the pleasure centers? And somehow limited the response to yourself, too. I'm impressed. You might be able to break... his... control.”

As Laura shifts to better look at Jay she “accidentally” rubs against his erection. It was supposed to be turnabout for the way he'd groped her breasts earlier, but seeing the expression on Jay's face makes her feel so good. Sensation shoots from between her legs to tighten her breasts. “Oh! That was good.” She was tempted to do it again, but closed her eyes instead. She needed to concentrate. “But somehow I doubt you're planning to let me go free even if you do break his programming. So I can't say I'm exactly ecstatic.”

No, you're ecstatic over other things, a traitorous part of her whispered.

She opened her eyes, but couldn't look at him. “I'll make you a deal. Break his control and let me go free, and I'll move you from test design to product development. When I call the cops your name won't come up. More money, no trouble. He's . . . left me free to hate him when he's not around, but I can't disobey him or displease him. The minute I see him I become this horny little slut. I can't live like this!" You can't live with him when he's not fucking you you mean, that traitorous part of her said. If he could fuck you every waking minute there'd be no problems.

Jay's voice took on an abstracted tone. Laura had heard that tone in her own voice when she talked through an interesting problem. “Actually it was supposed to affect your emotional centers making you feel happy and comfortable.  I tried to stay away from the pleasure center, and I'm pretty sure I did.  Something else is going on there.”

There was a moment of silence as the two went through remarkably similar thoughts. Then Jay went on, “Unfortunately I couldn't limit the response to just me.  I couldn't figure out how to send a picture or anything like that.  I had to set it up so the collar's wearer is triggered by the person who put the collar around their neck.”

Laura felt two conflicting emotions. On the one hand identifying people was a bit tricky and she was glad Jay had found a workaround so quickly. On the other hand she was appalled that Jay had put his device together while knowing so little about the process.

“As for 'breaking' his control . . .  I'm a sociologist, not a neurologist.  If the control is going to be 'broken' you're going to have to do it yourself.  The best I can hope to do is set up an influence that will allow you to act a bit more freely.  From what I can tell your machine doesn't actually erase anything, just sets up what might be called 'reflexes.'  That means the old you is still there, just overlaid a bit.”

Jay sighs.  “And all men aren't pigs you know.  As much as I would like to 'keep' you,”

Laura was thrilled. He wanted to keep her. He must be pleased with her.

“the collar will come off as soon are you are able to tell me a few things.  Who exactly did this?  Who else knows about it?  What will you do if any of these people are in personal danger?  Believe me, if things go right he'll never know enough to be displeased.”

Laura looks down. "I am Phil's slave," she says, almost robotically. Her eyes glaze over, and she starts to struggle. Jay barely manages to cover her mouth before she starts screaming.

The fit passes quickly and Laura isn't completely aware of what happened, she can't let that distract her though. “He's taken at least four people I know about. Joan Creasey, Helen Wu, Katie in HR, and Jill from Accounting."

Jay knows all those names. He'd expected some of them, but hadn't expect things to be this bad. "Fuck that bastard!" he swears Then he winces and controls himself. “I'm sorry.  Actually I'm pleased with you, just upset with the bastard who did this."

For a moment, Jay admires Phil's taste. Too bad the new Junior VP of Special Projects (as of last week) was using it to destroy what made those women so interesting. He'd suspected Phil to be the one doing this, but the fact he'd disliked the man from the one and only time they'd met meant he'd needed proof.

Joan was the young daughter of Ted Creasey, the Chairman of the Board; a beautiful and curvaceous redhead fresh out of a Master's in electronic engineering. Jill and Katie are the top contenders for "hottest chick in the office"; Katie is known to be an extremely religious and strict Christian (and she's engaged), and Jill is rumored to be a lesbian. Not to mention that between the two of them, they have access to the systems that record employee reviews, payroll, budgets – just about everything.

Jay didn't know Joan or Jill except by sight, but Katie's desk was just down the hall. He wouldn't exactly call them friends, but they were more than casual acquaintances. He'd discovered Katie's and Jill's response files with with Laura's and suspected they were under compulsion, but Joan's name came out of nowhere.

Helen Wu is the Senior VP of R&D, a small, but tough as nails Asian woman around 40, but looking ten years younger. Jay had talked to her a couple times, but didn't known her well. He suspected that she'd been put under control sometime after he'd hacked the files.

The name he hadn't expected at all, and that provided the worst news was Joan. Her father didn't have much direct power in the company, but he had plenty of indirect power and outside power as well.  Even if all his power came from money, he knew how to use it well. Jay knew that someone must be covering for whoever was controlling Laura, but he hadn't counted on it being someone so high up the company hierarchy.

Thinking about who Phil had controlled make Jay realize who the next victim was almost certain to be. Nancy O'Brian was the company nurse, and a 45 year old MILF with a gorgeous 17 year old daughter.  If she and Katie agreed, and with a little support from above, there would be a company plan that would allow Phil to run anyone he liked through the machine.

~~ Edited by Jeff to this point

It had only taken me seconds to cover this ground in my thoughts.  "And my last question?  What must you do if Phil is threatened or in danger?  From an outside source that is, I'm sure you can't do anything to him yourself."

"Please let him have left this loophole open," I prayed silently.  "Please."

Laura is deeply troubled and confused, but at your statement that you are pleased a shiver of pleasure and peace runs through her. She ponders. "I... don't think I have to protect. But I'm not sure what would happen if he were here. I cannot resist him." Another shiver of pleasure runs through her at that statement. Her eyes snap shut and she begins to chant, slowly at first but more and more frantically: "I obey. I will not resist Phil. I am Phil's slave. I obey. I will not resist Phil. I am Phil's slave. I obey I will not resist Phil I am Phil's slave!"

I let go of her wrists and try to hold her comfortingly.  "Shh.  It's OK.  You aren't resisting.  You're doing what Phil told you.  Don't resist.  Relax.  Things will work out.  You're very good and I'm very pleased with you.  I'm pleased."

Impulsively I kiss her -- just a light brush of her lips with mine.  Then I draw back.  I honestly hadn't intended to do that.  I wanted to apologize for taking advantage, but I didn't know what effect that would have on her.

As you speak, Laura moans in pleasure and relaxes, her eyes fluttering mostly shut. At your kiss, she stiffens, startled. When you pull back, however, she whispers to herself, barely audibly, "Don't resist. Relax." She stretches up and returns the kiss.

After you break the kiss, she looks up at you, her eyes huge and filled with competing emotions: fear, and sadness, and pleading, and, you are quite certain, more than a little arousal. "I don't know what's me and what's him and what's you anymore," she says.

I can't meet her gaze.  I feel guilty for what I've done to her.  Sure it was the best option I was able to come up with, but how much of that was because it would also lead her to give herself to me?  Even if I didn't take advantage, just having her in my arms had been stoking up my ego wonderfully.

Reached up with both hands I undo the trick clasp that holds the collar shut and pull it off her

I can hardly speak above a whisper.  "No one is ever completely in control of their brain . . . Tourette's, sexuality . . .  But I'm sure you know more about that than I do.  What matters is the choices you make among the choices you have.  You may not understand the person you've become, but you can still make choices that are right for you."

I put the collar in her hands.  "This is yours.  It might be a good idea for you too keep it around in case you need further 'deprogramming.'  Then again, that might just be my male ego talking."

With a little more confidence I go on, "For what it's worth, I don't like what he's done to you, but it's all superficial.  The person you are underneath all that is a wonderful woman who didn't deserve this."

"Thank you..." she whispers, her eyes slightly teary.

Laura looks down at the collar. "I can't fight him," she says. "He's made me his slave.  When he's around, all I care about is pleasing him. I know, next time I see him... I'll tell him about you, and this collar, and beg him to fix the holes in his programming. It's taking everything I have not to run back to him right now."

She looks at you, her face resigned, but with a hint of determination underneath. "And... I like being a slave. I know it's his doing, but it doesn't matter; the feeling is there. It's as real as if I was born with it."

"But I still hate him. He likes me hating him, so he left it in. We all hate him. You have no idea how much it hurts, to hate him and yet love being his slave. How confusing it is." Laura searches your face; for what, you're not entirely certain.

"When I first talked to you, I thought I wanted to be free," she says. "But I don't. He's made sure of that. I don't want to be free -- just free of him."

"You've made it so I feel pleasure whenever I please you," Laura says. She looks you straight in the eye, her gaze unwavering. "Use that. Use the collar. Use anything. Make me yours. Use me to destroy him, to take the others from him. Use me for anything you want, as long as I can be a slave I don't care. Just... just make sure I can't hate you."

I can't help smiling.  For me this is a fantasy come to life.  "I think you're stronger than you know, but that's an offer I can't resist."

I pluck the collar from her hands and stand, steadying her as she stands with me.  "If we're going to do this, it should be done properly.  Kneel.  Now."  I can't help the smile on my face.  What I'm doing may not be right, but it's something I've always wanted.

I stand straight and proud.  I don't know, can't know, exactly what Laura would want from this moment, but I assume confident and masculine would be part of it and that's what I try to project.

After she kneels in front of me. I take her hands and fold them around the collar.  "By putting this collar around your neck you give yourself to me.  Submissive to my dominant.  Servant to my master.  In return for the gift of yourself I will protect you as best I can and use every part of what and who you are.  You can still choose to back out, and if you do I will still use the collar to condition you to fight him.  Putting this collar on means that you accept your service to me.  I may take off this physical collar, but what it represents will be with you from now on."

"If you accept, can accept, this, then put the collar around your neck and bind yourself to me."

I stumbled a few times as I spoke, but it came out all right in the end.  I had to be careful not to use the word 'slave.'  Laura was still Phil's slave and I couldn't change that.  Even with her active cooperation all I could manage was to work around it.  That would change, and the sooner the better.

Laura bows her head before you. She trembles as she snaps the collar around her neck. "I give myself to you completely," she says. "Use me, change me, reprogram me however you wish. From this moment on, I will live only to serve you."

I open my mouth, about to order her to get naked, when the reality of our situation crashes in on me.  Instead I sit down and proceed to cuddle her on my lap.

A deep, possessive kiss later I start talking, a hint of humor in my voice.  "My fantasies never had to deal with some of our problems."

I start kissing just below the collar and then trail a line of kisses down her chest as I unbutton her blouse.  "What I'd like to do is strip you naked, then have you lay on that table while I licked you to, oh, three or four orgasms."

The upper curve of her naked breast was now revealed and I proceeded to kiss and lick a trail toward her nipple.  She wasn't wearing a bra.  I'd change that later since she really was well enough endowed to need one, but it was convenient right now.

"Then I'd like to turn you over and fuck you hard.  Make you feel helplessly impaled on my cock."

She made a surprised (and arousing) noise as, distracted by my lips on her nipple, the hand she'd scarcely noticed earlier traced her pussy, barely dipping inside but still exploring it thoroughly.

"However, that would run too many chances of being discovered.  So I'm going to do something else."

Using one arm to hold her I continued to kiss and suck her nipple while my other hand teased her sex.

"Repeat after me."

"I am Phil's slave."

"Phil doesn't need to know about this."

"Phil doesn't want to know about this."

Laura moans at your touches, squirming in pleasure. "I am... Phil's?.. slave... Phil doesn't need to know about this, Phil doesn't want to know about this." She chants repeatedly, shudders of pleasure running through her trembling little body, and slowly her eyes drift shut as she continues to chant. "I am Phil's slave, Phil doesn't need to know about this, Phil doesn't want to know about this." She slowly begins to pick up speed, matching the rhythm of your fingers. Her voice becomes breathier and higher, until she is crying out: "I am Phil's slave! Phil doesn't need to know about this! Phil doesn't want to know about this!"

It was all guesswork of course.  My plans had reached their limit a long ago.  Hopefully tapping into the command that Phil had already given her, combined with her own desires would keep our plans a secret.  Combining that with an orgasm . . . well, that was mainly for the fun of it.  Primarily mine of course, but also hers.

Touching Laura, teasing her, arousing her and bringing her to orgasm was a remarkable experience.  The experience made me realize that the other lovers I'd had were always holding something back.  Not Laura.  Not now.  She was open to me in more ways than the obvious.  I could tell what she enjoyed and change my actions to bring her higher.  I would have loved to continue the process, but she was getting loud enough to attract attention.  Some other time.

Raising my head from her breast I took possession of her mouth with mine, muffling the sounds she was making.  Then my fingers stopped teasing and moved to bring her to orgasm.  An orgasm I intended to be as long and hard as I could arrange.

Laura's back arches as she cums hard against your hand, her shrieks muffled by your lips. She clutches at your shoulders as her eyes roll back in her head, her hips thrusting upward. Finally, after long minutes, she collapses back and lays limply in your arms, her eyes glazed.

"Oh..." she sighs in contentment after catching her breath. "Thank you..." She looks up at you. "How can I best please you now?"

 * * *

Back at my desk, I try to work, but my mind keeps drifting back to sex.  I'd ordered Laura to kneel and give me a blow job, but I'd been so worked up she'd barely put her mouth on me before I'd come.  I decided that having sex on sly really wasn't something I wanted to indulge in all that often.  It had still been pretty good, but it could have been so much better if we hadn't been forced to hide.

At any rate, Laura was now thoroughly addicted to me.  It was unlikely she could disobey a direct order from Phil, but where she had any options at she was almost certain to choose the one which would please me.  At the very least she would stay quiet about what I'd done to her.  Unfortunately, because she would answer a direct question, I couldn't tell her exactly what I had planned.

In between working on the questionnaires that were my current job, I worked up a social profile what I'd discovered.  The big question mark was what was motivating Ted Creasey.  Laura didn't know what Phil and Ted had agreed, but claimed that Phil had maintained full control of all the women.  It was possible Ted was just trying to protect his daughter.  The cynic in me doubted that.  Even if protecting his daughter was his primary motivation, using Laura's device unethically would result in a huge short term profit.  I doubted he was the sort of man to turn that down.

At this point things broke down into three stages.

First I needed to take Phil out.  Laura's idea of going to the police was naive, of course.  The best result from that would have her as a permanent "visitor" at some government facility.  No, the situation required something far more permanent.  I was pretty sure I could do it, but I'd have to catch him alone.  With complete access to the department schedules I should be able to tell when he'd be programming his next victim.  That would be the best time to strike, and the interface chamber would provide perfect cover.  If I couldn't tell from the various schedules, well, I'd try something else.

The second item was managing the women.  The easiest option would simply be to shift their programming to me or Laura.  That could be done by arranging to "purchase" them, but it could take some time.  Alternatively I could just put them into Laura's machine and try to deprogram them.  Ethically that was probably better, but would be far more difficult to arrange.

The third item would be dealing with Ted Creasey.  It would be best if the women were either loyal to me or deprogrammed by that point.  Unfortunately, I didn't quite see how to set that up.  I'd just have to hope that events would allow me to work something out.

As you work and keep an eye on the department schedules, something catches your eye: Phil, Laura, Joan, and Nancy have a meeting scheduled tomorrow morning -- in the lab. Is that when he's planning to strike?

While you're pondering that, you see you have an e-mail from Katie. Seems you have some paperwork to fill out regarding your change of positions. Odd -- you thought you'd filled out all the paperwork already.

I frown at the schedule.  Morning certainly isn't when I would have chosen.  It would be difficult to hide what was going on, but it was certainly possible Phil had something planned.

I nodded, a little overtime tonight, and an early arrival tomorrow, and we'd see.  If Phil needed to set things up he would hopefully be alone.  This missing paperwork would hopefully provide the excuse I needed.

 * * *

Office hours were close to ending when I knocked on Katie's open door.  "Do you have a few minutes Katie?"

"Sure!" she says, turning away from her computer (positioned so that the screen is visible from the door) and smiling at you. Her wavy, blonde hair falls across her shoulders, framing an open, friendly face with big blue eyes and a dusting of freckles.

Beneath that, she is tall, and with plenty of curves. She's wearing a high-necked cream button-up blouse with short sleeves, a tan skirt, and flesh-toned stockings, and a golden cross hangs around her neck.

"What's up?" she asks. "Is this about your paperwork?" She gestures at a manila folder on her desk.

"Partly," I said.  "I thought it had all been covered and I was hoping you'd explain what I overlooked."

"The other reason I stopped by is that I was expecting to get a wedding invitation by now.  Have you sent them out yet?"

As I take a seat I also take a look at her computer screen, trying not to be obvious about it.

Her screen has an e-mail from Phil on it. "Require new resources for project. Please select likely candidates and schedule meetings in lab."

"Oh, you know," she says. "Dotting the i's and crossing the t's, nothing major. Just a couple of things you have to sign. Everything I need you to look at is in the envelope."

She hesitates a moment. "We've, uh... delayed our wedding. Just a little, some things came up I have to... deal with... first." Her speech is hesitant, as if every word is a struggle, just like Laura earlier.

I open up the envelope.  "I know it's getting late.  Can you stay while I look this over, or should I look you up tomorrow with my questions?"

What I really needed was a excuse to be in the R&D labs tomorrow morning.  I could just show up of course, but it would be better if I had a real reason to be there.

She looks nervous. "Uh... I guess I can stay..."

The envelope contains no paperwork. It's a handwritten page of text. "Help me," it begins.

As for an excuse to be in the R&D labs, you're working on Laura's project now, remember? You can make an excuse.

I read the rest of the page while thinking how this complicates things.  I wish I could reassure her, but I'll probably have to lie so that she won't have an excuse to go to Phil.

"Help me," it says. "Phil has messed with my brain. I can't tell anyone about it and I can't let my friends, fiance, family, or our superiors find out. But he messed up -- you're none of those things. I still can't TELL you what he did, but I can write it. He made it so that I have to obey any command he gives me. Obeying feels so good, you can't even imagine. And he made it so that I want him so badly I can barely stand it. And I can't get married until I give myself to Phil. But I won't cheat on the man I love! I want him to be my first, on my wedding night, like God intended! But I want Phil so bad... and I can feel myself weakening. I prayed and prayed, and God gave me my answer: You. I'm sorry for lying about the paperwork, but I needed an excuse. He's going after other women, too. He's sick, he makes me tell him how I feel, how I'm struggling. He enjoys it. Please, go the R&D Lab. His equipment is there. Say Facilities Management told you to give them a list of serial numbers of the equipment, or something. Find a way to undo this, then destroy the machines!"

Katie sits quietly as you read, nervously twisting her hands in her lap, watching your expression carefully.

The note stinks.  Not physically of course, but I don't believe for an instant Phil hasn't used her.  (With a caveat that she'd be a perfect candidate for induced amnesia around those incidents.)  He would enjoy watching her struggle, but he'd enjoy using her even more.  The whole "not friends" things also didn't make any sense.  Why would Phil leave a loophole like that in his instructions, and why me?  I had to consider the note was setting me up for a trap.

For a moment I consider telling her I want a piece of Phil's scheme, that's the line I was planning to use to get close to him so it came right to mind, but . . . I couldn't do that to her.  Whether she was a reluctant accomplice or Phil's dupe, I couldn't hurt the real Katie that way.

"I'm sorry," I say, "but I can't do this.  It's too much for me."  I feel like a complete coward saying that, but it seemed like the best, or rather the least bad, option.

Without another word I take the note and envelope and leave Katie's office.