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New Host -- Posted by Lxndr on Thursday, June 25 2009 17:11

Twisted Confessions has moved hosting to Nearly Free Speech. We are still working on other projects.

Keep an eye on pangledon, the newest writing project from Lxndr. Lxndr is also writing mind-control erotica. The first novella is called Zoners and can be read online.

In the rest of life, Lxndr is in official short-stage remission from his cancer. He is also attempting to pursue additional education in Creative Writing, hoping to either teach and/or write (or both).

Follow Lxndr on Twitter or on Livejournal. Or find him on Facebook.

Medical News -- Posted by Lxndr on Sunday, December 28 2008 17:18

Alexander Cherry, the owner and operator of Twisted Confessions, will be undergoing abdominal surgery on December 31, 2008 (with a likely subsequent lung surgery in January of 2009). The hospital where he'll be recuperating is St Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona - where the internet access is poor (and where doctors are likely to restrict laptop access for a while, given that the incision will be happening on the abdomen, where a laptop would sit).

Contact information is available here:

St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center
350 West Thomas Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85013
(602) 406-3000

Ring of Fire -- Posted by Lxndr on Monday, December 8 2008 1:40

Wow, it's been a long time since I've updated the news on this website. Sorry, everyone! Unfortunately, there hasn't been much to report. I've been sick, and often too sick to think about gaming.

Recently I joined a game design contest and was assigned the Wuxia genre. I designed Rivers and Lakes in response. In other news, the second edition of Fastlane is more or less ready, at least the text. I just need to find a layout guy and an artist.

I'm also tinkering with The Lands of Marak, a setting for the Everway game system. It's a reimagining of the 1880s (the time of the western) into a fantasy setting. Any feedback would be welcome.

Boule de Neige -- Posted by Lxndr on Friday, August 19 2005 11:20

As of August 2005, Snowball is now available in French, thanks to Cedric Ferrand of Montreal. Download the French copy, called Boule de Neige, now!

A New Cycle -- Posted by Lxndr on Tuesday, July 26 2005 11:42

Lots of things have happened since April, and sadly, Twisted Confessions game design is not on the top of that list. Soon after the last news post, I lost my day job. After a fruitless month of job searching, I decided to go back to school, and since then I've been acclimating to the academic lifestyle). I had a part-time job for a while, which stopped when I signed up for a Linear Algebra course.

Real life keeps getting in the way of game design. It's annoying that way.

But this past weekend, at Phoenix ConGaming, a new local convention, I represented both myself and Indie Press Revolution and sold a small handful of games, hopefully a promise of better and brighter things to come. Despite being chained to my booth until 8pm each day, I ran a short demonstration game of Fastlane for such illustrious RPG individuals as Peter Adkinson and Darren Johnson. All in all, it was a good convention.

Soon as the summer crazy session is over, hopefully there will be more game stuff too. I just need to keep exposing myself to gaming. More to come soon, I hope.

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TWISTED CONFESSIONS SIGNS WITH INDIE PRESS REVOLUTION! -- Posted by Lxndr on Tuesday, April 5 2005 8:45

New York, NY (April 5) - Twisted Confessions, the personal independent publishing venture of author and hypnotist Alexander Cherry, has signed with Indie Press Revolution (IPR) to carry its exciting new game Fastlane.

"This one of those games that I feel we had to carry at IPR," says Ed Cha, Chairman of IPR. "It's not like any other RPG book I've ever read or played before. Fastlane is highly addictive and adrenaline-pumping!"

Fastlane uses roulette-based rules to set a fast-pace game with high-stakes where characters live fast, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse. There are many highs and lows in Fastlane that make it a highly-charged and fun game to play.

"Clinton (R. Nixon), who designed the highly-popular RPG The Shadow of Yesterday, recommended that Alexander look us up," says Brennan Taylor, CEO of IPR. "Apparently, Clinton couldn't say enough good things about us! We looked at Alexander's game, loved it, and decided to sign him on."

In Fastlane, players have almost complete control over how much risk they're willing to take for their characters. In the end though, it is the wheel that determines everyone's fates.

"Fastlane isn't about the long run," says Alexander. "It isn't about the future or the past. It's about the NOW."

Character creation is easy and rules are clearly explained. Because the game is genre-neutral, it can be used in any setting.

"This game's got a lot of flair and style to it," says Ed. "Yet, it's flexible enough to be used with any backdrop really."

Attitude and passion are key in Fastlane. As a character, you can get a bonus when you go after what matters most, or when acting according to your own style.

"Fastlane is universal, but not generic," says Alexander. "I didn't want to bias the game towards any particular setting or genre. That doesn't mean it doesn't have its own tone though."

This is a game of unchecked indulgence and reckless abandon, insatiable lusts and lofty ambitions, a roller coaster of sky-high peaks and rock-bottom valleys in a world of decadence and debasement.

"Fastlane is experimental and daring," says Brennan. "I think it is a really good game and we're proud to carry it at IPR."

Back in the Saddle -- Posted by Lxndr on Friday, March 25 2005 21:26

So, it's been a long two months, but now the cast is off my wrist, I'm graduated from physical therapy, and by next week I should have my motorcycle again. I'm also starting to do game design again more seriously. Like I told you two months ago, I'd be back in the saddle, and now I am.

At my day job, I got promoted after I got back from my forced absence, and moved to the day shift. On the bright side, it's a higher position with more responsibility and a potentially greater income. On the down side, it's more sales, more calls, and thus less time to work on games. Not that I haven't found a few moments here and there. Now I'm applying for another position, one that will at least get me off the phones (at least for sales).

In Twisted Confessions news, Fastlane sales are up both at Lulu and Rpgnow, which is very encouraging - thank you, all those who have purchased, enjoyed, and hopefully played my game. And if you've played, tell me what you thought! Sales are certainly helped by the fact I've got more reviews up, both at and elsewhere, now in multiple languages, and an interview at Primeval Press, an independent design firm much like my own. I'm working on getting a distributor for Fastlane as well. Stay tuned.

In addition, I finally untangled one of my own personal knots about Shangri-la. Watch my discussion forum for a preliminary rough draft of Shangri-la in the next week or so. Some notes are also being taken about Earth Too, although the concept has yet to really coalesce into a set of mechanics. Perhaps soon.

For anyone reading, Fastlane is still open to the idea of mini-supplements, add-ons to the game written by third parties. If I approve it, I allow you to sell it and you get all the profit. Just provide a link back to my website, and give me a buy button so it can be sold from my page.

That's it for now. See you on the flip side.

Broke? No, But Broken. -- Posted by Lxndr on Wednesday, January 12 2005 3:06

On the heels of good news, there's some bad news: on the night of January 3rd, 2005, on the way to work, my motorcycle decided to stop sideways at a stop sign instead of upright. Very annoying.

On the plus side, I came out relatively unscathed. On the minus side, my one major injury is my right wrist, which while less important than the left wrist, still leaves me typing this news message one handed. I'm out of work at the moment, and also unable to work much on TC products.

But sooner than you know it, I'll be back in the saddle. Keep your eyes peeled.

Rpg Netted -- Posted by Lxndr on Monday, December 27 2004 13:22

It's not the same as being slashdotted or anything, but getting your first review on is a pretty important milestone for a game like Fastlane. So, thank you Carl Congdon!


Solstice Report (including GenCon SoCal). -- Posted by Lxndr on Tuesday, December 21 2004 1:20

Once again, it's been a while. I've been letting myself get into a funk, sleeping too much, getting sick, and so on. But I did finally re-design the way the site looks, so what do y'all think of it? Please let me know by emailing me or posting in the confessional.

Anyway. It's been 2 months since my last posts. That's not good. It's been even longer since I really put my hands on designing, which is even worse. I'm getting back on that horse, however, for real this time.

I did manage to sell 10 copies of Fastlane at GenCon Southern California, which brightened up most of my weekend except Sunday, which was cold and drizzly and gave me a cold that's been lingering for weeks and had no sales whatsoever. Roomed with fellow booth-mate Clinton R. Nixon, whose middle name I managed to guess and whose new fantasy game, The Shadow of Yesterday, kicks ass - perhaps even more than my game. Nah.

We also shared booth space with Jeff Diamond of Psychobilly Games, and the Jared Sorensen/John Wick hybrid of Wicked Dead Brewing, which despite the name is a rather cool game design company, that also designs rather cool games (and even imports some games from outside). Wicked Dead had the best sales of the booth, and I'm not surprised - they also had the most games, which allowed the games to easily feed off each other. It's really encouraged me to try to get another game out.

Sponsoring the first "Forge Booth" at SoCal was, overall, a financial loss, but a rewarding one, and one I'll be happy to do next year. It was a somewhat different experience from Indy, much smaller and more "homey." I didn't feel my game was quite as lost in the shuffle (as I'm almost positive it was at Indy, with so many other games to talk about, and such a small booth). Next year, though, I'm going to hope to NOT be next to the "audio-visual vomit" that was the Star Wars display. Listening to the same half-hour-long loop all weekend really drove us mad.

It made me really, really wish that we could get a bigger booth at Indy next year, especially in preparation for the number of companies that will probably want to be attending. I know I'm going to feel even more like a tiny fish in a miniscule pond, with my weird little roulette game overshadowed by the big boys. OH well - that's just incentive to get more games out there, right?

On the Fastlane side itself, not much new has happened besides what I posted earlier. I'm looking for more reviews to come out in the next month or two, however, and when they're released, I'll be posting them. I'm also wanting to write a supplement - an actual Fastlane setting or two, with the rules suitably addressed and expanded to handle the quirks of the setting in question. More on that when the time comes.

I also want to get a new game out next year, hopefully prior to next SoCal, and even better Indy. Any suggestions on which one in the Product list it should be? I'm working on all of them in bits and pieces right now, while I decide which one I want to focus on.

So, that's that for now. Peace out.

Silven Crossroads -- Posted by Lxndr on Thursday, October 14 2004 7:38

Dana at Silven Crossroads has posted a review of the Fastlane demo run at GenCon Indianapolis (along with all the other demos at the Forge booth, an interview with me about Twisted Confessions past and future, and an article specifically about the No Press Anthology, in which you can find Snowball.

Wow. That's a lot of links in a small paragraph. Ta!

Topsy-Turvy -- Posted by Lxndr on Sunday, October 10 2004 23:42

Alright, wanna know my excuse this time? I have a new job, as I'm sure many of you know. Working the graveyard shift, too, 10:30pm to 7am. It's been a month now, on the new shift (plus another week or two training on day-shift), and I'm only now starting to feel comfortable sleeping through the day. All I needed was a sun-blocking (blackout) curtain, which I've now got, and it still needs a frame to stop the light from bleeding out the edges. This has, of course, put another delay on the development of Twisted Confessions projects. Hopefully, pretty soon I'll be able to sleep unbroken through the day, instead of lightly as I do now.

At GenCon Southern California, Twisted Confessions is going to be one of two primary sponsors of a Forge booth (the other being Anvilwerks). Like the original booth was at the original GenCon, years ago, this one will be smaller than the current Indianapolis structure, as befits a smaller convention. The booth is half the size, and we'll likely get fewer participants, in part because of the geography of the nation, and in part due to finances. This is a very last-minute plan this year. Even if I make a loss (which, I must admit, is likely) I still see it as an investment into the future.

I was hoping to have another product ready by SoCal, but that seems less and less likely with each passing day. That doesn't mean no work is being done on any products though, for things are progressing. Just at a much slower pace than I'd like.

More to come in this space soon. Keep watching!

GenCon Aftermath Report -- Posted by Lxndr on Wednesday, August 25 2004 0:44

I flew out to GenCon with 80 books of Fastlane and flew back with 56 - between various sales and other happenings, that's 24 books total. Six of those 24 went to Europe, where they will hopefully be the first of many orders to customers across the Atlantic; another two went to a gaming store in the States. Of my print run of 150 copies, I have 126 left. I'm not totally sure what I want to do with them.

In addition to Fastlane, at least 40 copies of the first No Press RPG Anthology were sold at the convention, at least a few of them swayed in part by the existence of Snowball. The Iron Game Chef anthology did not come through as expected, so I apologize for any that might have come by the booth seeking it.

Before I go any further, I'd like to express my thanks to the entire Forge crowd at the convention, for allowing Twisted Confessions to share booth space with them and for making me (and my games) feel not only welcome, but wanted. Anyone who goes to GenCon next year should certainly come by the Forge booth - even if there's no games there you might want, the environment surrounding the booth, both in customers and publishers, is nonpareil.

Thursday was hectic. I was exhausted as fuck, having taken the redeye and finding myself unable to sleep on it, I still worked the booth from 10 am to 6pm, then collected my money from the cash register before stumbling to the hotel room and sleeping until it was time to game. Next year, no red-eye, but I don't regret it one bit. I have a Fastlane demo all written up that I plan on posting in the next few days, after I get it looking nicer. Nobody who played it had much in the way of complaints. So, yay. I napped, then gamed a very nice game of With Great Power, which you can read more about at the associated link.

Friday was much slower - only one sale of Fastlane, and that to a fellow booth member (thanks Paul Czege!). It was somewhat disheartening, but I threw myself into selling the No Press Anthology (which had just arrived) and other people's games, which I did very well. Had some good times, went out with a different group than the Forge crowd, but wasn't able to game with them. When I got back to the hotel room, I stayed up talking to my roommates, who included Vincent Baker and his brother, the pimpin Drew Baker, and Luke Crane, who needs no other introduction (along with Drozdal, his muppet robot pal from Poland).

Saturday was a nice upswing for Twisted Confessions, selling 5 Fastlanes once again, which made up for Friday's lackluster pit. I played in many good demos, and actually bought some Astrology dice, which I'd been looking for for aeons. That evening was a game of Prime Time Adventures, run by no less than Ron Edwards himself. The third episode of Moose in the City should be a lesson to us all.

Sunday was awesome. A short booth day, which in itself was a blessing after such a hard pounding weekend, and selling more games than Saturday to boot? I have no complaints whatsoever about Sunday. Following that up with one of the best, longest dinners discussing rpg theory, strip clubs, and god only remembers what else... and a rip-roaring game of a fun little card game called F*CK THIS, which I won, thank you very much.

Left late on Monday - my flight wasn't until 13:45, although I got moved airlines and changeover destinations once or twice. Notable about Monday, though, was that I met Jonathan Tweet while getting a chair massage at the airport... had a good talk with him, not realizing who he was until about halfway through the conversation. I have to wonder what sort of impression I made, but he seemed to enjoy it. My flight was moved gates (to a different concourse, even) shortly after that, while he was still getting his massage.

As to the future of Twisted Confessions - I've got to find something to do with these other 126 copies of Fastlane. Some will hopefully make their way to local stores. I hope to maybe find a way to sell some at the GenCon in Southern California. I'm also considering selling them directly off my website here, although I'm not sure how I'd go about doing that. I'm VERY wary of upgrading my paypal account to one of those premier and/or business monstrosities, so I'll have to find some other way to take payments, right? Perhaps I'll try to contract with Key 20.

Beyond that, I am committed to creating or finishing new games - games that will not have the same sales handicap (if you'll pardon the pun) as Fastlane has with its intimate connection to the roulette wheel. I want Frigid Bitch to be expanded into something that can stand on the shelves on its own; I'd like to see Shangri-la or Mudsylvania finished, and have more ideas on both of them. I want to complete at least one mini-supplement this year, either the one for Sorcerer or the one for Burning Wheel - and it'll probably be the latter.

But first, I'm switching day jobs, and I'm probably going to be wiped until I'm able to complete the transition into working night shift. Keep watching this space, and we'll see where everything goes.

Peace out.

Pre-Gencon -- Posted by Lxndr on Wednesday, August 18 2004 16:19

Damn, has two months gone by already? Seems like it has. I've been suckered into playing City of Heroes, the first MMORPG that I actually play and support. The second seems to be Reclamation, though if there's nobody I know to play it, maybe not. I refuse to look at Worlds of Warcraft, or even link to it, so... Well, at least it's good research for Mudsylvania. Right?


Anyway, roleplaying games. I fly out to GenCon Indianapolis tonight, where I'll be displaying Fastlane live in front of a studio audience, or at least a captive one. I found this cute little three-inch-diameter roulette wheel that's just perfect for the convention, as I wanted something portable (which it is) and quiet (which it also is). As an added bonus, it's a Monte Carlo wheel - only one zero. Yay!

There's also the two games in anthologies, namely Snowball in the No Press Anthology, and Frigid Bitch, accompanying the other two Iron Chef games in an Iron Chef anthology whose name I cannot seem to find.

Neither Shangri-la nor Mudsylvania have seen any groundbreaking work, but neither have they been totally stagnant. Trying to make the real world a part of shangri-la without ever having it display itself directly is something I've been struggling with, but am pretty close to solving, I think. More to come after GenCon, which is bound to be a spawning place and feeding ground for ideas. A memetic feeding frenzy, if you will.

So. Taking the red-eye, will be there Thursday morning. Look for me at the Forge booth. I'll try to post an after-con report in a reasonable length of time, but I know I'll be exhausted by the time I return.

Long Time -- Posted by Lxndr on Wednesday, June 23 2004 21:12

It's been quite a delay since the last time I posted some news here. My apologies. The company has been proceeding very slowly. Two days after my last post here, my motorcycle was stolen from the driveway behind my townhouse. Saturday night, it was there - Sunday morning, it was missing. It's been quite an annoying and expensive experience, not to mention the added feelings of violation.

That said, it should not be believed that Twisted Confessions has been completely stagnant. I've finally managed to get myself a forum on The Forge wherein design and play of my games can be discussed in open dialogue. I've hammered out Frigid Bitch into a state where it can be published in the anthology - still not a pearl, but more than sand. I plan on expanding and balancing it further to make it more enjoyable, and then will sell the final version privately. The original Frigid Bitch will always remain free.

I've also made some progress on Shangri-la, an overview of which has been posted in the forum. And playing City of Heroes has given me new insight into Mudsylvania. Not to mention my side projects, although I still haven't managed to record the long-promised Erotic Hypnosis script, though it's been written. Perhaps soon. As it's not a for-sale project, it's admittedly low priority.

On the Fastlane front, sales have been poorer than expected - only 4 print copies and 4 pdfs, total, since its release on May 5th through Lulu and Rpgnow. I'm hoping my trip to GenCon Indy will be more profitable in getting the game out.

That's all for now. Ciao.

Update -- Posted by Lxndr on Friday, May 14 2004 22:36

Well, I placed an order for the Fastlane printed book the day after I made the post saying Fastlane was for sale. Today it arrived. Yes, nine days for the book to be printed, packed, and shipped by ground. This is damn cool. And the book is mighty fine also! Coil bound, nice shiny color cover, and of course my game inside makes it all the sweeter.

Fastlane is now available from RpgNow in addition to! And since the fifth of May, I've sold 4 PDFs and 2 printed books (not counting my own)! That's about half a book a day. Realistically, it's a good number, but I can't help but being a little sad it's not more popular. Buy a copy of Fastlane - you won't regret it.

Frigid Bitch has gone through its first playtest on the indie-netgaming IRC channel, and it's a much tighter game than even I thought. I'm happy with it. All three of the Iron Game Chef games might soon be appearing in an Anthology - Frigid Bitch for sure, I'm still debating on the other two. That makes three publications I'll appear in this calendar year - two more than I was expecting! When it rains, it pours.

I've been tinkering with some things since the last update, but nothing that's really worth talking about. Except the EverWiki, where I've been adding new stuff, and Frigid Bitch, which I mentioned earlier (and some work on Albraxas as well). No real progress on the other games listed on the products page.

I still haven't recorded the Erotic Hypnosis Script, although I plan on doing that soon.

That's all for now. See you on the flip side.

Revelation -- Posted by Lxndr on Thursday, May 6 2004 1:31

Slightly delayed, as all things are, the first commercial roleplaying product of Twisted Confessions, Fastlane, has now been released! Buy Now buttons are available to purchase through Lulu, and in the next 24 hours I expect it to be available on RpgNow. I know some of us have been looking forward to this for a long time, and hopefully this is another positive step towards getting a discussion forum over at The Forge.

The Iron Game Chef - Fantasy competition of April 2004 is also closed; I didn't win anything, but I wasn't expecting to. I'm still quite a fan of Frigid Bitch and am proud of the improvements I gave it over its form at the end of the competition - however, I still see that there are points for improvement. Maybe after playtesting. As for my other two games, well, Island at the Sea of Time I've more-or-less abandoned for the indefinite future, but Albraxas, the game formerly known as Dawnstorm, is in the midst of going through a revision inspired by the judge's comments.

I'd also like to invite people to check out the EverWiki, a Wiki devoted to the roleplaying game Everway, currently on extended hiatus. Some material of mine might be appearing over there in the near future.

Now that Fastlane is out the door and the Iron Gaming is judged and finalized, I hope to get some more work done on the other Projects listed on the projects page. I also have a script written for another file to be put on the erotic hypnosis page, but it hasn't been recorded yet. Look for it this weekend.

Anyway, the big news is Fastlane. Buy a copy today.

Anabiosis -- Posted by Lxndr on Saturday, April 24 2004 0:01

Well, Twisted Confessions has been down for a week and a half. Due to fatal equipment failure, all the files were lost, and there were no useable backups. So thanks to Google's cache function and a lot of elbow grease, I've slowly but surely brought this site back to life from an apparent death.

Not before probably thousands 404 errors, however, from people trying to reach the site. I'm sorry for all the delay and confusion that's caused, and I'm really unhappy for the 8 months of groundwork, getting Twisted Confessions properly placed on Google. That's going to take a while to get up and running again.

Some things have changed - I've decided not to reinstate the forums, hoping that The Forge will let me use some of their space shortly. I've removed the "Actual Play" tab, expecting that as AP reports come in, they'll be linked from the Products pages or the Atheneum. "Settings" has also been removed, folded into the Atheneum.

The Atheneum is the really new thing - combining the "Personal Creations" part formerly of Game Twists, the undeveloped Settings page, and maybe some of the intent of the old Actual Play page. It also has the newest content of the page - three games that I designed over the course of a week for the Iron Game Chef - Fantasy! competition on the Forge. The best of the three is, quite obviously, Frigid Bitch. You'll find out when you read it.

Fastlane is still due to come out next week - the downed webpage didn't stop my wonderful layout guru from finishing it up. Expect a link to the PDF some time next week, and a link to the printed product a few weeks after that, depending on Lulu's turn-around time.

With the work to bring Twisted Confessions back up and running, and the distraction of the Iron Game Chef competition, no work has been done on any other product, apart from the occasional note. Nothing has been done on the hypnosis page either, although there are plans for a third mp3 made specifically for the erotic section.

Well, that's that for now. See you next time.

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