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    RPGShelf is my current web host, and they've done me no wrong.
  • CoolText is the site that provided all of these nifty buttons, as well as the banner at the top and the background image.
  • is a good general source for roleplaying game information and news.
  • The Forge is a crucible where games are designed, and is part of what inspired Twisted Confessions.
  • The Story-Games Community is one of the successors to the Forge.
  • Indie Netgaming is a Yahoo group dedicated to generating instances of play online. See the social network of the IRC room, thanks to PieSpy
  • Magicstar is an IRC server that hosts both the indie-netgaming chatroom (#indierpgs) and the RPG.NET chatroom (#rpgnet)
  • Roleplay Online or RPOL is a message board server designed to facilitate online game play. I currently run a Sorcerer game there.
  • The Indie Press Revolution is Twisted Confession's premiere distributor.
  • Rpgnow is an rpg pdf store that is very indie-friendly. Twisted Confessions rpg products will be listed there as pdfs.
  • Lulu is a self-publishing company that puts the publisher first.

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