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Hello! For those of you who might have linked to here from outside the site, Twisted Confessions is mainly a publisher of independent roleplaying game product by Alexander Cherry, the sole proprietor. Alexander is, however, a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and hypnosis is one of his defining passions. Thus, he will be releasing hypnosis files from time to time. If you're interested in commissioning a file, Alexander has very reasonable rates - please email him at hypnosis @ Samples of his work are available below.

If you're at all interested in roleplaying games, feel free to poke around the rest of the site.


Although it's been practiced in one form or another for thousands of years, hypnosis as a phenomenon is still a relative unknown; and hypnotherapy as a practice is still met with skepticism and doubt. Even amongst those who practice it, there are many different definitions, some of them mutually contradictory. My personal definition has come to me filtered through numerous sources, and combined with my own experience. If I had to put it into words, it would be something like this.

Hypnosis is a hypersuggestible state of mind usually brought about through some combination of relaxation, suggestion, and imagination. It cannot do anything the recipient does not want, or does not expect - but within those boundaries of consent, expectation, and desire, it allows access to the deeper layers of the human mind.

I'm not going to go into detail on what hypnosis is here - this is a small corner of a small site, and there are many theorists more versed than I. I recommend as a source - it is through them that I took my Hypnotherapy Certification Training.

I do not currently have a hypnosis practice, although I self-hypnotize daily, and hypnotize others irregularly. Three mp3 recordings of my voice are freely available through this site, for those interested. The first is here (the script I used to create the file is available here). This first file is just a simple example of my hypnotic technique, hastily recorded in January of this year.

The second is an expanded induction script that also gives the listener a 'trigger phrase' to help them enter a trance easier. It also asks the listener to email me through the link on this website - just a little message letting me know that you've listened. It can be found here (the script for this file is available here).

The third mp3 recording of my voice is a Weight Loss file that was once only commercially but I have since decided to make free, although the script will remain unavailable for public consumption. It is designed to synergize with the trigger phrase in the second file, and otherwise to reduce food cravings, and encourage healthier eating and exercise, without pushing a particular diet or regimen.

All the files mentioned above are also available for free at In addition, any future files I make will only be available at that same website, to save space on this server. To get to Hypno-Files, click on the link below.


As well as a tool for therapy, and a talent easily marketed on stage for harmless entertainment, hypnosis can also be used erotically to wonderful effect. As not everyone might be interested in these uses, I've created an additional site here. You should probably be over 18 to enter although there's really nothing explicit there.

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