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You should probably be 18 years or older if you're on this page. If you're under 18, I can't actually force you to go elsewhere, but it'd probably be best if you did.

Erotic Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a wonderful clinical tool, and is one of the best "party tricks" around - and I fully intend to explore both those uses as I continue through my life. But off the stage and out of the office, hypnosis also has uses in the bedroom - as a tool to supplement domination, or all on its own. Personally, it's somewhat of a fetish of mine (in the social, not psychological, sense) and this portion of the web is dedicated to that outlook.

I am a dominant heterosexual male - that means I am not very interested in playing with guys, only girls. On the other hand, I have no qualms recording scripts that might expand beyond my personal tastes - for the right price. Please email any requests you might have to erotic @ and we can discuss things. You may also contact me via ICQ at 10752165, on AIM as Lxndr, or on Yahoo as nonecanknow. If you're at all interested in my interest, feel free to read "Why Erotic Hypnosis?"

The Erotic Mind Control Story Archive contains a number of very nice hypnosis stories, mixed in with stories that can get much more extreme. I've been reading it since about a week after it launched in the late 90s - it's probably had the largest impact on my post-adolescent hypnosis fascination. I don't recommend it for the faint of heart, and certainly not for minors. Anyone interested in erotic hypnosis, and of age to make their own decisions, should definitely give it a go.

This page's content is currently very light, as I've had no requests for particular files of yet. For those of you already thinking along an erotic/submissive bent, this file from my standard hypnotic page has definite subtle erotic overtones, if you're already listening for it - hypnosis is a matter of consent and intent. It's written to take advantage of the smaller example file I recorded, too, so try listening to both of them.

I've also created a new mp3 file that takes advantage of both the others, MCLX, the third in the series of free mp3s available on the site. Unlike my other two public files, the script for this one remains a secret for now - but in general terms, it's designed to give sexual pleasure (assuming a female body), and to enslave the listener to my whims. If that isn't something you want, just don't listen to it. If you do decide to listen to it, make sure you have about 20 minutes of uninterrupted time, and try to listen to the other two first.

My files are also now available at Warp My Mind and any new erotic files will only be put up there. Don't worry, getting an account is free, although newly uploaded files are considered "premium content" and have limited availability for a few months. But I'm more than willing to share new files early with people who are actively using my current ones (and maybe, if you're interested, I'll let you be test subjects. To get to Warp My Mind click on the banner above.

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