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Twisted Confessional | Stories


Ride the Storm Chapter 2: Laura's Day

It's a long night as I put a contingency plan into place in case things things go badly tomorrow.  If Phil manages to reprogram me it will be for nothing, but just having it there makes me feel more confident.

I don't sleep well, which makes it easy to be in to work early the next morning.  I don't even stop by my office before heading to R&D.

You arrive at R&D at 7:00. Phil's meeting is at 8, and most people in this part of the building don't start work until 9 or 9:30.

You open the door to find Laura is already here. She is setting up the Chair, with her back turned to the door, and doesn't appear to notice your entrance. There is a Breakfast Meeting to Go package from the bakery around the corner (assorted pastries, a gallon of hot coffee, cups, paper plates, napkins, utensils) on a nearby table.

There is no sign of Phil.

For a moment all I want to do is step up behind Laura and caress and cuddle her.  Then bend her over a nearby piece of furniture and fuck her as hard as I can.  Then I take a deep breath and control myself.  There were a lot of microphones and recording devices in this room, and no way to tell if Phil wasn't watching somehow.  'Tonight,' I promise myself.  'Tonight Phil won't be holding me back.'

"Good morning Laura," I say as cheerfully as I can.   Entering the room, I move over to the refreshments.  "I need to talk to Phil.  Is he around?"

She quickly moves to get between you and the refreshments. "Those are for the meeting," she says, scolding mildly. "The meeting with Nancy." She puts an odd emphasis on Nancy's name, then glances at the coffee and waggles her eyebrows.

"Phil was in his office, last I saw him," she says. "He asked me to double-check the chair before our meeting. Joan said she wants Nancy to see its effects firsthand, so she can confirm its safety." The same odd emphases.

Poor Laura, I thought, too honest for her own good.  Luckily, everyone who knew me knew I didn't drink coffee.  So, no suspicions from avoiding the drugged coffee.

"Oh, I know all about the meeting with Nancy," I said breezily.  "I really need to talk with Phil before then.  And not in his office."

"Would you mind telling him I'm waiting here?  You can say its about some information Katie in human resources gave me yesterday.  I'd appreciate it if you waited outside while we talk in here.  It won't take much time."

Realizing it was almost go for broke time I felt my adrenaline surge, and and had to resist the urge to check the emitter hidden by the cuff of my suit coat.  My whole plan hinged on it, but there was no way to test it in advance. Hopefully I'd created a weapons variation of Laura's machine.  The batteries I was wearing around my waist weighed almost 30 pounds, but all I had to do was get the emitter within 6 inches of Phil's ear and I should be able to hit him with the equivalent of an epileptic seizure, or maybe a stroke.

I also reminded myself of how useful it would be if I could record Phil's talking for a bit.  I knew, however, that I was too worked up.  As soon as I got the opportunity Phil would be going down regardless of whether I had enough on the recorder.

Instead of checking the equipment weighing me down, I busied myself with getting into my daypack and pulling out a photocopy of Katie's message from yesterday.

"Of course," says Laura, giving you a smoldering, needy look before turning and walking out of the lab.

A few minutes later Phil walks in, slimy-looking, overweight, and balding, in an ill-fitting brown suit. It isn't enough time to go to his office and back; he must have been listening in. As the door swings shut you can see Laura standing outside it.

"Ah, good morning," he says. "I understand you spoke to Katie? I take it she told you about our... project." He nods knowingly. "Of course she did. Delicious, isn't she? I've loaded her up with code phrases, you should try them."

He gestures at the pastries and coffee. "Help yourself," he says. "We should talk business. I could use a man like you -- knows people, squishy systems, but can handle the tech, too. There's plenty of rewards in it. Nancy's coming in for treatment, you know. And," his grin turns, impossibly, even greasier, "her daughter's school's Career Day."

I'm a bit taken aback, but manage to turn it into a smile.  "Nice to meet a man who doesn't need things spelled out.  Just to be clear though, the recorders in this room are off?"  I glance down at the paper in my hand and set it aside.  Phil just made it obsolete.

"Of course," says Phil, still smiling. "So, we have a deal? Pick a girl or two from my stock, and then we can start grabbing new ones. I get first pick, but otherwise you can do what you want."

He grins. "You and me, bub. We're going to have everything we want from now on."

I grin back.  "Done!"  I step forward to shake his hand.

When he shakes my hand (and I'm making a bet with myself he's a bonecrusher) I plan to give him a light punch on the shoulder to get my wrist close enough and trigger the seizure inducer.

(ooc:  The emitter for the seizure inducer is on my left wrist.  I should have mentioned that earlier, but it was the plan all along.)

"Hwuhhhh..?" says Phil as his eyes roll back in his head. He falls to the floor, spasming.

"IT WORKED!" was my first thought.  I grabbed Phil's collar as he lay spasming on the floor, being careful to keep my own head out of range.  30 seconds should be enough to keep him out for a while even if my makeshift device didn't have the 'programming' ability of Laura's chair.

30 thousands later I shut off the inducer and pulled the recorder from my pocket.  Finding the point I wanted wasn't difficult.

Finding Laura right outside the door, the first thing I did was kiss her -- hard.

That  was more than a bit distracting, but . . .  "Damn; I wish we had more time.  Listen to what Phil said to me, Laura."

The recorder played back Phil's words.  "I get first pick, but otherwise you can do what you want."

"That means when Phil isn't available, you belong to me.  He said so.  Right?"

Laura takes a moment to catch her breath after the kiss, then a blissful smile spreads across her face. "Yes," she says. "His order is clear. When he isn't here, you're my master."

"Now what do we do? We have maybe half an hour before Joan and Nancy get here."

I hustle her into lab and start explaining how I built the seizure inducer as rapidly as I can.

I pull the emergency first aid kit off the wall and remove the inducer as quickly as I can, placing it near the first aid kit so it looks like another piece of lab equipment.

Kneeling beside Phil I open up the kit and feel for a pulse.  It shouldn't have killed him, but who knows what else it might have done.  I proceed to tend to Phil just like I would any other seizure victim.

Finishing the explanation I look at Laura.  "So.  Phil either had a stoke, or there was a problem with the equipment.  You're the neurologist, can the effects my device be mistaken for a stroke?  Make a decision.  Make it fast.  Then call the company's emergency response team and have them get an ambulance in here."  I look around, "OK, not an actual ambulance in this room, but you know what I mean."

"Hmm, probably not a stroke," says Laura. "Your device causes basically no permanent damage." She ponders a moment, then grins. "Hmm... passing out, random seizure, no apparent damage? They'll keep him for DAYS while they run tests. And when they don't find anything? They'll chalk it up to good old 'brains are complicated.'"

She thinks a moment. "Hmm, we'll have to suspend tests of the equipment while they're studying him, they'll never believe it wasn't a side effect. Nancy is going to throw a fit if we don't let her lock it all away."

She looks worried. "But then, how are we going to fix everything Phil did before he gets back?"

"Nothing permanent at all?" I ask. "Damn.  I wanted him out of way for a long time."

"As for fixing things. . .  I was already planning on getting together with you and the other victims tonight.  Together we should be able to come up something.  I still have the collar I used on you . . ."

I grin at her.  "Seizure, causes unknown huh?  Great idea.  I do have tendency to overthink things."

After the chaos of the ambulance, and begging off pointed questions from Nancy while her bored, cute teen daughter flounces around.

That night, at 7 p.m., you, Laura, Katie, and the other three women assemble in the lab. Laura looks calm, almost angelically serene, while Katie looks deeply nervous. The other three women look uncertain. You know that Laura told them this meeting was important and related to

Joan is tall, with a curvaceous, voluptuous body that fills out her dress perfectly, short red hair, green eyes, and full lips, normally with a quirky smile, but not today.

Helen is tiny, with chin-length dark hair, neatly cut, wearing a pantsuit. With the jacket open, her low-cut blouse shows off some spectacular cleavage. She always looks serious, but today she looks downright dour.

Jill is tall and dark-haired, with a severe bun and big round glasses behind which hide big brown eyes. Her face is sternly beautiful, belied by a warm, expressive mouth that has fueled many a workplace-inappropriate discussion among her male peers. She wears a gray cardigan that fails to hide her sizable chest, a black pencil skirt just longer than knee length, and black nylons. She stands in the corner, looking like she's trying to disappear.

I looked around the room and sighed.  This was going to be tough.

First I played the whole recording of my meeting with Phil earlier.  The looks of hatred when I asked whether anybody disagreed that I could now give them orders was inevitable, but still wounding.  I then went on to lay all my cards on the table.  I explained that I'd been working with Laura to try and get them all out of this situation.  I showed them the collar I'd put on Laura and the seizure inducer I'd used on Phil, and revealed as much as I could about what I already knew and what I'd done.

“I'd planned,” I finally said, “to use tonight to ask what you wanted to do about your programming.  What I didn't expect was the effect of the inducer to be so short lived.  I understand Phil has already woken up, although he was very confused.  Laura thinks he's likely to be fully recovered in just a couple more days, though the doctors are going to want to hold him and run tests for much longer.  That Phil effectively gave me permission to overwrite his orders doesn't mean he can't issue new ones.  Plus, from what he said, some of the orders you've been given you won't recall.  I think if we all work together we can still fix this, but it isn't going to be easy.”

I took a deep breath.  At least the current looks were more thoughtful than hostile.  “I've come up with a half-assed plan to deal with Phil, but I can guarantee you aren't going to like it.  What this involves is all of us keeping up the act that I'm throwing my lot in with Phil.  We continue to do what he wants on the surface, while working behind his back to undo the damage he's done.”  I pause and look at each of them for a moment.  “Since Phil can order any of you to tell him the truth, we can't just lie to him.  We're actually going to have to do the things he expects.”  I pause to let them think that over for a moment.  “Let me be blunt, if we do this I'm going to have to fuck every one of you and treat you, at least occasionally, as slaves and fuck-toys.”  I give a somewhat bitter laugh.  “Don't think I won't enjoy that either.  I will.”

I drop my eyes, a little ashamed this was the best I could do.  “If anyone has a better plan I'd love to hear it.  This is the best I could come up with.  Katie, Joan, Helen, Jill, I already know the way Laura will vote so the choice is up to you.  If three of you decide this is the way to go, we'll do it.  If two of you decide against, we won't.  Whatever other plans we make depend on whether we're going to try to fool Phil or not so we have to decide this first, but you should take as much time as you need to be sure about your decision.”

I stand up and take Laura's hand.  “If you like we can leave so you can discuss this without our influencing you.”

At their request, you wait outside with Laura. She stands quietly for a few minutes, seeming to be deep in thought. "If we go through with this," she eventually says, "we'll have to take Nancy. Phil was planning to anyway, and it's the obvious way to stop her from making us lock away the machine."

Before you can respond, the door opens. It's Joan. "We've decided," she says. "Come back in."

Inside, the four women's expressions have changed. Katie looks downcast and browbeaten. Joan looks serious but uncertain. Jill looks a little excited and a lot apprehensive. Helen looks grimly determined.

"The vote was three to one," says Helen. "We'll go with your plan. But... it won't be enough for you to treat us like you're working with Phil. You're going to have to program us to forget that you're not. Otherwise Phil might find a way to get the truth out of us."

I manage to give them all a small smile.  "We can discuss discuss that.  But I don't have Jill's administrative skills to keep Phil in the hospital.  If Laura and Joan don't know what they're working on it will take them a lot longer to design an effective defense.  Even you and Katie will overlook opportunities if you don't consciously know what's going on."

"But for now . . ."  I pause.  "We're all going out for a meal.  All six of us.  A group of friends getting together after work to relax a little.  Afterward we'll get together at one of our homes, probably whoever has the most room, and decide what's next."  I almost added, 'consider this a command,' but decided it really wasn't anything to joke about.

"One last thing.  Laura pointed out that we're probably going to have put Nancy through the machine.  I have to agree.  Keep in mind, however, that I'm not going to back away from whatever is necessary, but I'm also not going to stand for doing things just because it's what's easiest."

Dinner is largely uneventful. Most of the women behave normally, but Katie remains subdued without. Afterward you go to Helen's house. Since she is childless, since her divorce it's been empty except for her, and her VP salary means it's quite spacious. Inside it is sparsely but tastefully decorated, with an extremely comfortable living room, a large kitchen, and a well-stocked wine cellar, as well as a dining room and a den with an impressive home theater. On the second floor, in addition to Helen's bedroom, there are two guest rooms and a home office.

I'm not much of drinker, but after the day I'd had I was more than happy to accept Helen's offer of a glass of wine.  It had been hard enough to keep within the bounds of propriety at the restaurant, and as soon as Helen left to fetch the wine my hands were in Laura's blouse and we were making out like teenagers – like horny teenagers.

I only started paying attention to my surroundings when I heard Helen pointedly clear her throat.  She was standing above Laura and I holding out two glasses of wine.  I blushed, slightly, as I took the glass but I'm pretty sure I noticed an amused twinkle in her eyes even through my embarrassment.

Taking a sip from my wine, I looked around the living room.  Everyone was here and seemed to be waiting on us, but I couldn't regret making them wait.  Laura's blouse, I saw, was more than half off, and I gave in to an impulse.

“Laura, remove all your clothes and then sit back on my lap,” I order.

“Everyone should feel free to say whatever is on their mind,” I say, looking around the room while Laura strips.  “Until things have been fixed, we're going to be family.  We don't all have to like each other, but we do need to work together.  I'd sort of like to talk about Ted Creasy, but the floor is open.”

"Daddy?" asks Joan. She looks sad. "Phil used me to blackmail him into giving cover."

"That's true as far as it goes," adds Helen, "but Creasey's no innocent. He's been after me since before both our divorces, and he and Phil took me down together. None of us have to obey Ted, but Phil told him he'll have his pick of us once the project's finished."

Laura finishes stripping and sits back in your lap. The other women look distinctly uncomfortable, except for Joan. Helen shows it the least, but her mouth is a thin line. Jill is blushing and avoiding looking at the two of you, and Katie is glaring at you.

I look around the room as I cuddle with Laura.  "We seem to have a communication problem," I say mildly.  "When I said 'speak freely' that includes problems you have with me, my plans, or my actions past or present.  I don't want to make it an order, and, frankly, I doubt making it one would be worthwhile."

I pause.  "You're all smart women as well as being beautiful.  You know you're going to have to trust me.  Even more than you already have that is, and I'm flattered by the steps you've already taken more than you can know."

"I hate this," says Katie. She gestures with her chin at Laura. "Is that what you're going to do to us? Is that our salvation? It's no different than what Phil was doing. I hate this plan, I hate everything about this!"

The other three don't look at her.

"He's our only chance," says Jill finally. "I'll be honest, I don't really know you. I don't know whether to trust you. I know I have to do anything you want, because Phil said to. You say you're going to try to free us, but are you really? I dunno, but I have to believe you will, because otherwise there's no hope."

Helen nods quiet assent.

Joan doesn't say anything for a while. "It's different for me. Phil didn't make you like it. You can want to be free. I can't. Laura and me both want to be slaves, right Laura?"

Laura squeaks in agreement. It's about all she do, given what you're doing to her at the moment.

"I don't want to be Phil's slave, but I want to be a slave," Joan continues. "I understand how Laura feels, and I'm jealous of her."

Helen nods, businesslike as ever. "Like you said, we have to trust you if this is going to have any chance of working." She looks pointedly at Katie. "You should order us to trust you, otherwise this whole thing could fall apart."

"You should order us to like obeying you," says Jill, looking down.

"What!?" say Helen and Katie in unison.

"Look at Laura! Look at Joan!" Jill says. "Look at how confused and twisted we are, compared to the two of them? Like you said, Helen, he's our only hope of getting free. If he's not going to remove our compulsion to obey, no one is. And if he doesn't... it's still better than things are now."

I'm shocked.  That wasn't at all the way I'd expecting things to go.  Still, I should know that's what happens when you draw attention to the elephant in the room everyone is ignoring.  For a moment I want to change the subject and move on to something else, but we have to hash this out.

“I'm not going to issue any blanket orders,” I begin.  “Blanket orders are subject to blanket counterorders.  Each of you will write down a list of all the compulsions that you're acting under.  Then, on Saturday, day after tomorrow, I'll talk with each of you individually and we'll figure out how we want to deal with them.  Keep in mind that the chair can change things about yourself you wanted to change, but never could on your own.  Think about who you want to be.”

“I'm certainly not going to tell you to 'trust me' or 'obey me.'  I can screw up just like anyone else and the last thing I want is to make you overlook my mistakes or not tell me I'm about to make one.  Anyway, I want to earn your trust.  Programming Laura to want to please me was needed to overcome Phil's influence, but it has it's weak points.  I want you, all of you, stronger for being under my . . . orders, not weaker.”

“Do you know why I asked Laura to strip?  I did it because I wanted to show her off, and I figured here was a good place to do that.  She's mine, and I'm proud of every bit of her.  But if she's mine, I'm also hers and that means responsibilities I take seriously.  I'm sexually dominant, and male, and I'm not going to apologize for being either, but I'm also going to do my best to avoid hurting her, or any of you.”

I pause for breath, and realize I've gotten off track.  “If you . . .  No.  You already know that.”

I think for a moment and look at Katie.  “I'm sorry you hate this, but let me ask you something.  Suppose I order you to take your fiancee and go to, oh, Atlanta, and never come back to this city again.  Suppose, in a few years, you realize the rest of us failed to stop Phil or whoever replaces him and that people are being made over to serve a few corrupt individuals.  How will you feel then?  Is the risk of feeling that way worth skipping out on us and avoiding the way you're feeling now?”

Katie looks down again. "No... I can't let other women be trapped like this. You're right."

After that, the women make their lists for you.

Joan: Obey Phil's Commands Obeying Phil is Pleasure Want to Be a Slave Keep Enslavement and Anything Done While Enslaved a Secret Hot for Phil

Helen: Obey Phil's Commands Keep Enslavement and Anything Done While Enslaved a Secret Fuck Ted Creasey Wherever, However, Whenever He Wants Unless Phil Says Otherwise

Jill: Obey Phil's Commands Keep Enslavement and Anything Done While Enslaved a Secret Hot for Phil

Katie: Obey Phil's Commands Keep Enslavement and Anything Done While Enslaved a Secret Hot for Phil Must Have Sex with Phil before Getting Married Trigger Words???

"So," says Helen when everything's done. "Nancy. She'll expect us to have the lab equipment packed away and handed over by the end of the day. We'll have to put her through the machine tomorrow."

I nod.  "You wouldn't suggest it if we couldn't do it and not rouse suspicion."

I frown.  "My idea is that we enslave Nancy to me, and not let her know that we're trying to develop countermeasures to the chair.  Then I order the rest of you not to visit Phil while he's in the hospital and not accept any calls from him.  If he wants a woman he'll have to use Nancy.  I'm sure he's expecting me to double-cross him, it's what he would do, so that part of things won't arouse his suspicions -- any more than they would be normally anyway."

"I think a 'serve' command would be our best option with Nancy.  'You must serve Jay Warren in all things to the best of your ability.' "

"What are your thoughts?"

While I've been talking, the way Laura has been shifting on my lap makes it clear she wants me inside of her badly.  I have a raging hard-on and it's distracting. Worse than just distracting actually, but I don't know a better word.

I lean over and kiss her earlobe.  "Settle down dear," I murmur so no one else can hear.  "We both need to pay attention.  Don't make me separate us."  It's only after the words leave my lips I realize I'd phrased it as an order.  I can only hope she'd paid attention to my tone and realize I hadn't intended that as a direct order.

Laura pouts, but she stops squirming. For now.

"So Phil's only contact is loyal to you alone?" asks Jill. "Well, it will certainly keep him at arm's length. And I have no problem taking no calls from the creep." Helen and Katie make noises of agreement.

"I... I'll try," says Joan. "I'm not sure I can obey that order. I need to be a slave to *someone*, and right now that's Phil. Obeying him just feels so good... I'm only able to follow your orders because Phil said to. If he calls... I'm not sure I'm strong enough not to answer."

Laura turns in your lap to whisper to you. "She's the one we need most to take Nancy down. Next to me and Phil, she knows more than anyone how the Chair works, and I'm more on the squishy side than the tech side. We need to be sure she won't go running as soon as Phil calls."

I nod.  As soon as I heard Joan say she needed to be a slave, I'd planned to dedicate tomorrow night to her.  A few extra precautions wouldn't hurt.

"Joan, tonight I'm dedicating to Laura.  She deserves that.  When we break she and I are going over to her place.  At that time you will pick up whatever you're going to need in the morning and join us.  Laura and I will be spending the night together and it will your job to get a good night's sleep and see that everything is ready for us in the morning.  We'll want to do as little as possible to get ready for work."

"Tomorrow, at work, I will use you as go-fer and probably more.  Just like tonight is Laura's, tomorrow night will be yours."

"Oh.  Katie, Laura, Joan, Jill, Helen.  None of you are allowed to contact Phil without my permission and will not allow him to contact you.  That's a direct order, but may be set aside for something I would call an emergency.  Joan, put your cell phone with Laura's clothing.  Until I give you permission you aren't allowed to carry or use it."

I look at Joan.  "Now how do you feel?"

Joan smiles hesitantly. "Safer. Thank you." She puts her phone with Laura's clothes.

The girls nod in response to your order.

"Okay," says Helen. "Are we done for tonight?"

I chuckle.  "Not quite."

"You know we're in this for the long term.  It's not going to be enough, however, to reverse or bypass what was done to you.  We need to come up with some sort of defense, however marginal, to keep this from getting out of hand in the future.  I showed you the collar I made earlier.  I was thinking that we might be create something like that as a sort of protective device that would either prevent certain changes or reverse them after they've been made.  Laura, Joan, I want you to start thinking along those lines.  I also want all of us thinking about other possibilities, other ways for people to defend themselves."

"This isn't over until we have some sort of defense.  Then we can and will go public with both the chair and the defense."

I give Laura a light one-armed hug.  "What sort of progress has been made on reversing or mitigating the effects of the chair.  Theory, guesses, what have you got?"

"I'm not sure it can be done," says Laura. "The chair doesn't actually control people, it just hijacks the natural mechanisms of learning and memory. I don't see any way of outright reversing that without doing serious damage. You could use the chair to teach new patterns of behavior that override the old one, of course. That was going to be a major use of it, as a therapeutic aid to deal with self-destructive behavior patterns." She frowns. "But you'd have to be really careful. You'd probably want to carefully analyze the person first, and make changes slowly, doing a full analysis each time. And I don't just mean a brain scan, I mean a complete psychological profile. Otherwise, I'd be worried about the risk of conflicts between orders. Human beings are pretty good at reconciling contradictory beliefs, but there's a limit."

I nod at Laura's words.  Though I'd hoped for something different, that was what I'd expected.

"As far as defense is concerned," said Joan, "I may be able to work something up. The chair uses EM fields to disrupt electrochemical impulses in the brainstem. Those fields shouldn't be too hard to block or jam."

"I'll also want you to look at shrinking my seizure inducer.  It probably won't be possible, but giving Phil another seizure will keep him in the hospital for weeks."

I wave a hand.  "I have some more ideas, but we can deal with them at work tomorrow.  Stick around while I talk to Laura in private please."

Easing Laura off my lap I take her hand and lead into the adjacent kitchen.

"Laura; tonight is your night.  What can I do to make it special for you?  We're going to have sex (and lots of it), but what do you want your first real time with me to be like?"

Laura looks down, blushing. "I want you to master me completely. I want you to control everything, what I see, what I feel, what I think. I want you to take away all my doubts and fears and conflicts. I want to know that I please you in every way that you desire, and that you will reward me for it with pleasure enough to sweep my every thought away, so that I have no choice but complete surrender."

Whoa! I thought.  That's a pretty tall order.  I wasn't sure I was up to it, but I would do my best.

I lead her back to the living room.  "Tell the rest of the women what you told me in the kitchen."

I patted her ass and kissed the top of her ear when she'd finished.

"The collar I made for you is out in my car.  Here are my keys.  Go fetch it."

Laura glances toward her clothes.  "Did I say you could get dressed?  Go as you are.  Now!"

In the time we'd be talking it had gotten dark out.  It wasn't likely anyone would see her, and I'm sure Helen would manage if someone got offended.

The collar was buried under some things in the trunk and it would probably take a little time for Laura to find it, but I still needed to act fast.  As soon as Laura was out the front door I addressed the rest of the women.  "You heard what Laura wants.  I would like for you to witness what we're / I'm about to do.  It should, well, you can guess."  I turn to Katie, "Katie, what's going to happen will probably upset you a great deal.  I think it would be better if you left, but if you feel you're up to it I won't prevent you from staying."  I take a deep breath and looked around at the other women.  "I would like for the rest of you to stay, but if you don't feel you're up to it you can go."

Joan chirps immediately, "I'll watch!" Then she blushes cutely.

Helen and Jill look at each other.

"I want to see what orders you give," says Jill. "We're all under orders to obey you. If you chose to, you could use us to overthrow Phil and set yourself up in his place. And frankly, after what Phil's made us do, I doubt you'll be worse. But if you are... well, no point in hiding from it, is there? Better to know now."

Helen nods. "I agree with Jill. Plus, it's my house."

All four of the other women turn to look at Katie.

"I... I'll stay," she says. "Phil made me help him take Jill. It was horrible, but it was better than imagining what he did to Helen, or Joan, or Laura... or me. I can't remember, you see. None of us can remember him taking me."

She sighs. "This is the same. If I see what you do to Laura, I don't have to guess what you're going to do to me. I'll know the worst."

I manage a rather crooked smile, “Please keep in mind that Laura asked for this. I'm going to be stretching my own comfort zone here. I doubt what will happen between me and you will be the same. None of you are Laura. You won't want what she does.” I shrug.

I step over to Helen and put my arms around her. There's no stiffening, but no real response either. “I do appreciate the way you've let me use your home.” Leaning over I place a light kiss on her forehead right at the hair line and then let go of her. “Would you mind getting two pillows and blanket?”

“Joan, help me move this coffee table against the wall.”

We moved the coffee table and created an open space in the middle of the room. Helen had brought in the blanket and pillows when there was a knock at the front door. I stiffened, but also saw Helen's face shape an “Oh” before she rushed to the front door. When she came back she was holding one of Laura's hands. “I forget the front door locks automatically,” she said.

A couple of the girls laughed and I chuckled. As I take the collar from the hand Helen wasn't holding I say, “No harm, no foul. Did anyone see you while you were fetching your collar my little slave?”

As Laura shakes her head I can she how flushed she is and how her nipples are tight little knots. I can't consciously smell anything, but I know from my reaction she's releasing “fuck me” pheromones, probably by the bucket.

I put a finger under her chin and ease her head up so I can look in her eyes. “You would have liked it if someone saw you though, wouldn't you?”

She nods convulsively. Once against I'm surprised how well and how far she's taking this. I just hope I can meet what she needs. I chuckle again. “I like showing you off. Just remember that you belong to me now. I don't care how much you want it, or don't for that matter, you only fuck the people I tell you to fuck.”

She looks a little cross-eyed as she gives another convulsive nod.

I point to a spot in the middle of the room. “Kneel.”

Out of the corner of my eye I see Joan actually take a couple of steps forward before Laura kneels in front of me. Part of me notes that, but it's a matter for another time.

“If I could Laura,” I begin, “I would fuck you while the whole world looked on so they could see how much my slave you are. Since I can't, your fellows will witness.” I wave a hand at the other women. “Ladies, it's up to you to make yourselves as comfortable as you can.”

I walk around her, examining her closely. “Very close, but not quite. Your knees are too far apart. They should be at a 90 degree angle, maybe a little more – shoulders back, arms behind you crossed at the wrists.” I wait while she changes position and then go on. “You're far too tense. You should be able to hold this position for hours if necessary.”

Kneeling behind her Laura gasps as I run my hands down her sides, across the small of her back and down to her ass. Then I place my hands between her arms and the small of her back so I can feel the muscles there. “You're still too tense. Relax these muscles. Relax.” I feel the muscles beneath my hands loosen, and Laura makes a sound somewhere between a whimper and a whine. “That's a good slave.”

I run my hands up her sides, brushing the sides of her breasts on the way to her shoulders. “Your breasts should be proudly on display to anyone who looks. Shoulders back, yes, but also lean back on your heels, just not so far back that you're out of balance.” I press down on her shoulders. “Further back. A little further. Now a trifle forward. Perfect. Relax and hold that position.” I proceed to lightly rub her all over, avoiding lips, breasts, and vagina. I had no real way of judging, but she seemed relaxed enough for an extremely aroused woman. “This is the position I expect you to assume when I order you to kneel. I hope you will practice it.”

I slide around in front of her and give a smug smile before reaching out with one hand to grab her hair. The grip I'm seeking doesn't hurt, but when I'm done I can move her head to any position I wish. I then kiss her. First her lips, then across her cheek to her left ear, down her neck and under her chin and then up to her right ear. Throughout I don't let her move her head; it moves only as I choose. Switching to her shoulder I include teeth in my kisses. Nibbling, enough for Laura to feel the teeth but not enough to leave a mark. Across the collarbones I move and then to the uppermost curve of her breasts, right where they begin to swell from her chest.

I'm enjoying myself, but the way Laura is panting and trembling makes me decide to give her some relief. “Hold position,” I tell her. Moving to the side I put one hand on her belly and the other in the small of her back.

“I'm about to give you an order,” I whisper to her. “You will obey it. You won't think about it. It will just happen. Now. Cum!” As I give the order I move my hand slightly and lightly brush her clit. Whether the order would have been enough on it's own I don't know. It certainly worked when combined with that touch. Laura threw her head back and screamed out her pleasure. She also rose off her heels and stiffened. She would have fallen out of position if I hadn't held her.

When she recovered she was blinking and tears were running from her eyes. She'd asked for more, though, so all I did was say, “Hold position” and stand up.

So far so good. Standing over Laura I run a finger down the middle of her forehead to the tip of her nose and say, “Close your eyes. Your eyes will stay closed until I allow you to open them. No matter how much you may wish to open them you will find yourself completely unable to do so until I give you permission.”

I lean back, stretch, and look around the room. I need a break and Laura needs to simmer for a little bit. I see that Joan, and (very much to my surprise) Katie have their eyes closed and look like they can't get them open. I can deal with that now.

I start with Katie. “You can open your eyes,” I whisper. “For the rest of the night you don't have to obey my general commands. They are directed at Laura.” I repeat with the order with Joan, and then with Jill and Helen just in case.

I keep my voice low. Laura may be able to tell I'm talking, but I don't want her to understand what I'm saying. “So. What do you think so far?”

Katie opens her eyes, then blushes. She is slightly hunched in her chair, as small as possible, and blushing. She bites her lower lip.

Joan leans forward, hands on her knees, her eyes shining. Occasionally she mouths something to herself you can't quite make out.

Jill sits primly, frowning. She flinches when you make Laura cum.

Finally, Helen sits relaxed, her face unreadable, utterly impassive and calm. If she is surprised or upset by any of this, you can't tell.

Laura whimpers softly, her eyes still closed. Her expression is serious, mostly, but occasionally a hint of a smile flickers across it and is hastily repressed.

I smile and suppress a chuckle.  None of them want to talk just now.  That matches every girlfriend I'd had.  They were willing to talk about anything – except sex.

Going to the kitchen I pour about 8 oz. of water into a tumbler.

Back in the living I knelt beside Laura once again.  “It's OK to look like you're enjoying yourself.  I like to see women enjoying themselves.  Now I'm about to hold a glass to your lips.  We can't let you dehydrate.  Drink as much as you need.”

She was a bit reluctant at first, but as soon as she actually started to drink she had no problem continuing.  She drank a little over three-quarters of the tumbler before she stopped.

I get up and set the tumbler out of the way.  Then I proceed to take off my clothes and put them neatly on top of Laura's collar.  I make more noise than I need to, and it doesn't take Laura long to figure out what I'm doing.  As I drop my pants and step out of them I can see her trying, and failing, to open her eyes.  I can tell by the way she pushes her chest out slightly before relaxing again that her failure is pushing her arousal back up.

Undressed I pause momentarily to take stock.  For a man of 46 I'm in much better shape than most of my contemporaries, but that doesn't say much.  My appearance will never draw eyes, but I don't look bad; just average.  My cock is a little larger most, but there are plenty of men who are bigger than me.  At the moment it's fully erect with an angry, drooling, purple head.  I take a couple of deep breaths to control myself.  Laura asked to be dominated, not fucked.  She'll be disappointed if I don't fuck her, of course, but at my age I only have two shots in me tonight, and I need to place them well.

Under the guise of studying Laura I take a few moments to check out the other women's reactions out of the corner of my eye.  Outwardly I'm ignoring them, but I can't help but wonder what they think of my display.

Laura is smiling now, but there's just a touch of anxiety in it. Behind her closed eyelids her eyes are in constant motion, and the flush across the top of her breasts, the way they're rising and falling, speak volumes about her arousal.

Joan lets out a little squeak when you take off your shorts. She's almost trembling with excitement as she looks back and forth between you and Laura. Her hands are higher on her thighs now.

Katie is staring as if mesmerized at your cock. Her eyes are big and her posture frozen, like a deer caught in headlights.

Helen looks, if anything, faintly bored, and perhaps mildly amused.

Jill, finally, is looking away, eyebrows furrowed and frown deep. However, she keeps glancing at you and Laura out of the corner of her eye.

Taking the blanket and pillows Helen got for me earlier I arrange them behind Laura. I circle her several times in the process and try to be quiet enough in the process that she can't quite tell what I'm up to. Anxiety and arousal display many of the same symptoms and I wonder if Laura will be able to talk about how the mix affected her later.

“Laura,” I say. “Repeat after me. I obey.”

“I obey.”

“I will not resist Jay.”

“I will not resist Jay.”

“I am Jay's slave.”

“I am Jay's slave.”


“I obey. I will not resist Jay. I am Jay's slave.”

The third repetition has her trembling with a combination of emotions I can't quite identify. “Stop.”

Again I have her repeat my words, but this time adding, “I enjoy pleasing Jay,” to the end.

Twice more she says this and I see her legs flexing and her weight shifting back and forth. For a moment I wish I could see her pussy lips, but then I realize that if they're as swollen as I imagine I wouldn't be able to control myself. I'd be on top of her. As it is my voice is hoarse, my body is taut, and my hands are trembling. I'm barely hanging on to my self-control.

“Stop,” I say in a hoarse voice that's quite unlike me. “Now repeat after me. I will not resist Jay.”

“I will not resist Jay.”

“I am Jay's slave.”

“I am Jay's slave.”

“I enjoy pleasing Jay.”

“I enjoy pleasing Jay.”

Twice more I have her say those words, then, “Now keep repeating those words, my words, but only in your mind. Not aloud. The words follow each other, circling. Those words (my words), those thoughts (my thoughts), forming a perfect circle. As the circle turns your other thoughts fall away. They will return when you need them, but you don't need them now. All thoughts outside the ones I've given you are falling away. My thoughts are the only ones you need to think. The only ones you can think. There are no thoughts in your head but mine. Circling, filling your mind so that no other thoughts are possible. Your thoughts cycle, filling your mind, and you can feel how you are pleasing me. With each cycle you please me, and this pleases you. You please yourself by pleasing me and this gives you more pleasure.”

“The circle of my thoughts grows larger in your mind. It grow so large that you begin to lose touch with your body. You are losing control of your body. You feel every message your body sends you, but you can't control what you feel or what your body does. You have no control over your body. Your body will act as it needs to. My thoughts fill your mind and your body acts as it needs to. . . .”

Laura slumps and I catch her. I tell myself to write a better script in the future, there could have been unfortunate consequences from this one.

“Your thought continue to circle as your body responds to my touch,” I say as I move her on top of the blanket. Her hips are on one pillow and her head on another. “Your body will breath and moan and feel pleasure, and you will feel it all and have no control over any of it.”

I'm focused completely on Laura at this point. Some part of me is aware that there are other people in the room, but it means nothing at this moment.

I had planned to play with Laura's body at this point. Tease her and arouse her further. I can't.

Instead, I move between her legs ease my cock into her. I've never been in a woman who was both so tight and so wet. Laura cries out and shudders as I begin to move in and out. Her moans grow louder as I move more of my weight onto her and pin her wrists to the floor. Screams alternate with odd gulping sounds as my mouth assaults her breasts.

Unable to hold back, I let myself go. I keep pumping as I spurt into her. I keep pumping until it starts to hurt. However, when I roll off of her, Laura hips are still moving, seeking, unfortunately, more than I have to give. Oh well. Next time, I promised myself, I'd do better.

Lying beside Laura I tell her, “Let the circle of my thoughts slow. As it slows, it shrinks, and your normal thoughts and control of your body begins to return. The circle slows and shrinks. The circle slows and there's a gap. The circle parts at the gap and you stop repeating it. Your thoughts, your body, your self, is yours to control again. You are relaxed and comfortable as the last of my thoughts, the last of my words, the last of my control drains away. You remember everything that happened. You may open your eyes.”

I reach over and pull a fold of the blanket over Laura. After that she'll probably be a little chilled. I hold her and wait.

Laura moans softly and lays still a while. Joan is nowhere to be seen, you realize, and Katie is a study in contrasts: leaning forward in her chair as if enthusiastic, but with her hands covering her face. Her eyes are wide where she peeks through her fingertips.

Helen no longer looks amused or bored. She is studying you and Laura both closely, almost clinically. Jill, however, is in much the same position as before, her lips pressed tightly together, and all her body language saying "prim and closed" over and over again.

Laura opens her big, blue eyes. She looks dazed and happy, her hair disheveled and her smile small but brilliant. "Oh..." she says. "Thank you, Master. Thank you so much for making me yours at last." Her eyes fill with tears, but her smile remains just as brilliant, and they do not fall. "It was everything I hoped for and more. All I want now is to live for your pleasure. It's the only thing that will ever matter again."

Jill gives a small but audible "hmph!"

I'm so shocked and horrified I let go of Laura and almost shove her away from me.

“I . . . you . . . that's not . . . ,” I stutter. I pause and think and then say, “I really hope you're exaggerating. If I wanted that sort of devotion I'd get a dog.” I hold her again, and sigh. “If you aren't exaggerating, well, we'll work it out.”

I kiss her. “I love you Laura.”

"I love you, too, Master." She blushes. "I'm sorry about what I said. I just got a little carried away."

Helen looks a little bit impressed at you turning down Laura's excessive devotion. Even Jill looks a little less disapproving.

I look at her and I know if I required her to tell the truth she would still say the same, but I also know that what she said earlier wasn't exactly an exaggeration. When she said those words she meant every one of them. I also knew that something similar would likely happen in the future. For now, however, the crisis had passed.

I kiss her and grab her ass for a bit. It seems appropriate.

“Much as I'd like to continue,” I said after far too little of that, “we should get cleaned up and head over to your place. I'm sorry to make so free with your home Helen, but I'll take a shower in the master bath. One of you can help Laura tidy up. Joan can . . . Joan can help clean up this room when she back. Which reminds me.” It was a thought I had earlier. Judging by Joan's reaction it was necessary, but, it wouldn't do any harm. “Any orders that Phil gave you about not masturbating or no orgasms are canceled.”