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Dicey Nobilis

This is a random thought to add more randomness to Nobilis, without changing its fundamental nature.
6432Divisible by

Dicey Nobilis does not change the standard Nobilis rules - one may still spend MP following all the normal rules, avoiding all the randomness this rules tweak offers. Dicey Nobilis simply adds the choice for the Nobilis to take risk in two scenarios: Miracle Levels, and Penetration.

When choosing to be Dicey, one risks their Miracle points - one may not choose to spend some for a sure thing and risk the rest (although one may choose to only risk their Penetration, or only risk their Miracle Level). For each Miracle Point spent, a player places a token on one of the boxes on the table above. Each must be put in a different box (below 'reward'), giving an upper limit of 8 MP spent. If every box has a Miracle Point placed in it, the final possible reward is 30 MP.

Then a 12 sided die is rolled and compared against the table. Rewards are given in the first row. Rolls on the second row give the reward if the die is within that range. Rolls on the third row give the reward if the value shown on the die is divisible by the number in question. Every single box will win on a 12. None can possibly win on a 1, or a 5.

On average, players will get back one MP for each MP gambled - it is a completely balanced scenario, on a long enough timescale. Yes, this is a very simplified form of roulette, inspired by the mechanics of Fastlane which in turn were inspired by Nobilis, thus making the cycle complete.

When gambling Penetration, things are simple - the winnings can either be spent on Penetration, or returned to the appropriate MP pool. The only restriction is that at least half the winnings must be spent on Penetration. Unlike gambling Miracles, there is no penalty for gambling "too much" in Penetration.

When gambling Miracles, the distinction between Miracle types become irrelevant - there is no differentiation between Simple, Normal, Hard, Deep - there are no Words of Command. A player only needs to spend the difference between the Miracle Level and the Attribute. This is the good part - if the points go in the Noble's favor. However, if the final number of Miracle Points are insufficient to complete the Miracle, the Noble's effort is merely wasted (although if the Noble is doing several Miracles inclusive of one another, the lower-level Miracles that the Noble's efforts have reached still occur).

And if the Noble achieves four more Miracle Points than necessary to complete their Miracle, they have overreached themselves. Immediately, these Miracle Points are lost as they take a wound level, and their Miracle is upgraded to a Major (if Minor), or an Imperial (if Major) Miracle of the same type (and yes, a Minor Miracle with 8 extra Miracle Points would lead to two upgrades of this sort, and two wounds taken), with ramifications up to the Hollyhock God. Otherwise, extra Miracle Points may be returned to the appropriate MP pool or spent on Penetration (if it is also being gambled) as well.

Since this is effectively a break-even game over time, other mechanics for MP refreshing will not change.

The d12 was chosen for a few reasons:

  • It is divisible by a lot of numbers below it (2,3,4) without having odd gaps (the 20 would be 2,5,10; the 10 would be 2,5). Only the 6 and the 30 worked similarly.
  • The dodecahedron is the platonic solid associated with the heavens and ethereal things.

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