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Welcome to the website of Twisted Confessions, the personal independent publishing venture of Alexander Cherry.

Feel free to look through the rest of the site and see what Twisted Confessions is all about!

Fastlane Cover


On sale now at the Indie Press Revolution online store!

Read what people are saying about the first roleplaying game to take advantage of roulette, then click on the cover to find out more about the game.

  • "Hey, roulette is easier than I thought, and I began the session with my character going down on the character of a fellow player I didn't even know..." - Ron Edwards, Designer of Sorcerer and other fine games.

  • "Fastlane manages to give an excellent feeling for what kind of game it's going to be *in any setting you like*. Anything that makes me equally want to play a Lanhkmar game in which the heroes always wind up broke and heartbroken, as well as a Tim Powers mythic-America saga -- and that tells me a lot about how to capture the style of play I've always wanted from those settings -- is quite an accomplishment." - Tavis Allison, Stirge Rider and game designer.

  • "The excellent Fastlane, available on RPGnow. A roulette-based mechanic, with fluid characters, lots of intensity, and lots of risk." - Joe "Broin" Murphy

  • "The game will try to beat you down. It's the way it's designed. Humbling means that you can get your own back. " - Lance "Wolfen" Allen

  • "And the game is right up my alley, too. Fastlane, I mean. It's like Dust Devils on crack, and DD is one of my all-time favourites." - Eero Tuovinen

  • "A tactical generic system with mechanics for what is important for the character and a budgeted GM. That's what I needed." - Filip Łuszczyk


New Host -- Posted by Lxndr on Thursday, June 25 2009 17:11

Twisted Confessions has moved hosting to Nearly Free Speech. We are still working on other projects.

Keep an eye on pangledon, the newest writing project from Lxndr. Lxndr is also writing mind-control erotica. The first novella is called Zoners and can be read online.

In the rest of life, Lxndr is in official short-stage remission from his cancer. He is also attempting to pursue additional education in Creative Writing, hoping to either teach and/or write (or both).

Follow Lxndr on Twitter or on Livejournal. Or find him on Facebook.

Medical News -- Posted by Lxndr on Sunday, December 28 2008 17:18

Alexander Cherry, the owner and operator of Twisted Confessions, will be undergoing abdominal surgery on December 31, 2008 (with a likely subsequent lung surgery in January of 2009). The hospital where he'll be recuperating is St Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona - where the internet access is poor (and where doctors are likely to restrict laptop access for a while, given that the incision will be happening on the abdomen, where a laptop would sit).

Contact information is available here:

St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center
350 West Thomas Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85013
(602) 406-3000

Ring of Fire -- Posted by Lxndr on Monday, December 8 2008 1:40

Wow, it's been a long time since I've updated the news on this website. Sorry, everyone! Unfortunately, there hasn't been much to report. I've been sick, and often too sick to think about gaming.

Recently I joined a game design contest and was assigned the Wuxia genre. I designed Rivers and Lakes in response. In other news, the second edition of Fastlane is more or less ready, at least the text. I just need to find a layout guy and an artist.

I'm also tinkering with The Lands of Marak, a setting for the Everway game system. It's a reimagining of the 1880s (the time of the western) into a fantasy setting. Any feedback would be welcome.

Boule de Neige -- Posted by Lxndr on Friday, August 19 2005 11:20

As of August 2005, Snowball is now available in French, thanks to Cedric Ferrand of Montreal. Download the French copy, called Boule de Neige, now!

A New Cycle -- Posted by Lxndr on Tuesday, July 26 2005 11:42

Lots of things have happened since April, and sadly, Twisted Confessions game design is not on the top of that list. Soon after the last news post, I lost my day job. After a fruitless month of job searching, I decided to go back to school, and since then I've been acclimating to the academic lifestyle). I had a part-time job for a while, which stopped when I signed up for a Linear Algebra course.

Real life keeps getting in the way of game design. It's annoying that way.

But this past weekend, at Phoenix ConGaming, a new local convention, I represented both myself and Indie Press Revolution and sold a small handful of games, hopefully a promise of better and brighter things to come. Despite being chained to my booth until 8pm each day, I ran a short demonstration game of Fastlane for such illustrious RPG individuals as Peter Adkinson and Darren Johnson. All in all, it was a good convention.

Soon as the summer crazy session is over, hopefully there will be more game stuff too. I just need to keep exposing myself to gaming. More to come soon, I hope.

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