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Snowball - Roleplaying with Positive Feedback

Snowball, the game with the unlikely name, will always be free for anyone willing to download it. Read more at its own website, linked above, or buy it in the No Press Anthology.

Fastlane - Everything, All The Time

Fastlane, the first commercial product directly offered by Twisted Confessions, is also the first roleplaying game to use a roulette wheel for all conflict resolution.


The current Twisted Confessions project, Ensemble is currently being playtested and is scheduled for a release no later than Spring 2007.

If you're looking for more games from Twisted Confessions, look no further than...

The Atheneum - Extended Archives

The atheneum is the depository for numerous small games that Alexander has created over time, including the popular and acclaimed Creeks and Crawdads Re-Imagining.

Works in Progress

  • Shangri-la - Shangri-la is a game set entirely in the realm of dreams - each game starting starting where each character's dream begins, and ending with the character's waking up. This is the white whale of Twisted Confessions, drafts getting destroyed and re-written from the ground up every year or so. One of its design goals is to make the real world fundamentally important while not ever having the characters played in that world.
  • Mudsylvania - The concept is, in short, playing in a world where all the strange quirks and preconceptions of the stereotypical fantasy MUD environment are actual artifacts of the setting, cribbing from MMOs and elsewhere as needed. What would people be like if they lived in a world where there was instant resurrection, invincible shopkeepers, and an ecology based on a spawn/slaughter cycle? This also includes mechanics for mimicking the often schizoid nature of the Builders that create most MUDs. Possibly a D20 product.
  • Earth Too - Everybody gets a second chance. Dying is not the end - and the most depressing part of all is that the next world is so incredibly similar to this one. After you die in our world, your soul moves on to its next body, and you spend nine terrible months in a womb, your body slowly regaining consciousness, your memories mostly intact.
  • Still Life - A Sorcerer mini-supplement set on Mars after the Earth is inexplicably destroyed. The players take on the role of characters who have yet to succumb to the Grief that threatens to destroy the last pockets of humanity - characters who have come in contact with the ghosts of forgotten Earth, and bent them to their will.
  • Shore Leave - A germ of an idea involving space-travelling traders watching societies on the planets they visit changing around them as they experience temporal relativity and cryogenic stasis, aging much slower than their species.
  • And More...

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