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This was first created in response to Organic Nobilis and the needs of that goal.

This is a twist of the Nobilis rules.

As the Great White Book says: "Chancels are magical places, and most magical places suffer one of two fates."

The first fate awaits strong Chancels: they become more powerful (or in game turns, generate Miracle Points for harvest each story). The second fate awaits weak Chancels: a weak Chancel need to be fed Miracle Points or "it will separate itself from the real world entirely and float off to the lands outside Creation."

This is meant to be an alternative mechanical take on these concepts, one that works better with the OrganicNobilis rules than the current system, but it also can be used in a "normal" game as well. As such, the rules below are given assuming the basic system; the changes for OrganicNobilis can be found on their own page.

NB: The existence of the Reservoir, the Rite of Replenishment and the Acanthus Rite helps equalize Realm values purchased during character creation (which supplies the starting Chancel Points) and Realm values purchased after character creation (which do not directly give Chancel Points, but influence the Rite of Replenishment that can, in turn, amass enough MP for a Chancel Point).

Mana Reservoir

Every Chancel now has a Mana Reservoir, filled with Miracle Points. It is these Miracle Points that keep the Chancel anchored to Creation.

A healthy Chancel has 20 Miracle Points in its Reservoir (and most Chancels start off healthy). When a Reservoir is above 20 points, Chancels look more glorious, more strange, and more real. When a Reservoir is below 20 points, it starts to look unhealthy, chimerical, illusory.

Powers can use Miracle Points from this Reservoir, whenever they're in their Chancel. For the cost of one Realm Miracle Point, they can draw a number of Miracle Points from the Reservoir equal to their Realm each round, for use in any Miracle during that scene. Alternatively, they may spend an RMP and a scene harvesting Miracle Points from their Chancel, collecting a number of Miracle Points equal to their Realm, which they can place in any of their MP pools for later use. Either of these actions reduces the size of the Reservoir, however, so should be used sparingly.

If the Reservoir is ever completely emptied, the Chancel separates itself from the real world and floats off to the lands outside Creation (or at the HG's discretion, the Chancel decays slightly - 10 more points arrive in the Reservoir and a negative Chancel property is acquired, or a positive one reduced). Too much miraculous energy in one place is unstable - if the Reservoir ever fills above 50 Miracle Points, 30 Miracle Points immediately drain away, and an Allia is spawned in the Chancel.

Imperators may act before the Reservoir is totally emptied (but won't always - and will be angry either way). If they act, they will often drain a Power to the breaking point to get the Miracle Points for the Reservoir (alternatively, they might appoint an Erus, or strengthen an existing Erus, and use the resultant Chancel Point to purchase Times of Plenty, a new property described below). There are certain Rites (described below) that Powers can use to keep their Chancel from fading.

The Chancel Properties Weak Chancel, Dying Chancel, and Mana Mine should now modify the Reservoir directly. As harvesting the Chancel can now be performed in any situation, the Mana Mine simply adds its totals to the Reservoir once per story. Given the exchange rate of the Rite of Replenishment, the Weak Chancel and Dying Chancel should trigger once a story.

And now some new Chancel Properties:

  • Receptive Chancel: The Chancel is more receptive to the Rite of Replenishment (see below). Treat each Power's Realm as 1 higher for that Rite. (+2)
  • Fragile Chancel: One Miracle Point from the Reservoir is lost for each non-Simple Realm Miracle performed. (-2)
  • Times of Plenty: the Mana Reservoir has an extra 10 Miracle Points (+1)
  • Lean Times: the Mana Reservoir has 10 fewer Miracle Points (-1)

New Rites

The Rite of Replenishment

Powers don't have to wait to earn Chancel Points to fill the Reservoir, nor do they have to rely on a Mana Mine. Many Powers take a pro-active role in managing their Chancel, and for them, there is the Rite of Replenishment.

When performed in a Chancel, the Rite of Replenishment allows Powers to refill the Reservoir of that Chancel using their Realm Miracle Points in the following ratio:

  • Realm 0-1: 4 to 1
  • Realm 2-3: 3 to 1
  • Realm 4-5: 2 to 1
  • Realm 6-7: 1 to 1
Other Miracle Points can be converted to Realm Miracle Points through the Rite of the Last Trump. In addition, Dynasty Points can always be used to fill a Chancel's Reservoir on a 1 to 1 basis.

Powers not Native to the Chancel can perform the Rite of Replenishment - they are considered to have Realm 0 and may not contribute their Imperator's Dynasty Points. Sadly, an Erus may not perform this rite.

The Acanthus Rite

The Acanthus is the flower of art or artifice - and what artifice is more important, or more artful, to a Familia than their Chancel? Thus there exists this Rite, which allows a Power (or set of Powers) to draw Miracle Points from their Chancel's Reservoir to improve their Chancel. For every 10 Miracle Points taken from the Reservoir, improvements equal to one Chancel Point can be crafted. No more than 10 Miracle Points can be taken from the Reservoir for each participant in the Rite. In times of dire need, the Acanthus Rite can also be used to demolish existing Chancel structures (to replenish the Reservoir) at the same ratio.

The Acanthus Rite always takes a scene to perform.

If a Chancel has an Erus, it too can perform this Rite. Note, however, that the Acanthus Rite cannot be used to increase or decrease the power of an Erus, nor remove or add one - the Erus is solely the Imperator's responsibility and demense, and is inviolate. (In other words, use Chancel Points purchased from Dynasty Points to alter them)

The Snapdragon Rite

(in progress - the Snapdragon Rite is a rite that will allow visiting Powers or Excrucians from pilfering the Mana Reservoir of a Chancel)

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