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Why erotic Hypnosis?

I like being in control. Maybe this is surprising, maybe not. I don't think I'm a control freak, though - I can easily let go in many situations and go with the flow. A very useful talent, since so much of life is about figuring out the flow and reacting to it. Of course, I'm a stubborn cuss, and sometimes the only good reaction is to dig in my heels.

My frustration with not being in control mostly comes up in social situations. I'm not really equipped with a full and complete socialization suite. Part of it is a lack of skillset, the rest I think is simply biological, despite the insistence of many friends that there is no such thing as a physiological social disability, I believe I have one.

Either way, I was very lonely during my developing years, and found myself wanting to... MAKE people talk to me and enjoy my company, since I couldn't make myself talk to them, at least not in a way that they could enjoy my company. I don't even know how to do it now, I just know it happens sometimes, but I can't figure out the trick.

I think, during their developing years, people extrapolate a lot of their romantic and sexual expectations and desires from their social interactions, and perhaps through their observation of the romantic interactions of parents and peers. Of course, with my father dead and mom not interested in remarrying (and not really being around, although she dated a while), I didn't get very inspired there. Beyond that, there were little to no romantic interactions at my school, killing that "peer" argument. And as I had no social interactions at all, I retreated into my fantasies.

Spending a lot of time in my head, I've always been interested in hypnosis and how the mind works, even apart from my fantasies. Granted, this curiosity was probably spurred by my fantasies, but children's game like "concentrate" piqued this as well. Sadly, I seemed to be more or less immune to the sort of deep trance states I'd seen others achieve.

Then, my first year in college, I found the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive, and more particularly a story called Hypnosis Homework. It was after this that I really started practicing and studying, although finding truly willing and able subjects was hard (and honestly remains that way).

The kinds of deep trances that I want are the kinds you see on stage at hypnosis shows. And the antics and suggestions you see at those shows are also very attractive and interesting to me. I especially like seeing the circumvention of the conscious mind by the subconscious, which can be helped along with hypnotic amnesia. But even without that, seeing someone struggle to resist (even if the suggestion is something absurd), and then give in, is beautiful.

And it's not just the contravention of the conscious mind with the subconscious, but mind over matter is very exciting to me, especially with the female body. A deep enough trance can turn an orgasm into a part of foreplay, rather than the end goal.

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