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What can I say? I'm a fan of the UnderWorld roleplaying game, written by Gareth-Michael Skarka. This is a general miscellany of stuff I've come up with for the game.

Salvage Tech

Salvage Tech is a fact of life in the UnderWorld of New York, the purview of the Artificers who construct them. But before now, it was impossible for anyone but an Artificer to have a piece of personal Salvage Tech. This seemed both arbitrary and unfair, and perhaps like an afterthought. Thus, I came up with this rule.

In my UnderWorld games, members of any Guild may trade in one charm for an appropriate salvage tech device (subject to the GM's discretion). For Mole People, this is before you double your charms. However, Mole People are never entirely without magic - if they wind up with no charms to choose from due to salvage tech (this includes Mole Person Artificers), they still get exactly one charm they can choose.

Changes to Breeds

  • Mole People automatically have the skill Survival. It makes no sense for them to start without it. They are otherwise unchanged.
  • The Breed Skill(s) of a Legendary are negotiable. Lore doesn't make sense for all Legendaries, and certain concepts might call for more skills. Discretion is advised.
  • In my games, all Normals have the option of starting with a Relic, though they may not know what it is or what it does. There is precedent - Thomas Covenant and his white gold, Dorothy Parker and her ruby slippers. Honestly, though, I just think this is a neat idea.

Defining Traits

  • Lucky - The character flips an extra coin in all tests, and removes the worst flip. (negative: Unlucky - note one can have both traits)


  • The Magic Ticket - As anyone who remembers the movie Last Action Hero will know, The Magic Ticket brings the magic of the movies into real life. It is the ripped half of an oversized movie ticket, and can allow any character or thing from any movie to be taken out into the real world, and vice versa (people and things entering movies); it is rare among Relics in that it can survive on the surface, looking just like what it is - an oversized movie ticket. Though seemingly innocuous, it is a dangerous item, and there has been more than one user of the Ticket who wound up trapped in a movie, while letting another part of the movie free.

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