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Twisted Confessional | Stories


Ride the Storm Chapter 3: Joan's Day

Though it's hard for me to get moving in the morning I'm actually a fairly light sleeper. Friday morning when Laura put her mouth around my cock I was instantly awake and aware of what was going on. I decided to pretend to be sleepier than I was, and then gradually wake up. For a little while I though she would actually manage to make me blow, but the moment passed.

“I'm sorry lover,” I say, stroking her hair. “After last night I don't think it's in me.”

Last night I'd taken (and given) a lot of pleasure in exploring various positions with Laura. We'd gotten very familiar with each other's bodies and even talked a bit before I finally came and ended our fun. Even if I wasn't able to cum this morning, waking up to warm mouth on my cock was a habit I discovered I was more than willing to get used to. I felt surprisingly invigorated considering how little sleep I'd gotten.

“Though I'd enjoy pleasuring you if you want.”

Laura drops my cock and smiles at me. “That's OK Master. I can wait.”

The word “Master” reminds of what we had to do today. My normal job, of course, but looming over that I was going to enslave Nancy. Then tonight I would be sharing lots of hot sweaty sex with a beautiful redhead who wanted to be my slave. There were other aspects of the plot to move forward as well.

I squeeze Laura for a bit, just for the comfort it provides.

“We should probably get up,” I said, still holding her.


“I mean it. We need to get up and start moving.”

“Yes Master,” Laura says drowsily.

We could obviously go on like this for hours. I'd have to take a firm hand. “Laura, I order you to go shower and whatever else you do to get ready for work.”

“Oh, pooh. Yes Master.”

She crawls out of my arms and out of bed. Then she does a few stretches, deliberately showing off her body to me. When she heads to the door she's putting a little extra hip action into her walk. Then she stops in the doorway and turn just enough for me to see her breasts in profile. “Join me in the shower?”

I laugh. “If I do that we'll both end up having to call in an emergency day. Scoot you.”

She giggles and wrinkles her nose at me. As she leaves the room I crawl out of bed myself, wishing that Laura's place had more than the single bathroom. She was living well below her means in a two-bedroom apartment. At least the walls were fairly thick.

I'd had Joan fetch a change of clothes for me last night as well as a change for herself. Now I checked what she'd gotten. I was actually sort of disappointed, the choices were pretty uninspired. Then I scolded myself. She only had my wardrobe to work with. What did I expect?

I heard Joan moving out in the apartment, so there wasn't any need for me to start breakfast. While Laura showered I sat on the bed and made a few tentative plans for the day.

I was deep in thought when Laura came back. “Shower's available Master.”

“Oh. Thank you.”

Showered, brushed, and dressed, Laura and I entered a kitchen full of delicious smells.

“You fixed waffles?” Laura exclaimed. “I don't even know where my waffle iron is!”

“Bottom cabinet, second from the right, behind the extra paper napkins and under the salad spinner,” Joan replied. “I thought Master would like waffles.”

“Yes, that's . . .” Laura was saying when I interrupted. “Joan, why are you wearing just a bra and panties?”

“I'm sorry Master. Shall I take them off?”

“That's not what I meant! Why aren't you wearing more clothes.”

She looked crushed and about to cry. “I didn't want to shower before you woke up, and last night's clothes were bad, and I didn't want to put on the clean outfit until I was clean, and you told me last night not to compete with Laura. I was wearing an apron,” she pointed, “but I took it off when I heard you coming out.”

You could have seen the lightbulb that flashed over my head. “Yes. That makes perfect sense. You just surprised me is all. I'm not used to having beautiful women be so free with themselves around me.”

She brightened back up immediately. “Laura didn't have sausage, so I sliced up a chicken breast and grilled it for you, us I mean. You do like blueberry syrup?”

“I don't have blueberry syrup,” Laura said.

“No, but you do have blueberry jam. I just heated it up and added a few things. I hope that's OK. I mean Master said not to compete, but he also said to fix a good breakfast.”

That wasn't exactly what I'd said, and I certainly never planned on anything like this. As Laura and I sat down set a pair of crisp waffles in front of us and poured more batter into the iron.

“Master deserves the best possible breakfast,” Laura said firmly. Then her voice turned tentative. “I'm not a very good cook Master. Anything more than hamburgers is beyond me.”

The chicken strips didn't taste like anything I'd eaten before, but were still wonderful. The combination of spices also worked with the blueberry syrup. The waffles were crisp and just short of perfect.

“Laura, if you want to cook I'm sure you can learn, but it isn't a skill you have to learn to please me. Joan, I really do appreciate this. It's far more than expected.”

I notice that Joan is standing beside the table. “Joan, please sit down and eat with us. Make that 'sit down and eat with us.' This is your breakfast too.”

The girls were a bit subdued at first, but it wasn't long before they were talking pleasantly. Not exactly like friends, but 'making overtures' I guess. There was a small incident when I explained that I didn't care for coffee, but it was smoothed over easily enough. There was plenty of orange juice.

Leaving Joan to clean up and with instructions to come see me as soon as she could, Laura and I headed into the office. I think I surprised everyone, myself included, when I gave Laura a heated kiss right outside the front door. I was expecting things would start jumping as soon as I reached my office.

You and Laura arrive at the office bright and early, settling in to your respective offices. Laura forwards you an e-mail from Nancy: She wants the Chair ready for her inspection before lunch. If she finds it's potentially (and her e-mail implies she will), she wants it packed away and sent to storage by the end of the day.

From talking to the girls last night, you know you'll need both Laura and Joan's help to run the Chair: Laura to work on scans of Nancy, since her brain patterns aren't on file, and Joan to monitor and operate the machine. Normally Phil would do that, but Joan's assisted him three times now, and thinks she can handle it.

Around 9, Joan knocks on your door. She's dressed stunningly, in a dress with a neckline just high enough, and a hem just barely long enough, to qualify as office-appropriate, in a deep green that makes her eyes sparkle. It clings to her impressive curves, outlining a figure classic in its voluptuous perfection.

She closes the door behind her, her smiling five hundred watts and about a thousand degrees. "You wanted to see me?" she asks.

“Indeed I did.” I'm a bit surprised as my cock rises. Apparently I've recovered enough for just a smile to do that. Although the knowledge of what I have planned for her tonight might also contribute.

Getting up, I hold her close for our first kiss. I'm a bit surprised by her aggressiveness. I know time is short, but I can help it. I run my hand under her skirt and between her legs. She's wearing panties, but it isn't hard to get past them. I wouldn't have thought a woman could be wetter than Laura was last night, but Joan is.

“You keep that up,” I say, running my finger just inside her slit, “and those panties won't last the day.”

“That's why I have several spares in my purse.”

I laugh out loud, and turn to business. “I've had Laura email Nancy that the chair will be ready to inspect at eleven. I want you two to figure out what you need and take care of it. In your spare time, I also have a little project for you. Write me a short essay. Topic: 'what slavery means to me.' Have it ready before seven tonight. I'll talk to you again after we deal with Nancy.”

A heated farewell kiss and we leave. Katie is busy, so (after a rest stop to wash my hands) I head past her office and across to Jill's.

“Excuse me Jill. We need to talk. It's about what happened yesterday.”

Jill is clearly not happy to see you. "Is this the part where you assure me that turning two brilliant young women into sluts obsessed with you is key to getting us free?" she asks bitterly. "You're not any different from Phil. You get off on using us, humiliating us, having power over us. You talk a good game, maybe you even believe you're going to set us free or treat us better than him, but you're not. You're just going to take his place, and nothing will change for us."

She is trembling slightly. "I let myself be convinced last night, because I wanted to believe there was a way out, even if I had doubts. I let Helen convince me to hope. But after seeing what you did to Laura? I wish I'd voted with Katie."

As I check to make sure the door is firmly closed, for a moment I'm tempted to tell her to just get her head out of her ass. I would if it would do any good. I remind myself that Jill is obviously uncomfortable with ambiguity, not to mention sex. She wants tasks she can do with clear goals. It makes her a great office manager, but it's no wonder she feels uncomfortable with our situation.

“We can talk about that tonight,” I say instead. “There's going to be a get-together at Joan's place. Be there no later than 9pm. For now we both have jobs to do.”

“Now. If anyone asks I was here because of the way Phil had a seizure in front of me. I'm having some problems and wanted to ask you about company policy toward compassionate leave in this case. I do want to know, but it can wait.”

“I'm really here is because we need to search Phil's home. Does he have an emergency contact on file? Can we justify checking his place under the pretext of making sure things are fine there while he's in the hospital?”

Jill sighs and turns to her computer. "He listed a sister as emergency contact," she says after a moment's work. "Cassie Farndale. Her area code's not local, though. I don't think he has any family nearby."

"I've been to his apartment," she says. "He lives alone. I don't think there's anybody we have to justify a visit to. We just need a key."

I grin at her. “Apartment and you've been there? Consider this scenario my dear. Someone shows up at the apartment manager's office. Her boyfriend is in the hospital and she's worried he may have left something out or on or running. The manager shows her to the apartment, and when she gets there she starts nervously cleaning the place up. The odds are good the manager will leave her to it.

“I'll try to get you a key, but if I can't, see if you can make that scenario happen.”

I think for a moment. “Take Laura along with you. She'll be able to recognize what we need and I know she isn't busy after work today. One of you can play 'supportive friend' and the other 'girlfriend.' ”

Jill was reluctant, but it only took a little coaxing, no more orders were needed, before she agreed to cooperate. Phil didn't seem like the type to leave extra keys lying around, but maybe we'd get lucky. If we had to I could get a lockpick gun and get in that way, but that was a last resort.

Katie was out of her office when I passed it again and I remembered that Friday was when she needed to get the information together for the weekly reports. It was her busiest day. Oh well. Maybe after lunch.

Heading over to R&D meant passing through Public Relations. I noticed I was garnering more than my usual share of looks. Damn. Hopefully it was just the office gossip machine taking notice of my morning kiss. More attention would make what needed to be done harder, but I still couldn't regret that kiss.

Helen's administrative assistant was a middle aged and heavy-set black woman. I'd actually had more contact with her than with Helen. Kasia knew the ins and outs of the department and had helped me contact the right people for my official project. I liked her, and I couldn't help but wonder if she'd figured out something about what was going on with Laura's and Phil's projects.

“Good morning Andrea,” I said pleasantly. “Sorry to drop in unannounced, but I only need a few minutes of Helen's time. Is she available?”

"Go on in, hon," Andrea says, smiling. "She's between meetings."

You walk past her into Helen's office. Helen looks up as you walk in. "Hello, Jay," she says. "What can I help you with?"

I hear the door close automatically, and I smile at Helen. “Well, first I wanted to tell you that you're next on my list. After Joan of course.”

I step around her desk and her eyes widen fractionally. As I pull her chair back from the desk I say, “I'm hoping for tomorrow night, but maybe sooner.” Then I kiss her – a tender kiss on which I raise the passion as quickly as I can.

Helen squeaks in surprise, then pushes you back. Since her chair is on wheels, she moves, rather than you, but the result is the same -- the kiss is broken. Her eyes fill with contempt and disgust, with maybe a hint of fear behind it.

"Listen, Jay. Maybe you've got Laura and Joan drooling all over you, but I'm not programmed to enjoy this like them, remember? I understand we have to. Phil might order me to tell him whether we did, and I have to be able to truthfully say yes. But that doesn't mean I want to, and that CERTAINLY doesn't mean you can just walk in here and try to force yourself on me. I'm not some submissive little bimbo you can play with, and if you're really a better man than Phil, you'll accept that."

I give her the same look I'd give a child requesting to stay up past her bedtime. “It was just a kiss. I thought you understood that without your cooperation this will be very unpleasant; more to you than to me. I'm just trying to lead you in gradually.” I nod. “I was a bit abrupt though. We'll talk more tonight.”

I sit on the desk and look down at her. “The main reason I'm here is that we need to search Phil's office. I'm sure he has records. He comes from a research background and he's smart enough, barely I admit, to keep them in case something goes wrong. His office and his home are the place to start.”

“I believe that with Phil gone R&D has authority over Special Projects. Can you make the search official somehow?”

"His office you can just go in and look around. It's company property, not his. Same with his computer, but you'll need to use the administrative back doors. I'll contact IT and ask them to send someone to log you in."

She frowns. "Oof. Except they're going to want to pull the files themselves, and keep a record of them, in case he was abusing company property. Which, of course, he was."

“Oh damn.”  Helen was right.  I would have kept the records offline, but Phil is exactly the sort of person to keep them on his hard drive at work; maybe even on the company network.  “Except . . .  Would IT really look at them, or just file them?”  I gesture.  “Never mind.  Hopefully something will come up so we don't have to drag another person in.”  I look at Helen, “It's your call, but I would say wait to call IT.  Jill and Laura will search Phil's apartment after work today.  We should probably wait until after that at least.”

"I think you're right," says Helen. "We definitely don't want to bring more people in if we can help it. Just make sure not to mention that you went into his apartment on any office-owned equipment -- use cell phones, not office phones, to talk about it, and definitely don't send any e-mails."

"Any thoughts on where he might have left a spare key?"

"Sorry," says Helen. "It's an apartment building; ask the super. Phil had Laura, Joan, and Katie over a lot, and occasionally me or Jill as well. The super would probably recognize us."

"Okay. What about tonight. Do you have any plans?"

"No," says Helen. "I have to go to Ted Creasey's house tomorrow, though. You can guess for what."

I sigh at this complication.  I knew I'd have to deal with Ted Creasey eventually.  I hoped I was putting it off for more important matters and not because of my reluctance to confront the man.

"There's going to be a get-together at Joan's place tonight," I tell Helen.  "You need to be there.  Joan and I will be running some errands after work, but we should be there by seven.”

I get off Helen's desk and head for the door.  “I'll check Phil's office now.”

I stop and look back as I put my hand on the door handle.  “I understand why it's a good idea for you to wear a bra at work, but you don't really need one.  Don't wear one at Joan's tonight.”

I open the door and duck out before she can respond.

A smile and friendly nod at Kasia and I head to Phil's office.

In Phil's office, you find surprisingly little in the way of paper documents. He seems to have worked mostly on his computer. However, you do find a notebook written in some sort of code, mixed in with circuit diagrams and graphs. In his bottom drawer, you find a 1 TB external hard drive, and it doesn't have a label or serial number from the IT department, so it's probably not work-issued. Its power cord and USB cable are wrapped around it.

There's a Post-It Note attached to the underside of his keyboard with two lines of seemingly random characters on it:

Wa64$tU6E#Ega*U Xe?@ =taTudag_#23W-ustA

I'm being thorough, so the search takes a long time.  By the time I'm done it's 10:35.  I decide to leave everything in place for now and head over to Laura's lab.

I smile.  Ostensibly I'll be there to ask her about lunch.  I also need to know if I need to be there while Nancy is being programmed, and if 'My will is to serve Jay in all things to best of my ability," is something the chair can handle.

Laura and Joan are both in the lab, testing the chair. Laura beams as she sees you enter, then looks embarrassed. "Sorry, Master," she whispers to you when you come near. "I'll try to be more circumspect in the office. Don't worry, though, the recorders in here are off."

"We're going to have to run this a little on the fly," Joan says in response to your questions. "But we're used to that. Laura was the only person whose brain scans were on file before she was enslaved, and she knows her way around a human brain pretty well. She'll monitor Nancy's responses while I do the programming."

"We should be able to give basically any command," says Laura. "'My will is to serve Jay to the best of my ability' isn't a problem at all. Any other commands you want? We probably don't have more than an hour to work on her, so we can maybe fit in three or four?"

I frown. I wanted to keep this simple, but . . . “How about we arrange it so that she doesn't mind having sex with women. Not that she has to. Just give her the option.” I expected my conscience to prick me at that, but it was barely noticeable. “If she isn't that way already of course.”

I thought a little more. “ 'It is my will' should keep her from hating herself or me, but is there any way to test that? I don't need her to enjoy what she's going to do, but I don't want it to be torture either.”

"We can do that," says Laura. "Sex with women is easy, we can tell from the brain scan what her active and latent sexuality is, and if there's even a trace of latent bisexuality, we can bring it forward. As for not hating, we can take a little time to use the machine to present scenarios and see how she's responding. We can fine-tune based on the responses to those scenarios."

"Well then. Is there anything either of you would like to suggest?"

Joan grins. "Make her want to be a slave, like us. It's awesome!"

Laura smiles and shakes her head at Joan. "Much as I like being a slave, I know I wouldn't have wanted it before. We can't do that to her. However... we could make her attracted to you, Master. It would make things easier, while still not completely overriding her will."

I grin, but shake my head at Joan. "You might not have had any real problems Joan, but Laura was turning suicidal under Phil."

Laura's suggestion make me think. I know I'm only slightly better than average looking, and being attracted to me would make things easier on Nancy. On the other hand, having a lovely woman attracted to me appeals for purely selfish reasons.

"Do it," I say, forming the words even before I know I've made up my mind. There are reasons for doing it, and even if those reasons are weak it's hardly worse than what we already have planned.

"By the way Laura, I want you to go with Jill after work and search Phil's apartment. Look for any records he might have kept concerning . . . well, everything. Also, be a friend to her. She's probably going to be nasty, but she's having a hard time with all this so try and be nice to her. Give me a call when you're done with the search."

"Joan, I'll want you to meet me at my place after work so we can run some errands together. We'll be having a get-together at your place tonight, and, Laura, I expect you be there."

The girls are nodding when the door to the lab opens. Nancy is early.

Nancy stops moving as soon as she sees me. It's obvious she didn't expect to see me here, but she recovers quickly. We walk toward each other and she starts talking before we can shake hands.

"Jay. I think I can guess why Laura wanted you to talk to me. It doesn't make any difference. I know that Phil collapsed without being in the chair, and I know he's never actually had the machine used him. I'd still be derelict in my responsibilities if I didn't insist it be locked away. If there are no more incidents in the next six weeks we can look at it again."

"Ah -- well -- " I say, "You seem to have made my opening statement for me."

Joan handed me a paper cup full of water from the water cooler, and gave another to Nancy.

"Thank you Joan," I say before returning my attention to Nancy. "Have you considered how much money the company could lose from this? This project is ready to go to a whole new phase, delaying it will cost a great deal."

I drain the cup and toss it in the trash. Nancy's follows.

"It will cost the company a whole lot more if I let these experiments go through and they turn -- I mean they cause health ith, iss . . . Something is wring, wrung? No wrong. Wrong is right." She grins sappily as she stops talking.

"I'm sorry about this Nancy," I tell her as Joan and I lead her unsteadily over to the chair. "I wish there was another way."

Laura runs over and locks the door while Joan straps Nancy into the Chair. Laura returns and checks the straps carefully, making sure that Nancy's head is held in position for the inductors. Laura then walks over to one of the lab's workstations and starts running a scan.

"All right," says Laura after a couple of minutes, "I think we've got the key brain portions mapped. Joan, can you run a test image of a woman while I scan?"

"Right," says Joan.

"What's going on?" you ask.

"I'm running an image of lesbian porn through her brain," Joan explains. "Laura will test her physiological response, and that'll tell us how much time we need to spend to make her attracted to women."

"Response is low, but not disastrous," says Laura. "I'm guessing about a Kinsey 1.5 to 2." She looks up at you. "That means she's mostly heterosexual, but has an occasional, limited attraction to women. Shouldn't be too hard to turn that into full bisexuality."

Nancy moans softly and blinks. "Whaa..?" she slurs. She blinks a few more times, tries to shake her head, and then her eyes are open wide. "What the hell!?" she demands.

"She's fully awake," says Joan. "We can start."

"Nancy?" says Laura. "I'm sorry, but we're going to have to program you to be Jay's slave. Don't worry, we'll all do everything to make it as easy for you as possible."

"Slave!? What are you -- ah!"

"The system is learning her sexual stimuli," Joan whispers to you. "Putting her into a high state of arousal will make it easier to program her. And don't worry about her shouting, the lab is soundproofed."

"Please," says Nancy, "I don't know what you're thinking or why. Just don't do this, please. Let me -- ooooohhhh -- let me go!"

For the next several minutes, Nancy's pleading becomes increasingly incoherent and her moans more frequent and louder. Soon she is panting, as a flush creeps slowly up her neck and across her face.

"Mmm," says Joan. "This is so hot to watch."

At a signal from Laura, Joan begins feeding pornographic images of women into Nancy's visual cortex. Laura speaks into a microphone: "Nancy, repeat after me: I am sexually aroused by other women."

"Nghhh..." says Nancy. "No..."

"I am sexually aroused by other women," Laura repeats.

Laura nods to Joan, who triggers a sequence on her own workstation. Nancy shrieks and tenses against her bonds. "Made her feel like she's saying the words," Joan explains, "and put in a pleasure spike."

Laura repeats the phrase a couple more times, and each time Joan triggers the same sequence. On the third time, Nancy mumbles the phrase herself. Her body jerks and her eyes roll back in her head as she cries out in orgasm. Laura repeats the phrase a few more times; each time Nancy repeats it with increasing eagerness, and is rewarded with an orgasm.

After a few minutes of this, Laura switches to "I am very attracted to Jay Warren." Your ego gets a nice little stroke from the fact that Nancy doesn't resist at all, and just starts repeating it and orgasming, though this may be because her resistance is already broken down from the previous implantation.

Finally, Laura switches to "My will is to serve Jay to the best of my ability."

Nancy answers, almost immediately, "My will is to... wait, no, no it's not. Please, don't do this, please!"

Implacable, Laura repeats, "My will is to serve Jay to the best of my ability."

"Nnggh..." says Nancy, her arousal clearly on the rise again. "Please, stop, I'll do anything, just stop this... ohhhnnn..."

"My will is to serve Jay to the best of my ability."

This time Joan triggers the sequence so Nancy feels herself saying it. She cries out as the system raises her right to the edge of orgasm and holds her there, trembling at the edge.

"My will is to serve Jay to the best of my ability."

"M-myyyyyyyyyyymmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnNO!" shouts Nancy, and the system lowers her back down to overwhelmingly intense arousal. She gasps, brokenly, "please stop please no more please..."

Laura repeats, and Joan again raises Nancy to the edge of orgasm and holds her there. Laura repeats, and Nancy clamps her lips shut, tears streaming from her eyes.

Joan lowers her again, and Nancy is now sobbing incoherently. "please -- i need -- please god no -- please"

"You know what you need to do, Nancy. My will is to serve Jay to the best of my ability."

Again Joan raises Nancy with the feeling of having said it already. Laura repeats the phrase, and Nancy stammers, "M-my will... is to... serve," she hiccups, an odd squeaking noise, "Jay, to the, ohhh... to the best of my... ability OH GOD YES!" She thrashes as best she can as an orgasm of immense proportions storms through her.

Laura repeats, and this time Nancy repeats the phrase without pause, albeit tonelessly. Again Joan rewards her, and the cycle repeats. Nancy is soon repeating the phrase with conviction, then enthusiastically, eagerly, and finally with the passion of a true believer.

Finally, Laura shuts the system down. She and Joan release the straps and Nancy collapses, gasping for air, to the ground.

Laura turns to you. "Well, Master? What is your first command for your new slave?"

Seeing the process in action makes me realize just how much a genius Laura is. The collar I'd made was a toy. Even if I had managed to bypass the necessity of verbal instructions, it wouldn't have worked nearly as well if Laura hadn't been 'primed' by the compulsions she'd already been given.

Thinking about the process and the implications of the Virtual Learning System, Laura's question catches me by surprise. I wince at her bluntness, but don't bother to correct her. We had enslaved Nancy. I just hoped that wouldn't turn out to be as bad as it sounded.

“Hm,” I say as I step over to Nancy. “Stand up.”

She's surprising graceful as she rises to her feet. I expected some awkwardness, but there isn't any.

“What are you?”

“I am your servant. Sir.” She looks a little surprised as she says the words, but not really uncomfortable. “You shouldn't have done this. As soon as anyone – anyone else finds out, you'll all be going to prison.”

“Unfortunately,” I say, “not going ahead with the project would be an even greater risk.”

For a moment she look about to say something, but instead she bites her lower lip.

“How are feeling?”

“I'm feeling confused mostly.”

I nod. “Go on.”

Again she bites her lower lip. “I know I should hate what you've done, but -- I only hope – I can serve you properly.”

Her voice turns breathy towards the end of her words and I notice her nipples standing out prominently even through the fabric of her bra and dress. Unable to resist, I reach out and caress her left breast, and she gasps and starts breathing quicker.

My other hand reaches out to touch her other breast and I feel her lean forward to accept my touch. I play for a little while and then stop and step back.

“I . . . I . . . need . . . when?” she stutters.

“I shouldn't have taken advantage of you like that. Consider what you're feeling a gift from me to your husband.”

“But . . . Yes sir.”

I proceed to give her some general instructions. She is to act just as she used to for the most part, and would do her best to avoid suspicion. However, she would authorize Phil's and Laura's projects to go forward. She would also report to me any changes in Phil's condition or any other information she had that I might need.

I think for a moment and then turn to Jill and Laura. “How about it ladies? anything else?”

"You should make her obedient to Phil, but secondary to you of course, Master" suggests Laura.

Joan nods. "Phil might get suspicious, or worse yet try to reprogram her when he gets back."

Nancy looks back and forth between the three of you. "Is Phil mixed up in all this, too?" she asks.

I give a crooked smile as I answer Nancy's question first. "It's all Phil's idea actually. If he hadn't had a seizure yesterday, you'd have been taken then. I'm just filling in for him until he can get back on his feet."

Turning to my girls I continue, "Phil is going to be suspicious of me no matter what I do. That's his nature. I shouldn't go out of my way to cause trouble though."

Turning back to Nancy. "You may serve me, but I work for Phil. Therefore you need to do everything you can to keep Phil, well, not necessarily happy. . . 'Content.' Keep Phil content as much as you can. Believe me, whatever he asks of you, you'll like it even less if he decides you need more time in the chair."

I chuckle, "Of course, that doesn't include keeping secrets from me. Feel free to tell him that if he brings it up. Also, for my own protection, I'm keeping the other people Phil's programmed away from him, so don't try and work around that."

Nancy's eyes glaze over for a little bit as she thinks that over. "I understand. By serving Phil I'm serving you, but I still shouldn't do anything that might endanger you."

"Good enough," I say. "Carry on as normally as you can now."

"Yes sir," she says, and gives an awkward sort of sort of head bob before she turns and leaves.

"Well," I say. "Why don't I treat the two of you to lunch. Unless there's something else you need to take care of?"

"I'm okay to go," says Laura, smiling.

"Same here," says Joan. "Thanks!"

Lunch began comfortably enough. O'Toole's wasn't too far from the company, and was an irregular lunch stop for everyone who didn't want to pack a lunch or grab a cheap meal from the company cafeteria.

Things turned strange a little after we arrived. I ate at O'Toole's a little less than once a week, but in all that time I'd never had anyone talk to me. Seated with two beautiful women suddenly all sort of people were stopping by to say hello. At first I thought it was just the girls, but there I soon realized there were just as many women stopping by as men. Curiosity? A status thing? Regardless, it was annoying when I'd hoped to have some social time with just Joan and Laura. I really want to ask Joan about her work for the company. I'd heard she was some sort of subcontractor, but I was hoping to get the details.

I remained polite and friendly in spite of my annoyance, but it was fascinating to watch the girls as the parade of visitors came past. Laura, at first, was very uncomfortable with the attention, but watching her was like seeing a flower unfold. Soon enough she was open and vivacious, though she also seemed to take comfort from knowing I was there as her knee occasionally pressed against mine under the table. Joan, on the other hand, was also polite and friendly enough, but occasionally, just after people left, I saw a hard and almost cynical look flash over her face.

In spite of the interruptions, being with my two beauties made the time fly by. Lunch eaten, we made our final claim of errands that afternoon and a promise to do our best to be at happy hour some time next week.

In the car on the way back I turned to Joan. “I hate to ask this, but I need to talk to your father. Any issues with you can getting me an appointment with him before five?”

“Not – really,” she hesitated. “He won't accept 'everything's just fine' from me though. How much should I tell him?”

“Tell him . . .” I paused. This needed to be an order, but it needed to be flexible. “Tell him something like, you can't discuss the details, but I'm continuing Phil's project while he's in the hospital so I need to talk. If he asks how you're doing tell him whatever you like, but, again, no details.”

She smiled brightly. “I can do that. No problem. It might take a few hours though.”

That led to a kiss. Then Laura needed a kiss.

After another round of private kisses we headed into the company building and split up. I headed first to my office where I sent an email to Katie politely telling her to get in touch with me before she left work. Then it was off to Phil's office.

It didn't take much to get access to Phil's directories, even the external drive. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to get me the information in the files. It looked like he was using a foreign encryption program; something, strictly speaking, illegal for non-government use in America. After the obvious permutations of the note under his keyboard didn't get me anywhere I finished copying the directories and registry, put the note where I wouldn't lose it, and carried the external drive off to my office.

I was almost there when my cell rang.

Joan breezes past her father's secretary, an elderly woman named Fran, and into his office.

Creasey looks up from his work and smiles when he sees Joan. "Hi, baby. What can I do you for?"

Joan closes the door. "It's about... Phil's project."

"...Oh," says Creasey. "I was hoping with Phil injured, it would be on hold."

Joan shakes her head. "Jay Warren is in charge now." She beams. "I like him a lot more than Phil."

Creasey's face twists in disgust for a moment before he reigns his expression in. "I see. So what do you need?"

"Jay needs to meet with you before five. Can you do it?"

Creasey sighs. "I guess I'll have to." He turns to his computer. "I can do four-thirty."

"Thanks, Daddy!" beams Joan. "I'll let him know." She turns to leave.

"Joan, honey?" says Creasey.

Joan stops by the door and half turns to him. "Yeah, Daddy?"

"I'll find a way to get you out of this," he says. "I swear."

"Oh, Daddy," says Joan. "We've been over this. I'm happier now than I've ever been, and Jay's even better than Phil. Don't worry about me, you just enjoy yourself."

Joan leaves the room. Once she's back in the hall, she pulls out her cell and calls you. "Daddy can see you at 4:30," she tells you.

Joan's call was easily dealt with, and I see the appointment already listed on my schedule. That taken care of, I settle down to the work I was being paid for. Today's events had chopped off a little of the leeway I'd build up, but I was still ahead of schedule.

Around 3:30 there was a knock at my door and Katie entered and closed the door behind her. Then she stopped dead. Almost literally I realize as I see her pale and begin to tremble.

I open my hands and show them in front of me. “It's OK Katie. Nothing is going to happen. I just wanted to talk with you. Nothing more.”

Katie nods and takes a deep breath before she walks forward and takes the single extra chair in my cramped office. “It just hit me all at once,” she says. “I've been so busy that I haven't really thought about . . . it until the door closed behind me.”

I try to smile, but only end up looking grim. “I think I understand. You have the worst problems of all of Phil's victims. I wanted to let you know that even if I seem to be dealing more with Helen and Jill, I haven't forgotten you. It's more that I want to get the easier problems out of the way so we aren't distracted when it comes to yours.”


“We're having a get-together tonight at Joan's place. Do you have a date or something with Channing tonight? It would be better if you were there, but you don't have to be.”

She shook her head. “No. Things are . . . difficult. We don't have plans to actually see each other until Sunday services.”

I write Joan's address on a business card and hand it over. “OK. Joan and I should be there by seven, but you can show up any time before ten. I know you're busy so I won't keep you. We will talk more tonight.” I give her a steady look. “I am working on your problems.”

She blinks rapidly for a few moments before managing to say, “Thank you.”

After Katie leaves, you wrap up your work and head over to Ted's office. You've never really interacted with him before, though very rarely you've been at the same meetings so you recognize him.

"Come in," he says. "Close the door."

He looks you up and down. "So. Has Phil told you the nature of his bargain with me?"

"No, sir," you say.

"Well," he says. "Suffice it to say that I did NOT know what was going on before he took my Joanie, and I expect to have her back the way she was when this is all over. Helen will be fully, permanently mine as well, as compensation. In exchange I keep quiet and give you bastards cover."

Even though he hadn't offered, I take a seat on one of the chairs in front of Ted's desk, sitting close to the edge with my back straight.

“I understand Sir,” I say respectfully. “Phil didn't have a chance to cover his plans in any detail when we talked. I only learned about your involvement when I was talking to the girls last night. I'm sure we'll be able to fulfill that agreement, but there are some issues.”

I pause, but Ted stays silent. I speak before the silence becomes a challenge. “I don't have Phil's control over the girls. Because of some orders he left they will listen to me, but they answer to him first and I've stumbled over several commands he left behind. Particularly, they're keeping secrets from me that they wouldn't keep from him. Since I'm sure neither of us want this situation to go out of control, it would be helpful if you told me what your own plans are and whatever you know about Phil's.

He frowns. "I just want my daughter back and free to live her life. And yeah, I guess Helen's a nice bonus. Phil didn't tell me what he's planning. I'm not a willing partner -- he started using Joan as a stick and then dangled Helen as a carrot." He spreads his hands. "I know he wants as many women as he can get. He's a sadistic little fuck. And I know he plans to get rich off of this, take his women somewhere with no extradition treaties."

“Oh yeah,” I agree. “He's a sadist all right. If we can't manage to handle it that's likely to blow everything. Me I just want a little piece of things. I'm sure you understand.”

“I am having a few issues though. Nothing major, but I was hoping you might be willing to forgo Helen this weekend so I can reinforce some commands. Otherwise I'm afraid she might have to go back in the chair, and I can't promise what the effects of that will be.”

Creasey shrugs. "Fine," he says. "I just hope you know what you're doing. All I care about is getting my life back to normal and getting the compensation I'm owed. Make that happen and I'll support you; screw it up and I'll destroy you."

He turns to his work. It is clearly a dismissal.

I stand. “Thank you for letting me take up some of your valuable time, Sir. I'm sure I'll be able to arrange everything you need.”

  • * *

When I got home Joan was already there. She'd already fed my cat and was reading the latest Scientific American with the cat on her lap when I arrived.

“No need to get up,” I smiled. “Ma Zhong has precedence.”

“Mah Jong. Is that her name? That's cute, and she's sweet. You had a box from Amazon arrive.”

“Oh good.” I'd ordered number of books on hypnosis and other forms of mental control and conditioning. They mostly wouldn't be helpful to understanding Laura's Virtual Learning System, but something might just click. If I could find the time to read them, remembering Phil's hard drive in my briefcase and everything else I needed to do tonight.

“By the way,” I continued. “The meeting with your father went well.”

I checked around the house, but Joan had already taken care of everything.

“Well done and thank you,” I told her. “Let's head to your car and we can talk while you drive.”

“Now. How are you coming with that essay I told you write?”

As Joan drives you to her place, you read her essay. It's quite short, and fairly simple. For Joan, being a slave means surrendering her freedom and responsibility for a life of sexual servitude. It means being completely aware as she is made to do things she never would have done before, but being unable to stop herself from doing them -- and enjoying them. It means being transformed into a complete slut. It means living for someone else before herself. It means never having a conflict between how she's supposed to behave and how she wants to behave, because her Master's will overrides both. And of course it means sex. Lots of sex, preferably with lots of people, most preferably as part of a harem.

"Well?" she asks nervously as you finish. "What do you think?"

“Don't head to your place just yet. I'd like your help with something first.”

The discussion didn't take long and soon we were headed towards one of the city's light industry areas.

“Before I tell you what I think, I need to ask a question. Why did you major in Electrical Engineering?”

Joan shrugs. "I've always liked fiddling with electronics. I used to take apart anything I could get my hands on when I was a kid. Radios, calculators, cell phones, everything. When I got to college, I decided to go with that."

I nod. “What do I think?” I repeat, going back to her earlier question. “I say I'm seeing a girl who never had much fun growing up. Someone given duties instead of options. A girl whose father never showed her much affection, but instead played with his businesses and mistresses. A girl who peeked at people having fun at the parties at the family estate, but who wasn't allowed to attend them herself. A girl with a strong sex drive that her father prefers to think of as naturally innocent and virginal.”

I watch closely for her response. “Close?”

Joan blushes. "That's... pretty dead on," she says. "I guess I must be pretty obvious, huh?"

“Not really. I had to put a lot of pieces together to come up with that, and there's still luck involved. I could have been way off track.”

I pause and consider how I want to phrase what I need to say. “I can't give you everything you want Joan. You are going to have to take on some responsibilities, you are going to deal with conflicts, and you are going to think you aren't getting enough fun and sex. All I can promise is that I will try not to give you responsibilities you can't handle, I'll minimize conflicts, and do my best to give you more fun and sex than you've had before.” I think again. “Did Phil ever put you with other women, or indulge in a threesome?”

Joan blushes again. "No... Phil never did." She smiles sheepishly. "I fooled around with my roommate in college, though. It was... fun. But now that I'm out of college, you know, time to grow up and stop experimenting and all, right?"

She sighs. "It was kind of fun. But Daddy wants a grandson, the sooner the better."

“Daddy will have to wait,” I say firmly. “The world will be a completely different place three years from now.” I wanted children. I'd always wanted them, and now that I had several women at my beck and call it was all too tempting to have them now. Under the circumstances they would have to wait. Children could all too easily turn a complicated situation out of control. “Keep using whatever form of birth control you're on.”

I nod, firming up some plans for tonight. “Joan the order I'm about to give you is high priority. It takes precedence over any incidental orders I or anyone else gives you. You will inform me of any order given you that you think might harm you or put you in danger. Furthermore you will inform me in any situation where you might be harmed or which seems in danger of harming you. Do you understand these orders?”

Nods emphatically. "Absolutely. I'll let you know about any order that might harm me or situation that might put me in danger." She moans softly. "Mmm..."

She looks away a moment, then back. "Do you... do you think you could give me some more orders?"

I grin. “OK. Until tomorrow morning you will obey any orders from Helen, Jill, Katie, or Laura. You will not inform or confirm to them that you are under this order. If one of them gives you a conflicting order and is not willing to retract it, you will come to me to resolve it.”

“Hmm. You are not allowed to cum until I give you permission. You may masturbate, but not orgasm.” Another pause. “At the first safe opportunity you will remove your bra and panties and not put them back on until I give you permission.”

I think back over what I just said. “To clarify, when I say 'until permission' it means that order ends once permission has been given.”

“Is that something like what you wanted?”

I grin. “OK. Until tomorrow morning you will obey any orders from Helen, Jill, Katie, or Laura. You will not inform or confirm to them that you are under this order. If one of them gives you a conflicting order and is not willing to retract it, you will come to me to resolve it.”

“Hmm. You are not allowed to cum until I give you permission. You may masturbate, but not orgasm.” Another pause. “At the first safe opportunity you will remove your bra and panties and not put them back on until I give you permission.”

I think back over what I just said. “To clarify, when I say 'until permission' it means that order ends once permission has been given.”

“Is that something like what you wanted?”

I smiled. Joan was tempting me toward so many things.

“I'm going to tell you something I told Laura last night. It would be a waste of your talents to devote yourself completely to me. I don't mind you putting me first, but I don't want – in fact I dislike – you making me the only thing that's important to you. I expect you to keep up and improve your knowledge of electronics and whatever else you're good at.” I sigh. “I don't know where all this will take us, and I'm sure things will conflict, but I want you to be the best 'Joan' possible, whoever that may turn out to be.”

As I spoke Joan turned into the parking lot of a typical small-shop industry building with it's aluminum sides and warehouse-like construction. With the current economy, there were a lot of empty spots in the area, but this one was obviously occupied. The sign said “Farber's Beauties in Metal”

Joan parked and I waited for her to respond to what I'd said.

Joan looks disappointed. "I... okay," she says. "I'll keep studying and working. But could you maybe, sometimes, sort of... turn that off? Not for always, unless you decide that's what you want. Just for a little while, now and then."

I lean over and kiss her gently. “Tonight,” I say. “It will take a little time to set up, but for a while you won't have any responsibilities at all. I promise.” I wasn't sure about 'fun,' but hopefully it would be that too.

  • * *

I found exactly what I wanted at Farber's, and thanked Joan for suggesting it. Afterward we stopped by the grocery. Joan said she didn't need anything for tonight's get-together, but I wanted to pick up a few things for tomorrow. As I expected, once we there she decided to pick up a “few” things.

After putting things in the car I called Joan over to give her an aggressive kiss. When we finally broke I gave her an order.

“Joan, until I tell you otherwise you will forget that we have been in the store and completed our shopping.”

I wait to see what happens.

As you get into the car, Joan looks confused. "Wait," she asks. "Aren't we stopping to shop?"

She drives away as you direct, but she continues to look confused. "I thought you wanted to pick up some groceries. Did you change your mind?"

I smile and tell her to drive to her place. As soon as she parks I tell her, "Remember now."

When the confusion wears off or just before she starts to speak I hold up and hand and tell her, "Joan. This is important. Answer me with complete honesty. Did you actually forget or were you just acting like you forgot because of my orders?"

Joan looks down. "Sorry, I was just pretending because you ordered it. I didn't really forget."

She ponders a moment. "It might be because my programming is to obey Phil. I'm obeying you because he ordered it, and because I want to. I mean, Katie has a trigger that makes her forget things."

I nodded at her first words. A little more testing was in order, but it looked like mere orders wouldn't make the girls forget.

At her last statement I jerk. "Do you know what Katie's triggers are?" I ask angrily.

Joan winces. "Sorry, no. Phil always whispered them in her ear when any of us were around. And he ordered us not to tell her about him using them."

Her eyes tremble with tears. "He was doing HORRIBLE things to her with them, and there was nothing any of us could do."

I hug her and try to comfort her. "Hopefully none of you will have to deal with that again."

"I'm sorry I sounded angry. I understand why you hadn't mentioned it and it's fine. I would like for you to get together with the other girls and write down the things Phil could use Katie's triggers to do. Don't mention it to Katie just yet. I don't think she'd handle it well, and I'd like to have at least some idea of a solution before giving her more problems to deal with."

I have Joan carry the groceries from her car to the apartment, though I do hold the doors for her. Even though I feel like I should be helping Joan, the few people we meet on the elevator ride up to her apartment don't seem to find anything wrong.

Joan's apartment surprises me. I expected either something rather spartan, or the lap of luxury. The place was certainly luxurious enough, but it was a comfortable sort of luxury, not ostentatious. It did seem too large for just one woman to me, but I'd never had anything like Joan's resources so who was I to judge?

"Very nice," I say. "I have to admit I'm surprised. Did you do it yourself or hire a decorator? Either way shows taste, but I'm curious."

Joan smiles shyly. "Decorator," she admits. "And I really don't know anything about decorating, I just looked on Yelp and picked the person with the highest rating. But thanks."

While Joan sets up for the meeting, you read up on the encryption scheme Phil has on his external drive. From what you can tell, there's no way to break it; you need the key. But his Post-It doesn't work; if you use one row, it's too few numbers; all the numbers together are too many.

A little while later, the phone rings. It's the doorman: Helen is here.

Joan sends her in to talk to you.

By the time Helen arrives I'm sitting on the couch in the office. As she enters it's quite clear that she's followed my instructions about not wearing a bra. Either she's aroused or naturally has long nipples. I grin at the sight and she returns a look that's both embarrassed and angry.

"Please sit Helen." I pat the couch beside me. "Help yourself to the appetizers. Did you know Joan was a such a marvelous cook?"

"By the way, I've talked to Ted Creasey and your weekend appointments with him are off. I wanted to talk to you about how we should deal with that, but there's something more important we need to discuss first."

"I've been thinking a lot about what we need to do today -- how much we still have to accomplish. The fact is, I'm no leader. I tend to overthink tough decisions. I might be able to order you ladies around and help with your problems, but that's not what needed to be in charge here. YOU, Helen, are the natural leader of our secret society. I want you to think about that for a moment. I can act as grand vizier to your queen, shaman to your chief, but you're the one who should be in charge."

"I know this is going to present problems considering my ability to order you around, but if you are willing I think we can negotiate some boundaries that will give both of us what we need."

I sit back. I'm prepared to wait as long as it takes for her response.

"I've been thinking the same thing," she says. "But I don't see why we should pretend there's any negotiation here. I have no choice but to obey you; if you want to set boundaries on that, I'll obviously welcome it, but they'll be the boundaries you want regardless of what I want."

She crosses her arms. "So, let's hear what they are."

Crossing her arms lifts Helen's breasts and causes her dress to fit almost like a second skin, making her nipples even more distinct and distracting. I couldn't afford to be distracted.

"I have a paper with some ideas on it, but before I show it I need to ask, and you don't have to answer if you don't want to, why are you so aroused?"

"Don't flatter yourself," she says coldly. "This is just from taking my bra off before I came in. My blouse rubbing on them."

I'm skeptical, but decide not to force the issue. I get up and fetch the paper I'd scribbled on. There were a number of notes, but it came down to a single paragraph.

Quote: This is a priority order. It supersedes any incidental orders past or future. Whenever you feel it is needed you may tell me something is a “Command Decision.” This will tell me that you feel something is a matter for you to decide and I should follow your instructions.

"For now I agree that I will follow any of your instructions when you give a 'Command Decision.' I don't see any way to avoid working out the boundaries as we go along, but I trust you can see that using this frivolously could undermine your leadership."

I take a sip of tea. "There are two matters I either need your advice on or need you to decide depending . . ."

Helen reads it. "All right," she says. "So what are your questions?"

"Forgive me if I go pedant for while. You see we're a secret society now. Ceremonies, particularly initiations, help bind societies together. Last night I took Laura in front of everyone, and tonight I will do the same with Joan. A public initiation like that has advantages -- everyone knows what took place, there's a shared experience to relate to, and a general unifying effect. However, Laura and Joan are special cases, and I can't judge how traumatic a public initiation would be to the rest of you, particularly after whatever Phil did to you." I pause for breath. "Now, laying aside your personal preferences as much as you can, should further initiations be 'public' or happen privately? You don't have to decide now, but I'd like to know your thoughts."

"Jill and I should be public," says Helen, then covers her mouth. "Dammit, you ordered me to put my preferences aside! Be careful about that!" She sighs. "But you're right about group cohesion. The only one I'm not sure about is Katie. She and Jill are both pretty repressed, but in Jill's case I'm pretty sure the shared humiliation will bind her more tightly into the group. With Katie, it could do the same, or it could shut her down completely. Remember, she believes she's been struggling against Phil to save herself for her fiance."

I'm surprised at how quickly she responded, and then embarrassed.

"I'm trying not to give any of you unintentional orders, but sometimes things sneak through. I will do better."

"As for Katie, I still need to talk to her, and you should talk to her yourself. What I'd like to do is 'take' Chan, ah, her fiancee, and then have them initiate each other in front of everyone." I shake my head. "I won't know how practical that plan is until after I talk with her."

"My second issue is Nancy. We 'took' her today, but she thinks I'm working for Phil. I think it should stay that way (though you can overrule that if you wish). Should she, and other people we need to put in the 'outer circle' join the initiations and get-togethers, or not? I see problems either way."

Helen thinks for a while. "No. The inner circle should be special. Only people who know the truth should be in it. If you decide to initiate Nancy later, do the ritual then."

"Anything else?"

I take the paper, and read the words. I then give Helen the command I gave Joan about informing me of possible harm.

"I'd like to get to know you better. I'd prefer to 'play' a bit, but if you just want to talk until one of the other Ladies shows up, we can do that."

"Well, at least you're ASKING this time," Helen says.

After a pause, she sighs. "Fine. Better to stay on your good side." She holds up a hand. "BUT. Everything stays above the waist, okay?"

She gets up to sit in your lap.

We chat for a bit and I try to get to know Helen better. Not trying to get behind that cool control and distance she has, but trying to feel out its limits. We talk about our mutual histories. I discover that her body will respond to me, even without orders, but there's still a distance there. She's an excellent kisser. Almost smug about it too.

With all the talking I hadn't gone beyond unbuttoning the two top buttons of Helen's blouse before Joan knocked at the door and announced Laura and Jill were on their way up.

“Mph. I'm afraid I need to talk to Laura and Jill now.”

“Fine.” Helen stands up and momentarily toys with a button on her blouse. She decides to leave it undone before leaving the room.

I think for a moment about whether I need more than Helen is willing to give. I obviously want more, but . . .

I come out of my reverie as bundle of hot woman slides into my lap and kisses me. No reserve or distance here.

“You wanted to see me Master?” she gasps when we break the kiss.

“I'd like to see much more of you.” When her hand go to the front of her blouse I stop them. “But that can wait.”

“I wanted to give you the same instructions I gave to Joan at our place last night. This is her night. No showing off. No playing 'I'm a better slave than you.' Do what you can to make the night good for her.”

Laura nods eagerly.

I then give her the same order about possible harm that I'd given Joan and Helen. I'm afraid of what might happen if I kiss her again, so I just ask her to send Jill in.

I stand up when Jill come in and smile are her. “Hello Jill. Have you tried these appetizers? Joan's a wonderful cook.”

I guide her to the couch before I ask, “How did things go at Phil's place?”

Jill is wearing a rather unflattering pantsuit and has her hair up, along with her usual black-rimmed glasses. She crosses her legs and arms as she sits down, carefully keeping a little space between the two of you.

"I didn't find much. A book on hypnosis with some notes in the margins in the sections on memory manipulation and triggers, it might help Katie." She hands it to you. "Other than that, he has a disgustingly huge collection of pornography and some old takeout."

I nod and give the book back to her after finding it isn't one of the ones I'd ordered for myself. “I asked Joan to get together with everyone and put together a list of what Katie's triggers seem to do. Don't let her know. I don't want her to get her hopes up until we have at least part of a solution. This should help with that.”

“First things first I guess. Jill, I'm very impressed with your work and ability, but we are always going to have difficulties. You want things to be clear cut and certain. I work with theories that change all the time. If I were to order you to be happy when I give you orders, there would still be that fundamental conflict between how we do things. However, that sort of attitude is exactly what makes you such a good accountant and office manager, and the team needs someone like that. I look into the big picture and forget details. Laura gets enthusiastic tunnel vision. Joan doesn't want responsibility, and Helen needs to focus more on what needs to be done than how to do it.”

“The funny this is, it would be so easy to break you. I know you won't believe that I don't want to do it for moral reasons so I'll explain that if I were to do that we'd lose a lot of the knowledge and ability you've built up over your lifetime. We need someone like you to keep us focused and on track, but you need to look at what actually is happening instead of what you think is happening to do it properly.”

I take a deep breath. “That's a big load to lay on you. Do you understand it?”

"I understand," says Jill. "But you're still going to make me... you know. Aren't you?"

She looks down. "The things Phil made me do... they were disgusting. And I actually do believe you think you have morals. But you'll cast them aside eventually. You're in a position of power, and I'm helpless. Sooner or later, you'll take what you want from me. There's nothing either of us can do to stop it."

Tears tremble in her big brown eyes behind her glasses. Her full lips, the ones every straight man in the office has fantasized wrapped around his dick, quiver. After a moment, however, she pulls herself together and straightens up to look you in the eye.

"Think about this from my point of view. My only hope is to help a guy that gets a sick thrill out of controlling women better understand the machine that controls me, so he can usurp the position of the sick bastard that controls me. I'm supposed to trust that you'll let me go when this is all over. Well, maybe you will. But I already know you don't really want to. So what the hell am I supposed to do?"

I pause and think.

“I don't think you realize that we're working for bigger stakes here than just you five. Maybe I will fall to the temptations I'm being offered. I hope not, but I can't say for certain. Who could? That still won't prevent me from setting up a system to make Laura's machine more difficult to abuse in the future. I won't say that you should be willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of the rest of the world. I will say those are the stakes we're playing for.”

“You know, a lot of the guys around the office think you're a lesbian. I don't think the matter is that simple, but tell me, what do you have against sex?”

"I have nothing against sex," she answers. "Believe it or not, I've had sex and enjoyed it, with men who respect me and like me as a person, not a piece of meat. What I have something against is a bunch of neanderthals who stare at me, make comments behind my back, and generally act like my body is their property and I'm stealing from them by choosing to dress conservatively. Which I do because of the comments and the stares."

"And I have something against this degrading, disgusting game you've got Laura and Joan playing. Obeying orders? Calling you master? That's not something full, free people do. You're preying on the neuroses Phil inflicted on them, on all of us but especially them. Using them for your amusement. It's disgusting!"

"As for the world? What do you think you can do? Realistically, this technology exists. It will be used and abused. You can try to hide it but sooner rather than later, somebody's going to rediscover it. No, you're just making excuses. A real man would run us through the machine and undo our programming and let us go, because what Phil's done to us would disgust him. But you? You like it. You wish you'd done it first."

I relax and lean back. This rant was familiar territory.

“If all it took to reverse the compulsions Phil set was another run through the machine, it would be done already. Unfortunately, the effects of the machine can't be reversed. Talk to Laura. We don't know what would happen if the machine were to give someone contradictory compulsions, and until we have some idea I'm not about to experiment. Since I can't reverse the compulsions Phil gave I have to work with them or around them. Whether or not I've made plans to reveal the device, whether we're working under some sort of time limit, I can't tell them to anyone whose implanted compulsions would impel them to stop me. You heard what Joan said last night. She needs to be someone's slave or she'll tell everything to Phil.”

Jill starts to say something, but I point at her and say, “Don't talk. Just listen.”

“Do I enjoy what I'm doing? Yes and no. I enjoy most of it, but both Laura and Joan take things too far for me to be comfortable. Talk to them about it.”

“As for letting myself enjoy it, I'm not going to feel guilty about that. I doubt you're familiar with Confucian philosophy, but there's a section in Mencius:

Quote from: Mencius I,B,5 'I have a weakness,' said the King. 'I am fond of women.'

'In antiquity, T'ai Wang was fond of women, and loved his concubines. The Odes say,

      Ku Kung Tan Fu
      Early in the morning galloped on his horse
      Along the banks of the river in the West
      Till he came to the foot of Mount Ch'i.
      He brought back with him the Lady Chang,
      Looking for a suitable abode.

At that time there were neither girls pining for a husband nor men without a wife. You may be fond of women, but what is it to you so long as you share this fondness with the people?

“I'm not going to feel guilty over enjoying what I can in this situation as long as I'm doing my best to fulfill my responsibilities to humanity.”

“As for what we can do? I am a sociologist. Introduce this technology wrong and we'll have a dark age that will make the fall of Rome look like a cloud passing in front of the sun. There's no way of knowing how much we can reduce that; it depends on the sort of defenses we come up with; but I feel obligated to reduce it as much as possible.”

“If you want to lump me in with Phil, I won't stop you. I'd prefer even grudging help, and I'm always willing to offer explanations for my actions. Hopefully you'll learn I'm willing to change.”

I take a look at her. “One more thing and then you can talk.”

“If you truly think the way you dress is 'conservative,' you don't know much about men. Helen dresses conservatively and Laura used to. The way you dress reminds men of the beginning of a porn film. One of the ones where an uptight, supposedly ugly, woman gets revealed as totally hot when she takes her clothes off.”

“You may talk now.”

"Oh, right," says Jill. "So it's my fault? The way I dress makes it okay for people to talk behind my back? Makes it okay to constantly leer at me? Disgusting."

She shakes her head.

"This isn't going anywhere. You've got a pile of rationalizations, but I think you're just enjoying playing hero at the moment while it doesn't get in the way of playing with us. The minute the two conflict, you're going to drop the hero act. But maybe I'm wrong. We'll have to wait and see. For now, as long as you're still playing the hero, I'll help."

The problem was, I was worried over that exact same point myself. How much temptation would I be able to resist? I'd already done things I wasn't proud of.

“Being willing to help and not expecting me to be superhuman is all I can reasonably ask,” I say. “I think you should . . . No, I'm not going to make it an order. I think you should talk to with others and find out what they think. You may be surprised. It's better if you do it while I'm not around, so just send Katie in when she arrives. Hm, or call me in an hour I guess. It's still pretty early.”

I settle down with the hypnosis books I'd purchased and start skimming through them.

After about 40 minutes, Katie enters the room. She's wearing a long chocolate-colored skirt and a short-sleeved, button-down cream blouse. Her blonde curls hang loosely over her shoulders. "Um... hi, Jay. Jill said you wanted to talk to me?"

“Hi Katie. Take a seat and have some appetizers.” I pat the couch beside me.

“I have some thoughts about what you're facing, but I'd like to hear what you think first.” I give a rather grim smile. “Helen and Jill have already torn into me, so don't feel like you hold back.”

"I don't know," says Katie. "I know I'm scared and tired and Channing is mad at me for pushing back the wedding again and again. But I can't just... give myself up to Phil. Except... apparently I have triggers, and I don't remember anything about that. What else don't I remember? Could I... have already given myself to Phil? I just don't know."

She looks up at you, quite a feat considering she's taller than you. "I believe you're trying to help us, though. I know Helen has her doubts and Jill thinks you're a monster but... I watched you with Laura. You were in charge, but... gentle."

I sigh, tension flowing out of me, and smile. "Thank you Katie. I'm glad you see it that way."

"What I'm about to say will no doubt shock you, but I want you to think about it. You're compelled to have sex with Phil before you can get married. You also want to save your virginity for Chan. Do you see how, with some flexibility of thought, these don't have to be mutually exclusive? Suppose the two of you were wrecked on a deserted island with no way to get married. . ."

Katie is indeed shocked. "It's a sin, Jay. If we were on a desert island, I would pray for delivery from temptation as strongly as I'd pray to be rescued from the island."

I gape at her, my mind completely blank. I should be prepared for this, I really should. Just because that attitude (and its parallels in other cultures) has been so rare historically is no reason for me to overlook it – but I had.

“Ah. OK. I have to admit I didn't expect that response, but that's my own fault. Regardless, it would be helpful if we brought Channing 'inside' our little group so you don't have to keep secrets from him, don't you think? I'm not talking about making him a slave, but we would need to make sure he can't reveal what's going on until we're ready.”

Katie shakes her head. "No," she says. "No, no, no. I won't involve him in this, and I won't allow anyone to mess around in his brain. I-I'd rather lose him."

I nod. It was nice that she wanted to protect him, but if Channing ever learned I had the chance to tell him about the situation and didn't, he'd never forgive me. I wasn't going to lie, but I didn't have to tell her everything.

“Moving on, there's something else I want to try.” I'd set everything up earlier. I had Katie sit in front of the table in a position where she could easily hold a pen. I'd replace the sheet after every trial.

“Sit at the desk. Now, without looking at the paper, write down the names of your five closest relatives.”

“Good. Now, without looking at the paper, write down the people you're closest to at work.”

“Again. Without looking at the paper, write down the people you want for your bridesmaids.”

“Now. Without looking at the paper or thinking about the question write the people you know who you definitely aren't going to invite to your wedding.”

“Stop. Without looking at the paper or thinking about the question, write down a list of everyone Phil controls.”

“Good. Without looking at the paper or thinking about the question, write down all the trigger words Phil gave you.”

Katie scribbles down several lists. The final one is:

  • Etiolated cravat
  • Hangdog haberdashery
  • Sacred perambulator

After writing the third, she collapses on the table, unconscious.

"Jill, Laura, in here now!" I bellow.

I stretch Katie out on the floor and check her breathing and pulse. When the two rush in I tell them, "I think I got her trigger words, but she collapsed. Either of you seen anything like this before?" I notice Helen and Joan in the doorway. "For that matter, does anyone have any emergency medical training? My last certification was over a decade ago." I thought Jill had, but I really wasn't sure.

After checking the basics I flip over the paper on the table so Katie can't see it accidentally.

The ladies all agree they've never seen this before. Jill checks her out, but she seems to be okay, just deep in a trance.

"Katie... wake up?" says Helen, experimentally.

Katie's eyes open. "Hmm?" she asks. "Did something happen?"

"I may have gotten your trigger words. Then you collapsed." I manage a smile. "I'm going to check everyone and see if Phil set triggers in anybody else. I don't really want to play around with this until we know you're OK. I was scared to death when you collapsed like that."

I bundle the papers and give them to Jill, telling her to put them with the Phil's hypnosis book. I then go through the same process (with different questions) with Laura, Joan, Helen, and Jill (in that order) and see if they have any triggers set.

After testing I head out and join everyone in the rest of the apartment.

I could scarcely believe it had worked. After the trial with Joan had failed I hadn't expected much from this. Laura, Joan, and Helen froze at the key question and simply didn't write anything down. Then it was Jill's turn.

When she came in she was carrying Phil book on hypnosis, the pages Katie had written on, and . . . “What's this?” I ask, looking at the extra sheet of paper.

“That's a summary of what we've seen Phil's triggers do with Kate.”

“Wonderful! For what it's worth it doesn't like he put triggers in anyone else. Everyone has tested clean.”

I was thinking of what questions I could ask Jill when she asked me, “So what were Katie's triggers?”

“Hm? Oh, some really strange ones.” I pull out the paper Katie had written on. “Etiolated cravat.”

Jill flushes slightly and shifts uncomfortably, her breath quickening as her nipples perk enough to be visible through her blouse. "Are you, uh, going to... uh, read me the... thingies?" she asks.

'Fuck me for being an idiot,' I think. Well, I'd try the obvious first. “Jill, wake up.”

Jill gives you an odd look. "'Jill, wake up' is a Katie trigger?" She giggles and toys with the top button of her blouse.

She adjusts her glasses and smiles shyly at you, a flush slowly spreading up her neck from under her blouse. "It's, uh, it's getting kind of... warm in here," she breathes.

Damn, damn, damn I think. I shake my head. "No. Jill, Phil set up triggers. You're acting on one right now. How do you feel?"

I find the sheet the ladies had put together with the sort of things Katie triggers could on it and start reading. If nothing on it seemed too terrible I'd try the 'hangdog haberdashery' trigger. That seemed the better bet for returning Jill to normal.

"Mmm..." says Jill, "I feel... really, really good. But very warm, and sort of... of... antsy? And my head's all... cottony. Slow." She giggles again. "I think I like it."

According to the girls' research, "etiolated cravat" makes Katie horny and a little dumb. Repeating it magnifies the effect. "Hangdog haberdashery" puts her into a fairly deep trance in a matter of moments. "Sacred perambulator" (which, you notice, is kind of scrawled towards the end -- she was apparently going into a trance while writing it) makes her forget the last minute or two.

"Hangdog haberdashery," I say, and watch Jill fall into trance.

"Jill, now that you're in trance, you must do as I say. Isn't that correct?"

"Tranced Jill obeys," she responds distantly.

I make a note about 'tranced Jill.'

"Tranced Jill, when I snap my fingers you will come out of trance and return to being your normal awakened self. You will feel good and invigorated. You will . . . remember whatever what you wish from after I said the first trigger words. Do you understand?"

"Tranced Jill becomes Prude Jill and feel good at snap. Prude Jill will remember."

"Good enough."

I snap my fingers.

Jill wakes, smiling softly. She sighs contendedly. Then she blinks, leaps up, and frowns. "That BASTARD! 'Trance Jill!?' What has he been doing to me?"

"I don't care what it takes, Jay. We're breaking free. And then... Phil dies."

I look at Jill and keep my voice calm. "I can't argue that Phil needs to die. However, it can't happen until Katie either decides to have sex with him or decides she never wants to be married. We also need to cover our tracks."

I stand up. "Anyway, it looks like you were given the same set of triggers as Katie. From the list you ladies put together it looks like there are anywhere from one to three triggers Katie didn't manage to write down, but . . . I'm going to wait to work on that."

With that, I escort Jill out of the den and see what the ladies have been up to.

The others have woken Katie back up and stopped exploring her triggers. They're unable to tell Katie about her triggers, so they convinced her she had a dizzy spell, and they've got her relaxing on the couch while they busy themselves getting everything ready for the meeting.

I hadn't intended for anyone to actually use Katie's triggers, but it doesn't look like they've done any harm.

While everyone is getting ready I settle down and organize my notes for what needs to be covered tonight. While doing that I watch everyone as unobtrusively as I can and see if anyone has figured out that Joan has been ordered to obey everyone, not just me.

I also eat.

Nobody seems to have noticed that Joan has to obey everyone, at least not at first.

But then Joan playfully teases Katie about making her bridesmaids wear horrible dresses, much to Katie's discomfort. Helen, seeing Katie's distress, tells Joan to "Come off it."

"Mmm," Joan moans, leaning back in her chair. "Ohhh..." she says, louder, and every eye in the room is on her as her eyes roll back and she gasps in pleasure. "Oh God!" are her last coherent words before she begins writhing and thrashing, falling off her chair as she orgasms spectacularly.

"Uh... wow," says Helen.

I try to suppress a grin, but I'm afraid all my effort only turns it into a smug smirk. I'm concentrating on my notes, so I don't know if anybody is looking at me.

It's sort of ironic that Helen was the one to trigger that since she was the one who told me to 'watch what I was saying' earlier.

In any case I want to wait and see how this plays out, particularly how Joan handles my order not to tell anyone.

Everyone stares at Joan.

"Um... what just happened?" asks Katie. "Are you okay?"

"F-fine..." Joan breathes, clambering back onto the chair. "Just need to -- hoo! -- catch my breath."

"Hmm," says Laura. She bends over to whisper in Helen's ear.

"Uh... I guess so..?" Helen answers. She shrugs. "Everyone, stand up!"

Joan leaps immediately to her feet. Jill stays seated, as does Laura. Katie starts to get up, then stops when she sees no one else except Joan is standing.

"Interesting," says Laura. "So we don't all have to obey Helen. Joan, put your hands on your head."

Joan does so. Laura gives you an odd look.

"Looks like Joan has to obey me and Helen, probably all of us. Jill, Katie, can you give her orders?"

Katie shrugs. "Joan, stand on one foot?" She laughs brightly when Joan does so.

"Joan, uh..." Jill ponders. "You can move normally again."

Joan lets out a breath and sits back in her chair, grinning and eyes shining. "Oh, this is fun. Keep going, guys!"

I chuckle and give up the pretense of looking at my notes. I don't say anything however. Instead I watch to see how the others are taking my surprise.

Joan leaps happily to obey as Laura and, somewhat surprisingly, Katie give her orders to serve them food, fetch things from the kitchen, and so forth. Helen observes, smiling slightly to see them enjoying themselves, but does not involve herself. Jill glowers.

“Wonderful food Joan. Thank you,” I say, “but it's time to get started with the business part of our meeting.”

Once everyone has settled I go on, “First, you should all know that Helen has agreed to take command of our little group. Think of her like the captain of the ship. The captain still needs to satisfy the owners (that's me), but she's in charge when the ship is at sea and even the ship owners need to listen to her. I'll turn the meeting over to her right after I have my say.”

“There are few things I think we need to cover tonight, but we can also add whatever other people want to as well. First, we need to think about our group; hopefully give ourselves a name and decide how to organize. Second, there's a matter of checks and balances. What do you expect from me, particularly what can we all do to keep me from going overboard. Third, we are going to need to bring some more people into our group. We need a lawyer and someone with experience in hypnosis, maybe a psychologist. Finally we need to get started on our projects: defense against the Virtual Learning machine, gaining control of the company so we can keep control of the machine, and making sure Phil isn't in a position to do any more harm.”

“That's just what's on my agenda. Everyone should feel free to add their own points.”

“Helen?” I gesture, trying to indicate the meeting was now hers.

When the meeting broke up, Joan and Laura vanished into the master bath, while Katie and Jill headed to the guest bathroom. Helen walked over the counter to pour herself another glass of wine. Jay stepped up behind her and started to rub her shoulders. “My you're tense. You need to relax. Relax.”

Helen relaxed, but was also annoyed. “Damn it, Jay. What did I say about those orders.” It didn't help that her body was once again reminding her how long it had been since it had been with a real man. She'd been too caught up in the meeting to pay attention then, but now she was remembering how vibrators, much less Phil or Ted, just weren't the same.

Jay didn't say anything, just continued the back massage. Helen knew she should tell him to stop, but she also knew he wouldn't unless she could give a good reason, and she couldn't think of one. She needed to push him away, but the annoying man was even keeping to her earlier directive to keep everything above the waist, even though her legs and butt would really enjoy a massage too.

“You were absolutely marvelous out there,” Jay said. “I don't particularly appreciate you putting me to the test like that, but I can understand why you did it.”

“Oh,” Helen said weakly. “You figured that out.”

“It took me half an hour, but, yes, I did. I don't know how many free passes you have, but you haven't used any of them yet. I'm just glad Jill didn't try to call your bluff.”

“What bluff?”

“You weren't bluffing about my ordering her to lick your feet?”

“Not a bit. She doesn't like what's going on, and I don't blame her. She still needed to realize you, I mean I, I mean WE, will only tolerate so much.”

“Is it OK for Jill and Katie to talk together like they are? She can't like me much at the moment.”

“Katie isn't pleased that her boyfriend is the lawyer we're going to add to the Inner Circle, or her part in it, but she'll wait to see how things turn out before she actually tries to cooperate with Jill. How ARE you going to deal with that?”

Helen had been surprised as anyone at Jay's determination to add another man to the Inner Circle. That fact he had already had a relationship with Katie had some advantages, but she still didn't see how it was going to work.

“I don't know. Katie threw me for a loop earlier. I should be able to come up with something by Sunday though.”

Helen knew it wasn't a good idea to put plans in motion without a clue as to how they were supposed to end, but, honestly, what else could they do? They had no choice but to move as fast as they could. “I wish Phil were out of the way,” she said.

“So do I. I'd hoped Jill could do more, but it looks like it's going to be up to Nancy.”

“I meant out of the way permanently.” Helen supposed Jay had a point about the danger to society of Laura's device, but if she had her way the women would draw straws and the short straw would take the fall for Phil's death – society be damned. She was pretty sure the other women felt the same way.

“We'll know more after I talk to Phil in the hospital. I promise you, I'm not going to let him get any more hooks into any of you ladies.”

“Oooooo!” Jay's hands stopped their massage. When Helen looked behind her she saw Joan and Laura holding him a tight hug. “Thank you Master!” It wasn't a duet, but close. At least she could use the bathroom now that they were out of it.

 * * *

Jay took his time in the bathroom. When he got out he heard the voices from the living room fade away, and all eyes were on him as he stepped in. While the lion's share of the food Joan had prepared was still there the ladies had made some inroads on it. He also noticed another bottle of wine had been opened. However, most of his attention was drawn to the center of the room where Joan was standing on one foot.

“Well,” Jay said into the silence. “I seem to be interrupting the fun. It's early, so I suppose I could step out for a bit if you want.”

The women looked at each other for a bit, and then Helen spoke in a bored sort of way. “I think we'd all prefer if you just started in on whatever you had in mind.”

Jay nodded. “In that case, I'll be right back.”

Fetching the box he'd picked up that afternoon didn't take that long, but by the time he'd gotten back Joan had stopped standing on one foot, but she was still standing and looking flushed. Jay smiled at her and said, “Joan's initiation is the most important thing to do tonight, but there's something else I want to do first.” Stepping over to Laura he went down on one knee.

“Laura I have a gift for you to celebrate both our new relationship and your initiation into our enterprise. It's also a symbol of my commitment to you and to our enterprise.” Jay opened the box and when he showed the contents to Laura, her jaw dropped and her grew round in surprise. “It may look like solid gold, but it's actually heavy gold plate over steel. I was also assured that the clasp can be removed and the gap welded into place if that's what you want.” Jay lifted the decorative chain out of the box, but the rest of the ladies only got a glimpse as he fastened in around Laura's left ankle. “If you do have it welded it will require heavy-duty wire cutters at the very least to get it off.”

With the anklet in place Jay looked around the room. “I will be getting something for each of you after your initiation, but it may take some time to find something suitable.”

Laura twisted around to look at her ankle as best she could without flashing her panties or lack of them to everyone in the room. “It gorgeous Jay – Master.” She looked around the room. “You have got to see this!”

Jay stepped back and got himself a ginger ale while the other ladies got up and admired the jewelry. The basic pattern was four flat chains braided together. The chain were interlinked in a way that allowed the girth to shrink or contract. The jeweler had assured Jay the anklet would fit snugly when needed, but also stretch enough for nylons to be put on underneath, though pantyhose were uncertain. Additionally, four small silver mirrors were attached to the outside of the anklet, and more charms could be attached if desired. As a whole it was massive and gaudy, but artistic enough to still be tasteful and definitely feminine.

As Jay sipped his ginger ale, he tried to fade into the background. Apparently he succeeded as the ladies' conversation turned to the gifts he might get them. Helen didn't say much, and, in fact occasionally turned an inscrutable look in his direction. Katie turned out to be worried that she didn't have anything that would work with so “nice” (meaning expensive, though she didn't say so) a piece of jewelry. Joan was more interested in the jewelry's artistry. Jill was obviously torn. She admired the jewelry itself, hated the chain symbolism, and was baffled by Laura's intention to have it welded in place as soon as possible. Jill managed to stay polite, but it was obviously difficult for her.

Momentarily distracted by his own thoughts, Jay was brought back to the present as a woman poured herself into his arms and lap and proceeded to rub herself all over him. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you,” she said. Each thanks was followed with a steaming kiss while she rubbed her breasts on his chest and tried to hump her slit against his (extremely erect) cock. “It's not fair though,” she whispered as she nibbled on his earlobe after the last kiss. “You told me not to compete with Joan, but I'm so HOT.”

“Tell you what,” Jay whispered back, “Come to the bedroom after you finish off everything out here and maybe, just maybe, we can give each other a treat.”

Jay rubbed Laura's back and said, “Well. I guess it's time for tonight's main event. Joan, go to your room and change into something good for a strip tease. Don't come back out until I call you, but when you do, bring all your sex toys with you.”

“Oh yes Master!” Joan said as she scurried out of the room.

Jay smiled at the rest of his ladies. “Last night was rather rushed. Tonight is going to be a bit longer. You all get as comfortable as you can.”

As Laura jumped off Jay's lap he continued, “You see, Laura's focus was on being controlled, Joan's focus is a little difference. She doesn't want to be controlled as much as she wants to obey.”

Jay paused as he realized that, apparently, Laura's idea of “comfortable” was “naked except for her anklet.” That wasn't exactly what he'd had in mind, but how could he object?

“So I'm going to be, ah . . .” Staring at Laura, Helen had shrugged then stood up and started undressing in a matter-of-fact way.

“Issuing a number of orders to, ah . . .” Helen had stopped undressing when she was down to just her panties and sat down with her legs curled underneath her. In the meantime Katie had also decided to strip, but she left her bra on as well as her panties.

“Anyway I'm going to be giving her, Joan that is, a number of orders, erotic orders, before I, we, actually have sex. However, Joan is also very group focused . . .” Turning away from the blushing Katie to look at Jill, Jay saw she hadn't taken the idea of “comfortable” as far as the other ladies, but she had removed her heels, hose, and, somehow, her bra.

“So it's important for her to be able to think that her obedience is directed at all of us,” Jay concluded, the rest of what he'd meant to say slipping away from him.

“What the fuck just happened?” he thought. “Damn. I must have said something they interpreted as an order, but why would Helen and Katie strip down like that?”

“So. Is everyone comfortable?” Jay noticed Jill didn't join the murmurs of agreement. “Jill? Answer the question. Please.”

Jill glared at him and spoke through gritted teeth. “As comfortable as I'm going to get.”

“All right then.” Jay raised his voice. “Joan! Come out.”